Van klinken, C. 2000, "From Verb to Coordinator in Tetun", in Oceanic Linguistics, vol. 39, no. 2, pp. 350--363. University of Hawai'i Press.
Van klinken, C. (2000). From Verb to Coordinator in Tetun. Oceanic Linguistics, 39 (2) , 350--363. University of Hawai'i Press.
Van klinken, Catharina. 2000. "From Verb To Coordinator in Tetun." In Oceanic Linguistics, 39 , no. 2: 350--363. University of Hawai'i Press.
Van klinken, Catharina. "From Verb To Coordinator in Tetun." Oceanic Linguistics. 39.2 (2000): 350--363.
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(Van 2000)
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  source = {jstor},
  ISSN = {0029-8115},
  abstract = {The conservative Fehan dialect of Tetun, a Central Malayo-Polynesian language spoken on Timor, has two verbs that have developed into coordinators. As such, they have almost nonoverlapping spheres of operation, reflecting their very different grammaticalization paths. Among other things, hodi is a transitive verb meaning 'bring, use', a prepositional verb introducing instrument noun phrases, and a coordinator of clauses. It is postulated to have derived into a clausal coordinator via a purposive construction, in which the second clause presents the purpose for bringing an item mentioned in the first clause. The other verb, hoo, is a transitive verb meaning 'accomapny, be with (person)' and a prepositional verb introducing coactors. The form no, which is argued to originate as a reduced third person singular form of hoo, is a coordinator that is primarily used for coordination of noun phrases. This function of noun-phrase coordinator is presumed to be an extension from its function of introducing coactors. A second set of related usages for hoo is as a transitive verb meaning 'have' and (in its third person singular form noo) as an existential verb.},
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