Notes on Middle Chinese / Thai Loans and Cognates
This is an incomplete test view.
-- In some cases, the proper Chinese character reference is uncertain. Some entries may be incorrect, or given alternate subentries (numbered -a).
-- Some phonetic characters are incorrect, eg. some schwas are incorrectly printed as schwa macron.
-- Chinese data extracted from Thomas Chin's Chinese Character Dictionary (ccdict).
-- Baxter data from William Baxter's on-line pdf Etymological Dictionary of Chinese Characters.
-- StarLing data from Sergei Starostin's Tower of Babel site at
-- Proto-Tai / Proto-Southwestern Tai data from Proto-Tai'o'Matic,
-- Many thanks to GONG Qunhu, Richard Cooke, and Sergei Starostin for their help.
-- GB: MS Song
-- Big-5: MingLiU
-- Thai: AngsanaUPC
-- Baxter phonetics: Charis SIL, Lucida Sans Unicode
-- Starling phonetics New Times Roman Star (install timestar.ttf)

บั้น Prapin gloss: a half, portion
Prapin: 1 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 181a
  Big5: ban4 pan4 [1] half [2] very little [3] in the middle [4] partly; about half
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: panH
  StarLing:198  OC: pāns  MC: pwần  Gloss: half

บ่า Prapin gloss: the shoulder
Prapin: 2 (class 3?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 771l
  Big5: bo2 bo5 chun2 fu1 lie4 pei1 po4 the shoulders; upper arms
  GB: same
  StarLing:3584  OC: phāk  MC: phâk  Gloss: shoulder
  PT/PSW บ่า  bàa  "shoulder (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *?b- (B3)  B11-5 ]  PSW: *?ba  "shoulder"  
      Li: [ *?b- (B1) 4.4:68 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *?baa  PT: *?ba
  PT/PSW บ่า  bàa  "to spill over (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *?b- (B3)  B11-17 ]  PSW: *?ba  "to spill, overflow"  
      Li: [ *?b- (B1) 4.4:68 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *?baa  PT: *?ba
แบก Prapin gloss: carry on the back
Prapin: 3 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 909e
  Big5: bei1 bei4 bo1 pei4 [1] the back [2] the back side; the reverse side [3] [v] cast away; turn one' back; give up [4] [v] go against; rebel [5] [v] remember by rote; commit to memory in detail [6] [v] faint; lapse into a coma [7] [v] bear or shoulder (load, burden, etc.); carry on the back [8] [Hakka] remember and cite by heart
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: pwojH
  StarLing:1415  OC: bə̄ks  MC: bòj  Gloss: to turn the back, disregard
  PT/PSW แบก  bɛ̀ɛk  "to carry on shoulder (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *?b- (DL3)  B11-12 ]  PSW: *?bɛk  "to carry on shoulder"  
      Li: [ *?b- (D1L) 4.4:68 (rule 14.9) ]  PSW: *?bɛɛk  PT: *?bɛk
แบบ Prapin gloss: pattern, model
Prapin: 4 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: model
  Karlgren: 642k-m
  Big5: (0) fa3 {fa2} {fa1} {fa4} (3) fa4 {fa3} {fa2} {fa1} (1) fa2 {fa3} {fa1} {fa4} (2) fa1 {fa3} {fa2} {fa4} (0) [1] [n] institution [2] [n] law; rules; regulations; statute; legal [3] methods; ways of doing things [4] [v] pattern; model after [5] the way; doctrines (Buddhism) [6] tricks; magic arts [7] expert or standard (calligraphy, painting, etc.) [8] penalty; punishment [9] a Chinese family name (3) [1] the Frank [2] France; French (1) used in combination for weight of a scale (2) a way, especially used in "no way out"
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: pjop
  StarLing:986  OC: prap  MC: pwɨp  Gloss: law, model
  PT/PSW แบบ  bɛ̀ɛp  "model, pattern, form (conj.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  "model, pattern, form (conj.)"  Note: no Shan cognate
เบน Prapin gloss: to incline
Prapin: 5 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: inclined to one side
  Karlgren: 246h
  Big5: pian1 [1] biased; not fair; prejudiced; partial [2] leaning; inclined to one side; slanting [3] an auxiliary verb indicating a sense of contrariness or determination
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: phjien
  StarLing:1956  OC: phen  MC: phjen  Gloss: be oblique, awry; side
  PT/PSW เบน  been  "turn, swerve; change direction, deviate, deflect (H) (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *?b- (A3)  B11-50 ]  PSW: *?ben  "to go aslant"
โบย (บิน) Prapin gloss: to fly
Prapin: 6 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 580a
  Big5: fei1 [1] [v] fly; flit [2] go quickly; rapidly [3] dart; high (as a bridge) [4] [v] hang in the air; in the air [5] Kangxi radical 183
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: pjɨj
  StarLing:1490  OC: pəj  MC: pwɨj  Gloss: to fly
จัก Prapin gloss: to weave (basket)
