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DJVU PDF Chirasombutti, Voravudhi. 1996. "Self-reference in Japanese and Thai." In The Fourth International Symposium on Language and Linguistics, Thailand, 2007-2011. Institute of Language and Culture for Rural Development, Mahidol University. cite. STATS (2)
Chirasombutti, Voravudhi and Anthony Diller. 1999. "'Who Am I' in Thai?--the Thai First Person: Self-reference or Gendered Self?" In Genders & sexualities in modern Thailand, edited by Peter A. Jackson and Nerida M. Cook. 114-133. Silkworm Books. cite. STATS
Chirasombutti, Vorawudhi. 1995. "Downgrading of Some Vocabulary Items in Central Thai." In Proceedings of the International conference on Tai languages and cultures, Bangkok, 112-115. Thammasat Univ.. cite. STATS