Creese, H. 2002, "Erotic literature in nineteenth-century Bali", in Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, vol. 33, no. 3, pp. 385.
Creese, H. (2002). Erotic literature in nineteenth-century Bali. Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, 33 (3) , 385.
Creese, Helen. 2002. "Erotic Literature in Nineteenth-century Bali." In Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, 33 , no. 3: 385.
Creese, Helen. "Erotic Literature in Nineteenth-century Bali." Journal of Southeast Asian Studies. 33.3 (2002): 385.
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(Creese 2002)
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  title = {Erotic literature in nineteenth-century Bali},
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  pages = {385},
  keywords = {Poetry|Yoga|Sexuality|Literary criticism},
  abstract = {Two nineteenth-century Balinese genres in which the erotic predominates are epic  kakawin poetry and tutur (religious manuals) on sexual yoga. The article points to the strong intertextual links between these diverse genres. Through their focus on practical sexual matters and on the pursuit of sexual pleasure as integral to spiritual growth, tutur and kakawin also offer insight into notions of gender and sexuality in nineteenth-century Bali.},
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