Prapin: 8 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: to weave
  Karlgren: 920f
  Big5: zhi1 chi4 zhi2 zhi4 [v] weave; knit
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: tsyik
  StarLing:4725  OC: tək  MC: ćik  Gloss: to weave
  PT/PSW จัก  jàk  "recognize (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *c- (DS2)  B44-4 ]  PSW: *cak  "to recognize, know"  
      Li: [ *č- (D1S) 9.3:164 (rule 14.7) ]  PSW: *čak  PT: *čak
  PT/PSW จัก  jàk  "to split; chop firewood (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *c- (DS2)  B44-3 ]  PSW: *cak  "to split, pare bamboo"  
      Li: [ *č- (D1S) 9.3:164 (rule 14.7) ]  PSW: *čak  PT: *čak
(รู้) จัก Prapin gloss: to recognize, know
Prapin: 9 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 920k
  Big5: (0) shi4 chi4 shi2 {zhi4} (1) zhi4 {shi4} (0) [1] [v] recognize; know; discern [2] [n] opinion; view [3] knowledge (1) [1] [v] record; remember [2] [n] mark; sign
  GB: shi4 chi4 shi2 {zhi4} same
  Baxter MC: syik
  StarLing:4903  OC: tək  MC: śik  Gloss: know
จับ Prapin gloss: to hold, grasp
Prapin: 10 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 685a-e
  Big5: zhi2 [1] [v] hold in hand; keep; grasp; seize [2] [v] detain; arrest [3] [v] maintain or uphold a principle, etc.); hold on stubbornly to; stick to; persist in [4] [v] shut up (gossipers etc.) [5] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: tsyip
  StarLing:2009  OC: tip  MC: ćip  Gloss: to hold, seize, take
  PT/PSW จับ  jàp  "to catch; to cling to; to join (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *c- (DS2)  B44-5 ]  PSW: *cap  "go grip, catch, perch"  
      Li: [ *č- (D1S) 9.3:164 (rule 14.7) ]  PSW: *čap  PT: *čap
จัด Prapin gloss: to arrange
Prapin: 11 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: to place, arrange
  Karlgren: 290a
  Big5: ? 0
  GB: she4 (S 8BBE->8A2D) [1] lay out; display [2] [v] establish; set up; found [3] [v] furnish; provide [4] [v] arrange; plan; devise [5] particle of hypothesis; supposing that; what if; in case of
  Baxter MC: syet
  StarLing:2358  OC: slet ( ˜ -, x-, sŋ-)  MC: śet  Gloss: to set up, establish
เจ่า Prapin gloss: (of a bird) grasp, perch
Prapin: 12 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: to grasp
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: zhua1 zhao1 zhao3 zhao4 [1] [v] scratch [2] seize; grab; grasp; take; snatch; make a snatch at; clutch; catch [3] [v] arrest
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: tsræw Note: Mandarin zhua1 is irregular; we would expect zhao1.
เจ้า Prapin gloss: master, lord
Prapin: 13 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 129a
  Big5: zhu3 zhu4 [1] [n] master, chief; leader; host [2] Jesus Christ; God; Lord [3] [v] officiate at; preside over; take charge of [4] main; chief; primary; principal
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: tsyuX
  StarLing:167  OC: toʔ  MC: ćǘ  Gloss: person in charge, master
  PT/PSW เจ้า  jâaw  "master (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *c- (C2)  B44-10 ]  PSW: *caw  "master, owner, you"  
      Li: [ *č+i̥əu (C1) 9.3:164 ]  PSW: *čaau  PT: *či̥əu
จ่า Prapin gloss: wooden ladles
Prapin: 14 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: ladles
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: zhao3 zhao4 [n] bamboo skimmer
  GB: same
จาม Prapin gloss: hew or hack (with an axe)
Prapin: 15 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: to cut off, cut down
  Karlgren: 611a
  Big5: zhan3 zhan4 [1] [v] cut; chop [2] [v] kill; behead
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: tsrɛmX
  StarLing:2137  OC: ćrāmʔ  MC: c̣ạ̈́m  Gloss: to cut off, cut up, destroy
  Pou73:145 see
  PT/PSW จาม  jaam  "to sneeze (nj)"  
      Brown:  "to sneeze (conj.)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *c- (A2)  B44-24 ]  PSW: *caam  "to sneeze"
จาน Prapin gloss: shallow dish
Prapin: 16 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: shallow cup
  Karlgren: 155f-g
  Big5: zhan3 small cup or container
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: tsrɛnX
  StarLing:3101  OC: ćrēnʔ  MC: c̣ạ̈́n  Gloss: bowl [Han]
  Pou73:135 see
  PT/PSW จาน  jaan  "plate; cup (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *c- (A2)  B44-25 ]  PSW: *cɛn  "plate"  Note: double check  
      Li: [ *č- (A1) 9.3:164 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *čaan  PT: *čan
เจ็ด Prapin gloss: seven
Prapin: 17 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 400a-d
  Big5: qi1 seven
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: tshit
  StarLing:4  OC: shit  MC: chjit  Gloss: be seven
