Miller, R.A. 1970, "A Grammatical Sketch of Classical Tibetan", in Journal of the American Oriental Society, vol. 90, no. 1, pp. 74--96. American Oriental Society.
Miller, R.A. (1970). A Grammatical Sketch of Classical Tibetan. Journal of the American Oriental Society, 90 (1) , 74--96. American Oriental Society.
Miller, Roy Andrew. 1970. "A Grammatical Sketch of Classical Tibetan." In Journal of the American Oriental Society, 90 , no. 1: 74--96. American Oriental Society.
Miller, Roy Andrew. "A Grammatical Sketch of Classical Tibetan." Journal of the American Oriental Society. 90.1 (1970): 74--96.
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(Miller 1970)
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  source = {jstor},
  ISSN = {0003-0279},
  abstract = {A synchronic description of the language of the Tibetan Buddhist canon ([section]1), transmitted in an Indic alphabet on syllabic principles ([section]2). A general categorization of the language shows a grammatical system operating through sets of contrastive dichotomies, so that FREE FORMS contrast with ENCLITICS, the former further subdividing into INVARIABLES which contrast with VARIABLES, etc. ([section]3). Enclitics are VARIANTS, predictable phonologically determined allomorphs of basic forms ([section]4); four affixes are ALTERNANTS, i.e., morphologically determined allomorphs ([section]5); the grammatical roles of free forms ([section]6) and 29 enclitics ([section]7) are illustrated with examples. The overall description is demonstrated by the complete analysis of an extract treating enclitics 13 and 14, edited and translated, from an epitome of an 18th century grammatical treatise ([section]8). References to earlier and traditional treatments from the literature are included passim ([section]9).},
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