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Nantana Danvivathana. The Thai Writing System,. PhD thesis, , 1981. cite. STATS (2)
Pracharitpukdee, Nantana, Kammant Panthumchinda, Suphat Sukamolson and Bhairum Smitintu. 1998. "The Assessment of Spontaneous Speech in the Aachen Aphasia Test." In Phaasaa lae phaasaasart = Journal of language and linguistics, 16 , no. 2: 18-30. cite. STATS
DJVU PDF Ronnakiat, Nantana. 1992. "Evidence of the Thai Noi Alphabet Found in Inscriptions." In The Third International Symposium on Language and Linguistics, Bangkok, Thailand, 1326-1334. Chulalongkorn University. cite. STATS