  PT/PSW เจ็ด  jèt  "seven (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *c- (DS2)  B44-6 ]  PSW: *cet  "seven"  
      Li: [ *č+e (D1S) 9.3:164 ]  PSW: *čet  PT: *čet
เจียน Prapin gloss: to cut, trim
Prapin: 18 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: to cut, clip
  Karlgren: 245j
  Big5: jian3 [1] [v] cut or clip with scissors; cut; shear; trim [2] [v] annihilate; destroy completely
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: tsjenX
เจียง Prapin gloss: first month of the year
Prapin: 19 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 833j-n
  Big5: (0) zheng4 zheng3 {zheng1} (1) zheng1 {zheng4} (0) [1] right; proper; correct; appropriate [2] the obverse side; right side [3] formal [4] [v] rectify; correct [5] pure; not contaminated [6] straightforward and unbending; honestand virtuous [7] [n] person in charge; person in command; principal [8] to mete out punishment for a criminal [9] original (texts, etc.) [10] positively [11] main; principal [12] exactly; just; right [13] sharp; punctually [14] just; unbiased [15] a Chinese family name (1) the first in the lunar calendar
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: tsyengH
  StarLing:257  OC: teŋs  MC: ćèŋ  Gloss: to be straight, correct; govern; determine
  Pou73:106 see
  PT/PSW เจียง  jiaŋ  "first month, festival, feast (yl)"  
      Luo:  "first month, festival, feast"
จิ้ม Prapin gloss: to dip into
Prapin: 20 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 661m
  Big5: jin4 jin1 [1] [v] soak; immerse; dip; percolate; permeate [2] gradual; gradually
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: tsimH
  StarLing:1710  OC: cims  MC: cjìm  Gloss: to overflow, soak, wet
  PT/PSW จิ้ม  jîm  "to dip into (water) (as is)"  
      Luo:  "to insert"  
      Jonsson:  [ *c- (C2)  B44-13 ]  PSW: *cim  "to pick, put in"  
      Li: [ *č- (C1) 9.3:164 (rule 14.3.1) ]  PSW: *čim  PT: *čim
จริง Prapin gloss: true, real
Prapin: 21 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 375a
  Big5: zhen1 [1] true; real; factual; genuine; actual; substantial; really; truly [2] the highest sincerity one is capable of [3] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: tsyin
  StarLing:1762  OC: tin  MC: ćin  Gloss: true, real, sincere [LZ]
  Pou73:143 see
จี่ Prapin gloss: to know
Prapin: 22 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 863a
  Big5: (1) zhi4 {zhi1} (0) zhi1 {zhi4} (1) the learned; the wise; brains (0) [1] [v] know; understand; comprehend; feel; recognize; be aware of [2] knowledge [3] [v] acquaint; be familiar with; befriend [4] [v] control; operate; direct [5] [v] wait on
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: trje
  StarLing:1031  OC: tre  MC: ṭe  Gloss: to know, understand
  PT/PSW จี่  jìi  "to grill; roast (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *c- (B2)  B44-11 ]  PSW: *ci  "to grill, roast"  
      Li: [ *č- (B1) 9.3:164 (rule 14.3.3) ]  PSW: *čii  PT: *ču̥i?
จีบ Prapin gloss: to fold, plait
Prapin: 23 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: to fold, double together
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: zhe2 la1 zhe3 [1] [v] fold (paper, etc.); plait [2] [n] folder; folded brochure [3] curved and winding [4] [v] pull and break
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: tsyep
  StarLing:3433  OC: tap (˜-ep)  MC: ćep  Gloss: to fold [Song]
  PT/PSW จีบ  jìip  "to fold; pleat (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *c- (DL2)  B44-14 ]  PSW: *ciip  "to pleat"  
      Li: [ *č- (D1L) 9.3:164 (rule 14.3.4) ]  PSW: *čiip  PT: *čiəp
จน Prapin gloss: until, reach
Prapin: 24 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: the utmost, to reach to
  Karlgren: 380h
  Big5: zhen1 jian1 [1] [v] reach; arrive at [2] the utmost; superior; the best
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: tsrin
  StarLing:4259  OC: ćrin  MC: c̣in  Gloss: to come, reach
  PT/PSW จน  jon  "to be poor (conj.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  "to be poor (conj.)"  Note: no Shan cognate
จง Prapin gloss: loyal, loyalty
Prapin: 25 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1007k
  Big5: zhong1 [1] faithful; loyalty; patriotic; constant; sincerity [2] devoted; honest (advice, etc.)
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: trjuwng
  StarLing:877  OC: truŋ  MC: ṭüŋ  Gloss: faithful, loyal [L.Zhou]
Prapin gloss:
Prapin: 26 (class )  Chinese gloss:
  Karlgren: 679a-c
  Big5: za1 [a] full circle [b] encircle
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: tsop*
  StarLing:196  OC: *cə̄p (˜ć-)  MC: cp  Gloss: a round, a circle.
