Dictionary of Old Khmer
About the Dictionary of Old Khmer 
This site explores and maintains Prof. Phillip Jenner's Dictionary of Pre-Angkorian Khmer and Dictionary of Angkorian Khmer (Pacific Linguistics, 2009).  It also serves as a test site for two new projects:
 -  the forthcoming Dictionary of Middle Khmer, and
 -  the forthcoming Corpus of Khmer Inscriptions.
Both of these will be available in print and on line.
Design   Our intention is to make these works completely exposed and fully interoperable via a Web API.  This means that it will be possible to search any aspect of the underlying texts, and to incorporate searches into other programs and websites. 
Searching   Queries are entered on the left
Transliteration searches heads, and uses standard Old Khmer notation.  Try kat, and note two returns each from pre-Angkor and Angkor.  Harvard-Kyoto will automatically convert to proper Unicode; e.g. RR becomes r with macron and dot below, while z becomes s with acute.
Khmer/Thai searches cross-references (that use local orthography) in the etymological commentary. 
Skt/P/BSkt/OJ/OM searches the etymological commentary for Sanskrit, Pali, Prakrit, Buddhist Sanskrit, Old Javanese, Old Mon, and Old Malay references (all using transliteration).  Try karma.
IPA uses Prof. Jenner's approximation.  Try kat, and note one return each from pre-Angkor and Angkor.
Text of the definitions.  Try slit.
An ID or range, e.g. A10, PA200-205, A102-107 Use the which dictionary radio button to limit the search to just one dictionary
Wild cards are allowed: . matches 1 character, .* matches any number.  In this implementation, single character substutions may not work as expected (this has to do with Unicode).
Returned entries often have links, in red, to other entries (they search this dictionary), or to modern Khmer or Thai resources in the SEAlang Library.  Results from searching other dictionaries will appear at the lower right.
Known bugs   
- not all items in the text are properly recognized and turned into links.  Correction is ongoing.