Laing, E.J. 1997, "Qiu Ying's Other Patrons", in Journal of the American Oriental Society, vol. 117, no. 4, pp. 686--692. American Oriental Society.
Laing, E.J. (1997). Qiu Ying's Other Patrons. Journal of the American Oriental Society, 117 (4) , 686--692. American Oriental Society.
Laing, Ellen Johnston. 1997. "Qiu Ying's Other Patrons." In Journal of the American Oriental Society, 117 , no. 4: 686--692. American Oriental Society.
Laing, Ellen Johnston. "Qiu Ying's Other Patrons." Journal of the American Oriental Society. 117.4 (1997): 686--692.
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(Laing 1997)
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  source = {jstor},
  ISSN = {0003-0279},
  abstract = {As a professional, the sixteenth-century painter Qiu Ying depended for his livelihood largely upon commissions from patrons. Earlier research has already identified his three "sustaining" patrons, in whose homes Qiu lived and worked as a painter-in-residence. This paper focuses on one-time customers and loyal, but intermittent, supporters. Throughout his career. Qiu received requests from these patrons, who came from the aristocracy, the gentry, and from families on the rise in sixteenth-century society. Their requests shed light on the popularity of presentation paintings and on art collecting. Patrons could influence the appearance of a painting commission by stipulating the subject of a painting or by providing special paper for it. Presumably, they gave their approval to the final product before it was mounted.},
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