โจก Prapin gloss: head, chief
Prapin: 27 (class 3)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1102a-c
  Big5: shou3 shou4 [1] the head [2] [n] king; emperor; leader; chief [3] the first; beginning [4] [n] a numerical classifier for poems, songs, etc. [5] Kangxi radical 185
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: syuwX
  StarLing:1492  OC: sluʔ  MC: śə́w  Gloss: head
จอก Prapin gloss: tree sparrow
Prapin: 28 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: sparrow
  Karlgren: 1122a-b
  Big5: que4 qiao3 jue2 qiao1 [1] a general name of small birds, as sparrows, chickadees, etc. [2] freckled
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: tsjak
  StarLing:2413  OC: ćekʷ  MC: cjak  Gloss: sparrow
  PT/PSW จอก  jɔ̀ɔk  "a small cup or glass (conj.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  "a small cup or glass (conj.)"  Note: no Shan cognate
จุ่ม Prapin gloss: dip into
Prapin: 29 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: zhan4 [v] dip
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: tsrɛmH
  PT/PSW จุ่ม  jùm  "to dip into (water) (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *c- (B2)  B44-12 ]  PSW: *cum  "to dip"
จุบ Prapin gloss: suck gently, suckle (as of infants)
Prapin: 31 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: to suck
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: za1 [v] suck; sip; take in food with the tongue
  GB: same
เจือ Prapin gloss: aid, assist
Prapin: 32 (class 3)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 5e
  Big5: zuo3 [v] assist; aid; second
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: tsaH, tsaX*
  StarLing:466  OC: cājʔ-s  MC: cầ  Gloss: to aid, assist
เจอ Prapin gloss: to meet with
Prapin: 33 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1053h
  Big5: zao1 [1] [v] come across; meet with; encounter; icur; be victimized; suffer [2] times of binding or turning around, as with a rope [3] [n] time; turn
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: tsaw
  StarLing:4036  OC: cū (˜ć-)  MC: câw  Gloss: to meet, encounter
ฉัน Prapin gloss: (of a monk) to eat
Prapin: 34 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: to eat; a meal
  Karlgren: 154c
  Big5: can1 sun1 can4 [1] [v] eat; dine [2] [n] meal [3] [n] food
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: tshan
  StarLing:4363  OC: ćhān  MC: chân  Gloss: to eat (vi.?)
  PT/PSW ฉัน  cʰǎn  "I (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate
ฉาง Prapin gloss: granary
Prapin: 35 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 703a-b
  Big5: cang1 chuan4 chuang4 [1] [n] granary; storehouse; warehouse [2] [n] cabin, as in the ship [3] green [4] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: dzræng Note: Mandarin chang1 is irregular; we would expect cheng2. But, Morohashi gives a reading MC tshang, which would make it regular.
  StarLing:1526  OC: shāŋ  MC: châŋ  Gloss: to store; granary
  PT/PSW ฉาง  cʰǎaŋ  "granary (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *ǰh- (A1)  B46-1 ]  PSW: *ǰhaaŋ  "granary, storage"  
      Li: [ *čh- (A1) 9.4:167 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *čhaaŋ  PT: *čhaŋ
เฉด Prapin gloss: drive out, expel
Prapin: 37 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 496a-e
  Big5: chu1 chui4 [1] [v] go out; come out [2] [v] produce; reproduce
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: tsyhwit
  StarLing:188  OC: thut  MC: ćhwit  Gloss: to come out, go out, go away
  Pou73:162 see
เฉียง Prapin gloss: slanting, inclined
Prapin: 38 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 828b
  Big5: (1) keng1 {qing1 qing2} (0) qing1 qing2 {keng1} (S 50BE->4EBA) [n] human being; person; people; mankind
  GB: qing1 qing2 {keng1} (S 503E->50BE) (1) [CC ] [v] frame or implicate a person (0) [1] [v] slant; bend [2] [v] collapse; fall flat; upset; subvert [3] [v] pour out [4] [v] exhaust (one's wealth, etc.); exert oneself to do (something) [5] [v] admire; be fascinated; be intrigued
  Baxter MC: khjwieng
