Hock, H.H. 1988, "Exceptions and synchronic analogy in Sanskrit", in Modern studies in Sanskrit, ed. R.,... Singh, pp. 75-92. Bahri Publications.
Hock, H.H. (1988). Exceptions and synchronic analogy in Sanskrit. In R.,... Singh (Ed.), Modern studies in Sanskrit, 75-92. Bahri Publications.
Hock, Hans Henrich. 1988. "Exceptions and Synchronic Analogy in Sanskrit." In Modern studies in Sanskrit, edited by Rajendra, et al. Singh. 75-92. Bahri Publications.
Hock, Hans Henrich. "Exceptions and Synchronic Analogy in Sanskrit." Modern studies in Sanskrit. Ed. Rajendra, et al. Singh. 1988, Bahri Publications, 75-92.
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(Hock 1988)
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