Adelaar, K.A. 2000, "Siraya Reduplication", in Oceanic Linguistics, vol. 39, no. 1, pp. 33--52. University of Hawai'i Press.
Adelaar, K.A. (2000). Siraya Reduplication. Oceanic Linguistics, 39 (1) , 33--52. University of Hawai'i Press.
Adelaar, K. Alexander. 2000. "Siraya Reduplication." In Oceanic Linguistics, 39 , no. 1: 33--52. University of Hawai'i Press.
Adelaar, K. Alexander. "Siraya Reduplication." Oceanic Linguistics. 39.1 (2000): 33--52.
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(Adelaar 2000)
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  source = {jstor},
  ISSN = {0029-8115},
  abstract = {The main patterns of reduplication in Siraya (West Formosa) include monosyllabic root republication, an inherent lexical property of certain wordbases, and disyllabic reduplication, which adds the notion of diffuseness (including plurality, variety, similarity) to nominal wordbases, and the notion of diffusenes (repetition of action, plurality of actants) or continuity (including state, process) to verbal wordbases. The same meanings are coveyed by rightward reduplication, which applies when the last three or four segments of a root are copied at the end (losing the final consonant if there is one). First-syllable reduplication basically forms cardinal numbers with nonhuman referents. Ca- reduplication is part of verbal morphosyntax indicating progressive aspect, generic aspect, or a state, but it also forms deverbal nouns; it is, moreover, used with ordinal numerals, and with cardinal numerals and other count words having a human referent. Contrary to the general pattern found in other Austronesian languages (Blust 1998), the meaning of Siraya nouns derived through Ca- reduplication is not restricted to that of instrument but also includes that of agent, abstract noun, undergoer, and (in combination with the suffix -an) location. Finally, pa- reduplication is a morphosyntactic device forming causative verbs.},
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