  StarLing:2905  OC: khʷeŋ  MC: khjweŋ  Gloss: be slanting
ฉีก Prapin gloss: tear apart, pare, destroy
Prapin: 39 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1149|c
  Big5: xue4 (xiao1) qiao4 shao4 xiao4 xue1 [1] [v] scrape off; pare; cut; shave; trim [2] [v] deprive
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: sjak
  PT/PSW ฉีก  cʰìik  "to tear up (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *ǰh- (DL1)  B46-3 ]  PSW: *ǰhiik  "to tear up"  
      Li: [ *čh- (D1L) 9.4:167 (rule 14.3.4) ]  PSW: *čhiik  PT: *čhiək
ฉก Prapin gloss: snatch
Prapin: 40 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1169b
  Big5: jiao3 chao1 chao4 [v] destroy; exterminate; annihilate; stamp out; put down
  GB: same
ใช่ Prapin gloss: to be
Prapin: 41 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 866a-c
  Big5: shi4 ti2 [1] indeed; yes; right; positive [2] [v] be [3] this; that; which [4] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: dzyeX
  StarLing:1266  OC: deʔ  MC: ʒ́é  Gloss: this is (linkverb or inverted demonstrative pronoun)
  PT/PSW ใช่  cʰây  "to be so (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *ǰ- (B4)  B47-2 ]  PSW: *ǰaɯ  "to be so"  
      Li: [ *ǰ+e@/ɛɯ (B2) 9.5:168 ]  PSW: *ǰai/aɯ  PT: *ǰe/ɛɯ
ใช้ Prapin gloss: send (on an errand)
Prapin: 42 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 5f-g
  Big5: (2) chai1 {cha1} {cha4} {ci1} (1) cha4 {cha1} {chai1} {ci1} (3) ci1 {cha1} {cha4} {chai1} (0) cha1 chai4 {cha4} {chai1} {ci1} cuo1 (2) [1] [n] messenger [2] [v] dispatch; send (a person) [3] one's duty; official assignment [4] [n] errand (1) [1] [v] differ [2] wrong [3] [v] want; fall short of [4] not up to standard; poor (3) uneven; irregular (0) [1] error; mistake [2] difference; discrepancy [3] difference (mathematics)
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: dzræ*
  StarLing:1610  OC: shrāj  MC: c̣hạ  Gloss: divergence, difference, distinction
  PT/PSW ใช้  cʰáy  "to employ; order (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *ǰ- (C4)  B47-1 ]  PSW: *ǰaɯ  "to use, order"  
      Li: [ *ǰ+əɯ (C2) 9.5:168 ]  PSW: *ǰai/aɯ  PT: *ǰəɯ
ชำ Prapin gloss: to soak (a cutting before planting)
Prapin: 43 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: to be at the bottom of water
  Karlgren: 660n
  Big5: qian2 jian4 [1] [v] hide; conceal [2] hidden; secret; latent [3] [v] dive
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: dzjem
ช้ำ Prapin gloss: grieved
Prapin: 44 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: can2 ashamed; humiliated; mortified
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: dzam
  StarLing:3423  OC: ʒ́(h)ām  MC: ʒâm  Gloss: ashamed
  PT/PSW ช้ำ  cʰám  "bruise (nj)"  
      Brown:  "to be bruised (conj.)"  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *ǰ- (C4)  B47-33 ]  PSW: *ǰam  "bruise"
ชัง Prapin gloss: hate, detest
Prapin: 45 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 884d
  Big5: zeng1 [v] hate; detest; abhor; loathe; abominate
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: tsong
  StarLing:3795  OC: cə̄ŋ  MC: cʌŋ  Gloss: to hate
  PT/PSW ชัง  cʰaŋ  "to hate; detest (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *ǰ- (A4)  B47-5 ]  PSW: *ǰaŋ  "to hate"  
      Li: [ *ǰ+ə (A2) 9.5:168 ]  PSW: *ǰaŋ  PT: *ǰəŋ
ชั่ง Prapin gloss: to weigh, steelyard
Prapin: 46 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: (0) cheng4 {ping2} (1) ping2 {cheng4} (0) [1] [n] weighing scale; balance; steelyard [2] [v] weight with a scale, etc. (1) [n] scales for measuring weight
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: tsyhingH
  Pou73:148 see
  PT/PSW ชั่ง  cʰâŋ  "to weigh; steelyard (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *ǰ- (B4)  B47-6 ]  PSW: *ǰaŋ  "to weigh, scale"  
      Li: [ *ǰ- (B2) 9.5:168 (rule 14.7) ]  PSW: *ǰaŋ  PT: *ǰaŋ
เช้า Prapin gloss: early, in the morning
Prapin: 47 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1049a
  Big5: zao3 [1] early; earlier; soon; beforehand; previous; premature [2] morning [3] ago; before [4] Good morning!
