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Chandraiah, G. 2001. "Ghanapuram Inscriptions of Iruvabedenga Satyasraya." edited by I.K. Sarma and B. Vidyadhara Rao. 465-468. Sri Subrahmanya Smrti: essays on Indian pre-history, proto-history, archaeology, iconography, art, architecture, epigraphy, numismatics, crafts and conservation: Dr. Raviprolu Subrahmanyam commemoration volume. V.2. New Delhi. cite. STATS
Chandraiah, B.N. xxxx. "A Descriptive Grammar of Harijan Dialect." . cite. STATS
Ramachandraiah, B.R. 1985. "Kannada Printing in the Pre-independence & Post-independence." In In: CALTIS [Calligraphy, lettering & typography of Indic scripts] 85, 80-82. Organising Committee, CALTIS. cite. STATS