Cowgill, W. 1960, "Gothic iddja and Old English eode", in Language, vol. 36, no. 4, pp. 483--501. Linguistic Society of America.
Cowgill, W. (1960). Gothic iddja and Old English eode. Language, 36 (4) , 483--501. Linguistic Society of America.
Cowgill, Warren. 1960. "Gothic Iddja and Old English Eode." In Language, 36 , no. 4: 483--501. Linguistic Society of America.
Cowgill, Warren. "Gothic Iddja and Old English Eode." Language. 36.4 (1960): 483--501.
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(Cowgill 1960)
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  source = {jstor},
  ISSN = {0097-8507},
  abstract = {Go. iddja and OE eode 'went' continue a pre-Germanic perfect to the root *ey 'go', whose earliest shape was sg. *eoye ([section]6), pl. *eiynnt ([section]16), and which became PGmc. *eo ([section]14), *ijjun ([section]17). In the singular *eo- did not contract ([section]7-13); this rule partly accounts for OHG ier 'plowed' ([section]11), and permits us to explain Gmc. et 'ate' as a replacement of *eat from *eode ([section][section]12-3, [section]21). The development of *-oye to *-o agrees with that of *-aye to *-o in presents of the second weak class ([section]14). The -jj- of *ijjun is regular from *-iy- ([section]17). Go. iddja, iddjedun has been remodeled from *i-a, *iddj-un ([section]19), and OE eode, eodon contains the suffix of the weak preterit added to the singular, PGmc. *eo, WGmc. *eu ([section]20).},
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