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: tsawX
  StarLing:396  OC: cūʔ  MC: cấw  Gloss: early
  PT/PSW เช้า  cʰáaw  "morning, early (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *ǰ- (C4)  B47-25 ]  PSW: *ǰaw  "early morning"  
      Li: [ *ǰ- (C2) 9.5:168 (rule 16.14) ]  PSW: *ǰaau  PT: *ǰau
ชา Prapin gloss: tea
Prapin: 48 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: cha2 tea
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: dræ
  StarLing:1859  OC: L̴ā  MC: ḍạ  Gloss: tea [Han]
  Pou73:75 see Pou73:76 see
  PT/PSW ชา  cʰaa  "tea (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *ǰ- (A4)  B47-18 ]  PSW: *ǰa  "tea"  Note: no proto or tone given  
      Li: [ *ǰ- (A2) 9.5:168 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *ǰaa  PT: *ǰa
ช้า Prapin gloss: rough, coarse, gross
Prapin: 50 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 46|h
  Big5: cu1 zu4 [1] rough; course; crude [2] thick; bulky; big [3] gruff; husky [4] rude; vulgar [5] brief; sketchy
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: tshu
  StarLing:2276  OC: ʒ́hāʔ  MC: ʒó  Gloss: rough [L.Zhou]
  PT/PSW ช้า  cʰáa  "rough, rude; also late, slow (nj)"  
      Brown:  "slow (conj.)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *ǰ- (C4)  B47-3 ]  PSW: *ǰa  "rough, rude; also late, slow"
  PT/PSW ช้า  cʰáa  "rude; rough (evil, base H_2) (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *ǰ- (C4)  B47-3 ]  PSW: *ǰa  "rough, rude"  
      Li: [ *ǰ- (C2) 9.5:168 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *ǰaa  PT: *ǰa
ช่าง Prapin gloss: artisan, mechanic
Prapin: 51 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 729a
  Big5: jiang4 [n] craftsman; artisan; skilled workman
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: djzangH
  StarLing:330  OC: ʒhaŋs (˜ʒ́-)  MC: ʒjàŋ  Gloss: carpenter, master, skilful [L.Zhou]
  Pou73:126 see
  PT/PSW ช่าง  cʰâaŋ   "doesn't matter (cit.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate
  PT/PSW ช่าง  cʰâaŋ  "artisan; skillful (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *ǰ- (B4)  B47-7 ]  PSW: *ǰaaŋ  "artisan, skillful"  
      Li: [ *ǰ- (B2) 9.5:168 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *ǰaaŋ  PT: *ǰaŋ
ช้าง Prapin gloss: elephant
Prapin: 52 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 728a-d
  Big5: xiang4 [1] the elephant [2] ivory [3] [n] portrait; figure; image; snapshot [3] [n] phenomenon; the outward appearance or expression of anything (especially weather, heavenly bodies, etc.); shape; image
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: zjangX
  StarLing:2810  OC: lhaŋʔ  MC: zjáŋ  Gloss: elephant, ivory
  PT/PSW ช้าง  cʰáaŋ  "elephant (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *ǰ- (C4)  B47-8 ]  PSW: *ǰaaŋ  "elephant"  
      Li: [ *ǰ- (C2) 9.5:168 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *ǰaaŋ  PT: *ǰaŋ
แช่ Prapin gloss: to steep, soak
Prapin: 53 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: zi4 [1] soaked [2] [v] dye [3] [v] be caked with
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: dzjeH
  StarLing:3475  OC: ʒ́(h)ek-s  MC: ʒjè  Gloss: to steep, soak
  PT/PSW แช่  cʰɛ̂ɛ  "to soak, wet (nj)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Luo:  "to soak"  
      Jonsson:  [ *ǰ- (B4)  B47-21 ]  PSW: *ǰɛ  "to soak, wet"
เชียง Prapin gloss: city
Prapin: 54 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 818e-g
  Big5: cheng2 [1] [n] city; town; municipality [2] [n] castle; the walls of a city; to surround a city with walls
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: dzyeng
  StarLing:1172  OC: d(h)eŋ  MC: ʒ́eŋ  Gloss: city wall, fortified wall
  PT/PSW เชียง  cʰiaŋ  "city (M) (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *ǰ- (A4)  B47-22 ]  PSW: *ǰiaŋ  "city, town, kingdom"
ชิน Prapin gloss: lead (metal)
Prapin: 55 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 229c
  Big5: ? 0
  GB: qian1 yan2 (S 94C5->925B) [n] lead (metal); plumbum
  Baxter MC: ywen Note: Mandarin qian1 is irregular; we would expect yuan2.
  StarLing:3292  OC: lon  MC: jwen  Gloss: lead (metal)
ชิ้น Prapin gloss: piece, classifier
Prapin: 56 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: jian4 auxiliary noun applied to articles, things, clothes, etc.
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: gjenX
  StarLing:308  OC: granʔ  MC: gén  Gloss: part, thing, object [Han]
  PT/PSW ชิ้น  cʰín  "piece (H) (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *ǰ- (C4)  B47-31 ]  PSW: *ǰin  "slice, piece"
ชิง Prapin gloss: fight for, take by force
Prapin: 57 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: strive, wrangle
  Karlgren: 811a-b
  Big5: zheng1 zheng4 [1] [v] dispute; fight; argue; quarrel [2] [v] contend; strive; struggle [3] short of; [v] lack; be deficient in [4] same as $
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: tsrɛng
  StarLing:1011  OC: ćrēŋ  MC: c̣ạiŋ  Gloss: to fight, quarrel
  Pou73:131 see
  PT/PSW ชิง  cʰiŋ  "to take by force; fight for (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *ǰ- (A4)  B47-30 ]  PSW: *ǰiŋ  "to take by force"  
      Li: [ *ǰ- (A2) 9.5:168 (rule 14.3.1) ]  PSW: *ǰiŋ  PT: *ǰiŋ
ชี้ Prapin gloss: to point, show
Prapin: 58 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 552f
  Big5: (1) zhi2 {zhi3} {zhi1} (2) zhi1 {zhi3} {zhi2} (0) zhi3 {zhi2} {zhi1} (S 6307->982D) (0) [1] the head [2] [n] top; first; the first; begiining [3] [n] chief; boss; leader; head (of a group) [4] the two ends (of anything); [n] side; aspect [5] [n] head (of cattle, etc.) [6] an auxiliary, as a suffix (1) [1] a suffix indicating positions or directions [2] as a suffix to certains verbs to indicate the worthiness
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: tsyijX
  StarLing:1248  OC: kijʔ  MC: ćí  Gloss: to point
  PT/PSW ชี้  cʰíi  "to point; show (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *ǰ- (C4)  B47-15 ]  PSW: *ǰi  "to point at, show"  
      Li: [ *ǰ- (C2) 9.5:168 (rule 14.3.3) ]  PSW: *ǰii  PT: *ǰu̥i?
