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Juntanamalaga, Preecha. 1988. "Social Issues in Thai Classifier Usage." In Language sciences, 10 , no. 2: 313-330. cite. STATS (2)
Juntanamalaga, Preecha. 1992. "On the Semantics of Thai Compounds in Huͅa "head"." In Papers on Tai languages, linguistics, and literatures : in honor of William J. Gedney on his 77th birthday, edited by eds. Carol j. compton john f. hartmann. 168-178. Northern Illinois Univ., Center for Southeast Asian Studies. cite. STATS (1)
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DJVU PDF Preecha Juntanamalaga. 1992. "On the Semantics of Thai Compounds in /hua/ 'head'." In Papers on Tai languages, Linguistics, and Literatures, edited by Carol J. Compton and John F. Hartmann. 168-178. Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Northern Illinois University. cite. STATS