Haiman, J. 1978, "Conditionals Are Topics", in Language, vol. 54, no. 3, pp. 564--589. Linguistic Society of America.
Haiman, J. (1978). Conditionals Are Topics. Language, 54 (3) , 564--589. Linguistic Society of America.
Haiman, John. 1978. "Conditionals Are Topics." In Language, 54 , no. 3: 564--589. Linguistic Society of America.
Haiman, John. "Conditionals Are Topics." Language. 54.3 (1978): 564--589.
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(Haiman 1978)
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  source = {jstor},
  ISSN = {0097-8507},
  abstract = {Conditional clauses and topics are marked identically in a number of unrelated languages. This is a surprising fact, since they are not usually considered to be related categories. Nevertheless, if formal similarity reflects similarity in meaning, they must indeed be related. A review of analyses of conditionals (in the philosophical literature) and of topics (primarily in linguistics) reveals that, in fact, their definitions are very similar. Moreover, it is possible to motivate revisions to these definitions by which they become virtually identical. This paper thus justifies the method of basing semantic analysis of a construction on a cross-linguistic examination of its superficial form.},
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