ชง Prapin gloss: infuse (tea)
Prapin: 59 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1007p-q
  Big5: chong1 dong4 [1] [v] pour water (to powder, etc.); infuse; make beverages [2] [v] wash away; wash with running water; rinse [3] [v] soar; rise rapidly or shoot up [4] [v] empty; void [5] [v] dash against; clash with [6] childhood [7] [v] neutralize; make void
  GB: chong1 chong3 chong4 (S 51B2->885D) [1] [v] rush (against); thrust; forge ahead; dash [2] [v] charge forward; charge ahead; hit with force [3] [n] thoroughfare; hub; strategic place [4] [v] offend
  Baxter MC: tsyhowng
  StarLing:648  OC: d(h)ruŋ  MC: ḍüŋ  Gloss: to surge; rise up against
  Pou73:164 see
โชค Prapin gloss: luck, lot
Prapin: 60 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: blessing
  Karlgren: 806h
  Big5: zu4 zuo4 [1] [n] throne [2] [n] bless; blessing [3] the year
  GB: same
ชอก Prapin gloss: grieved, pained
Prapin: 61 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1031f
  Big5: qi1 cu4 zu2 [1] relatives by marriage [2] sad; mournful; woeful; sorrow; woe [3] [n] battle-ax [4] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: tshek
  StarLing:2093  OC: shīkʷ  MC: chiek  Gloss: be beloved; distressed
ชวย Prapin gloss: blow gently but steadily
Prapin: 62 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: to blow
  Karlgren: 30a
  Big5: chui1 chui4 [1] [v] blow; puff [2] brag; boast; praise in exaggerated words [3] [v] break up
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: tsyhwe
  StarLing:517  OC: thoj  MC: ćhwe  Gloss: to blow; play a wind instrument
ช่วย Prapin gloss: help, assist
Prapin: 63 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 46z
  Big5: zhu4 [v] help; aid; assist; help; assistance
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: dzrjoH
  StarLing:497  OC: ʒ́(h)ra-s  MC: ʒ̣ö̀  Gloss: aid
  PT/PSW ช่วย  cʰûay  "to help (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *ǰ- (B4)  B47-13 ]  PSW: *ǰuay  "to help, cooperate"  
      Li: [ *ǰ+uai (B2) 9.5:168 ]  PSW: *ǰuai  PT: *ǰuai
เชื่อ Prapin gloss: buy on credit
Prapin: 65 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 339d
  Big5: shi4 she4 [1] [v] lend; loan; lease [2] pardon; [v] pardon; forgive [3] [v] sell on credit; buy on credit
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: syejH
  StarLing:6561  OC: slats  MC: śèj  Gloss: to lend, borrow; remit [LZ]
  PT/PSW เชื่อ  cʰʉ̂a  "to believe (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *ǰ- (B4)  B47-26 ]  PSW: *ǰɯa  "to believe, trust"  
      Li: [ *ǰ- (B2) 9.5:168 (rule 15.3) ]  PSW: *ǰɯə  PT: *ǰɯa
เชื้อ Prapin gloss: line of succession
Prapin: 66 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 45s
  Big5: xu4 [1] [n] end of a thread or string [2] [n] clue [3] [n] beginning [4] [n] task; cause; enterprise [5] [n] mental or emotional state; mood [6] remnants; remains; leftovers
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: zhoX
  StarLing:3569  OC: lhaʔ  MC: zjö́  Gloss: work; line of succession, continue
  PT/PSW เชื้อ  cʰʉ́a  "family; lineage (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *ǰ- (C4)  B47-27 ]  PSW: *ǰɯa  "lineage"  
      Li: [ *ǰ- (C2) 9.5:168 (rule 15.3) ]  PSW: *ǰɯə  PT: *ǰɯa
ชื่อ Prapin gloss: name
Prapin: 67 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: adolescent's name
  Karlgren: 964n-o
  Big5: zi4 zi5 [1] [n] word; letter; character; word; logograph; glyph [2] [v] betroth a girl [3] a name or style taken at the age of 20, by which one was sometimes called
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: dziH
  StarLing:371  OC: ʒəʔs  MC: ʒjɨ̀  Gloss: to breed, nurture; love, cherish
  Pou73:226 see Pou73:239 see
  PT/PSW ชื่อ  cʰʉ̂ʉ  "name (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Luo:  "sort, kind, species"  
      Jonsson:  [ *ǰ- (B4)  B47-14 ]  PSW: *ǰɯ  "name"  
      Li: [ *ǰ+ɯ (B2) 9.5:168 ]  PSW: *ǰɯɯ  PT: *ǰɯ
(บัน) ได Prapin gloss: stairs, steps
