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Starostin, Sergej A. 1995. "The Historical Position of Bai = Istoričeskoe Mesto Jazyka Baj." In Moskovskij lingvističeskij žurnal = The Moscow linguistic journal, 1: 174-190. cite. STATS (3)
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Starostin, Sergej A. 1994. "Remarks On OChin." In Znak : sbornik statej po lingvistike, semiotike i poėtike : pamjati A. N. Žurinskogo, edited by [Otv. red. V. I. Belikov E. V. Muravenko and N. V. Percov. 93-125. Russkij učebnyj centr. cite. STATS
Starostin, Sergey A. "." . cite. STATS