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Kuppuswamy, G.R. 1991. "Irrigation in Karnataka: Inscriptions As Sources." In Quarterly Journal of the Mythic Society, 82 , no. 3-4: . cite. STATS
Kuppuswamy, Gouri and M. Hariharan. 1987. "A New Theory On the Kudumiyamalai Inscription." In Indological studies: essays in memory of Shri S.P. Singhal, edited by Devendra Handa. 247-252. Caxton Publications. cite. STATS
Kuppuswamy, G.R. 1976. "Economic Implications of Harihar Stone Inscription of Devaraya I Dated A.D. 1410." In Journal of the Karnatak University: Social Sciences, 12: . cite. STATS