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Kulikov, Leonid. 2005. "Reduplication in the Vedic Verb: Indo-European Inheritance, Analogy and Iconicity." In Studies on reduplication, edited by Bernhard Hurch. 431-454. Mouton de Gruyter. cite. STATS
Kulikov, Leonard I. 2000. "Vedic Causative Nasal Presents and Their Thematicization: a Functional Approach." In Historical linguistics 1995: selected papers from the 12th International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Manchester, August 1995. Volume 1: General issues and non-Germanic languages, edited by John Charles Smith and Delia Bentley. 191-209. John Benjamins. cite. STATS
DJVU PDF Kulikov, Leonid I. 1992. "Vedic Pluperfect = Instransitive Imperfect? (transitivity and Tense in Rigveda)." In The Third International Symposium on Language and Linguistics, Bangkok, Thailand, 445-456. Chulalongkorn University. cite. STATS