Haniu, Y. 1979, "Topicalization in Japanese and English", in English and Japanese in contrast, ed. H.M. Taylor, pp. 178-195. Regents Publishing Co..
Haniu, Y. (1979). Topicalization in Japanese and English. In H.M. Taylor (Ed.), English and Japanese in contrast, 178-195. Regents Publishing Co..
Haniu, Yohko. 1979. "Topicalization in Japanese and English." In English and Japanese in contrast, edited by Harvey M. Taylor. 178-195. Regents Publishing Co..
Haniu, Yohko. "Topicalization in Japanese and English." English and Japanese in contrast. Ed. Harvey M. Taylor. 1979, Regents Publishing Co., 178-195.
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(Haniu 1979)
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