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Perez, Alejandrino Q., A.O. Santiago and Nguyen Dang Liem. xxxx. "*Papers From the Conference On the Standardization of Asian Languages, Manila, Philippines, December 16-21, 1974." . cite. STATS (1)
Perez, Al. Q. 1981. "The Intellectualization of Pilipino." In National language as medium of instruction: papers presented at the Fourth Conference of the Asian Association on National Languages (ASANAL), edited by Asmah haji omar and Noor Ein Mohd. Noor. 93-110. cite. STATS
DJVU PDF Perez, Alejandrino Q. 1979. "The Role of De-Ethnisation and Attitude in the Use of Pilipino: a Factor Analytic Study." In South-east Asian Linguistic Studies Vol. 3, edited by Nguyen Dang Liem. 3: 67-84. Pacific Linguistics, the Australian National University. cite. STATS