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DJVU PDF Anderson, Gregory D.S. and Norman H. Zide. 2002. "Issues in Proto-Munda and Proto-Austroasiatic Nominal Derivation: the Bimoraic Constraint." In Papers from the Tenth Annual Meeting of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society, edited by Marlys Macken. 55-74. Arizona State University, Program for Southeast Asian Studies. cite.
(2) First context: ...roper as well as in Synteng is the velar prefix...STATS (3)
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(1) First context: nonglum lyngngam pnar synteng war bhoi 2 ...STATS (2)
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(1) First context: ... ner- be in dilemma mnar be tormented har- b...STATS (1)
DJVU PDF Simon, I. M. 1997. "On First Looking Into Paul K. Benedict’s SINO-TIBETAN." In The Mon-Khmer Studies Journal, 27: 155-159. cite.
(1) First context: in the Khasi and Jaintia Hills of the State ...STATS
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() First context: ...koshy2008indefinite ...STATS
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(1) First context: ...6-92 Khasi Lyngngam Synteng Amwi gloss ksew ksu...STATS
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(3) First context: ...stern slopes of the Jaintia kingdom East Khasi ...STATS
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(1) First context: ... language War Khasi Pnar or Jaintia and War ...STATS
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(1) First context: ...A TONG LUANG Laos o PNAR India o MUONG Viet ...STATS
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(1) First context: ...cious sweet WT dear mnar sweet *flak@ palate...STATS