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Hazra, R.C. 1983. "A Hitherto Obscure Vedic Word On the Vratyas: Its Derivation, Interpretation and Historical Importance." In In: Datta, B.; Sharma, U.C.; Vyas, Nitin J., eds . Aruna-bharatl: Professor A.N. Jani felicitation volume: essays in contemporary Indological research, 143-153. Prof. A.N. Jani Felicitation Volume Committee, Oriental Institute. cite. STATS
Hazra, R.C. 1824. "The Word "sthapati",--its Mean Derivation and Meaning." In Our heritage: bulletin of the Department of Post-Graduate Training and Research College, Calcutta: special number: 150th anniversary volume, 1824-1974, edited by Bishnupada Bhattacharya. 397-423. Sanskrit College. cite. STATS
Hazra, Rajendra Chandra. 1982. "The Words Tryambaka and Ambika-their Derivation and Interpretation." In Purana, 24 , no. 1: . cite. STATS