Nyman, M.A. 1977, "Where Does Latin Sum Come from?", in Language, vol. 53, no. 1, pp. 39--60. Linguistic Society of America.
Nyman, M.A. (1977). Where Does Latin Sum Come from?Language, 53 (1) , 39--60. Linguistic Society of America.
Nyman, Martti A. 1977. "Where Does Latin Sum Come From?" In Language, 53 , no. 1: 39--60. Linguistic Society of America.
Nyman, Martti A. "Where Does Latin Sum Come From?" Language. 53.1 (1977): 39--60.
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(Nyman 1977)
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  source = {jstor},
  ISSN = {0097-8507},
  abstract = {The derivation of Lat. sum, es(s), est from IE *esmi, *esi, *esti involves methodological problems. The data, as they appear, e.g., in early drama, are well known, but they have been incorrectly described. At face value, the paradigm of Plautus contains allomorphic variation-sum, ess similar to ss, est similar to st-which has traditionally been explained away by 'aphaeresis'. This has been used as a synchronic morphophonemic rule, generating the surface variants from the underlying forms /ess/ and /est/ respectively, and with the implication that the IE model is related directly to these underlying forms. But there is evidence that 'aphaeresis' has no linguistic basis in Latin, and the IE paradigm described must be in terms of the allomorphic variation observable in Plautus. It is claimed here that the development of sum from *esmi is related to the origin of the variation est similar to st (< *esti). The study is primarily concerned with the mechanism of this remodeling process, but some chronological suggestions are also made.},
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