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Bendix, Edward H. 1974. "Indo-Aryan and Tibeto-Burman Contact As Seen Through Nepali and Newari Verb Tenses." In International Journal of Dravidian Linguistics, 3 , no. 1: 42-59. cite. STATS (1)
Bendix, Edward H. 1993. "The Grammaticalization of Responsibility and Evidence : Interactional Manipulation of Evidential Categories in Newari." In Responsibility and evidence in oral discourse, edited by Jane H. Hill Judith T. Irvine. 226-247. Cambridge UP.. cite. STATS
Bendix, Edward H. 1975. "Review of Matisoff, `Lahu Nominalization, Relativization, and Genitivization'." In American Anthropologist, 77 , no. 4: 957. cite. STATS