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DJVU PDF Jarkey, Nerida. 1987. "An Investigation of Two Alveolar Stop Consonants in White Hmong." In Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area, 10 , no. 2: 57-70. cite. STATS (1)
Ishii, Kazumi and Nerida Jarkey. 2002. "The Housewife Is Born: the Establishment of the Notion and Identity of the Shufu in Modern Japan." In Japanese Studies, 22 , no. 1: . cite. STATS
Jarkey, Nerida. 2006. "Complement Clause Types and Complementation Strategy in White Hmong." In Complementation: a cross-linguistic typology, edited by R.M.W. Dixon and Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald. 115-136. Oxford University Press. cite. STATS