Prapin: 68 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 591l
  Big5: ti1 fou2 ti2 [1] [n] ladder; steps; stairs; [2] something to lean or depend on [3] terraced [4] private; intimate [5] [n] phase (in the induction of military draftees)
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: thej
  StarLing:2151  OC: (h)ə̄j  MC: thiej  Gloss: wooden steps, staircase [L.Zhou]
แดน Prapin gloss: boundary, limit
Prapin: 69 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: yan2 shan1 a boundary; a limit
  GB: same
  PT/PSW แดน  dɛɛn  "boundary; border (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *?d- (A3)  B39-29 ]  PSW: *?dɛn  "boundary"  
      Li: [ *?d- (A2) 6.4:107 (rule 14.9) ]  PSW: *?dɛɛn  PT: *?dɛn
(ดง) ข้าว Prapin gloss: to dry (rice) over a fire after having boiled it an drained off the water
Prapin: 70 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: heat, hot air, steam
  Karlgren: 1009d
  Big5: rong2 [1] very bright; glowing; burning [2] [v] melt [3] [v] melt into; fuse; blend; harmonize [4] cheerful; happy; joyful [5] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: yuwng
  StarLing:4277  OC: L̴uŋ  MC: jüŋ  Gloss: hot air, steam, heat
ดอน Prapin gloss: rising ground, mound
Prapin: 71 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: mound
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: ? 0
  GB: dun1 [1] [n] heap; mound [2] block of stone or wood [3] [n] cluster [4] [Wu] [deng1] stick out [5] [Wu] squat
  PT/PSW ดอน  dɔɔn  "elevated; highland (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *?d- (A3)  B39-28 ]  PSW: *?dɔn  "highland"  
      Li: [ *?d- (A1) 6.4:107 (rule 14.11) ]  PSW: *?dɔɔn  PT: *?dɔn
ด้วน Prapin gloss: to be shortened or curtailed
Prapin: 72 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: short
  Karlgren: 169a
  Big5: duan3 [1] short; brief [2] [v] be deficient; want; lack; owe; lacking [3] shortcomings; faults; mistakes
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: twanX
  StarLing:2699  OC: tōnʔ  MC: twấn  Gloss: short [LZ]
(ไส้) เดือน Prapin gloss: earthworm
Prapin: 73 (class 3?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 371c
  Big5: yin3 used in combination for earthworm
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: yinX
  StarLing:1870  OC: L̴ərʔ  MC: jín  Gloss: earthworm [LZ]
ดื่ม Prapin gloss: to drink
Prapin: 74 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 654a
  Big5: (1) yin4 {yin3} (0) yin3 {yin4} (1) [v] make animals drink (0) [1] [v] drink [2] drinks [3] [v] swallow (insult, danger, etc.) [4] [v] be hit (by a bullet, an arrow, etc.)
  GB: yin3 {yin4} same
  Baxter MC: ʔimH Note: (b5 not exact match)
  StarLing:2892  OC: ʔəmʔ  MC: ʔím  Gloss: to drink
  PT/PSW ดื่ม  dʉ̀ʉm  "to swallow (as is)"  
      Li: [ *?d+ɯə (B1) 6.4:107 ]  PSW: *?dɯɯm  PT: *?dɯəm
ฝุ่น Prapin gloss: powder
Prapin: 75 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 471d
  Big5: fen3 fen4 [1] flour [2] powder [3] white (color) [4] [v] whitewash; plaster [5] [v] make up; doll up; powder
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: pjunX
  StarLing:1797  OC: pənʔ  MC: pǘn  Gloss: peeled grain
  Pou73:46 see Pou73:238 see
  PT/PSW ฝุ่น  fùn  "dust, powder (nj)"  
      Brown:  "dust (conj.)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *f- (B1)  B23-8 ]  PSW: *fun  "dust, powder"
ฟัก Prapin gloss: to hatch
Prapin: 76 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: id
  Karlgren: 935a-b
  Big5: fu2 fou4 fu3 fu4 [1] [v] prostate; yield [2] [v] hide; lie in ambush
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: bjuwk
  StarLing:306  OC: bək  MC: bük  Gloss: to lie down; to put down, submit
  PT/PSW ฟัก  fák  "pumpkin; squash (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *v- (DS4)  B27-11 ]  PSW: *vak  "pumpkin, squash"  
      Li: [ *v- (D2S) 4.8:79 (rule 14.7) ]  PSW: *vak  PT: *vak
  PT/PSW ฟัก  fák  "to hatch (as is)"  
      Li: [ *v- (D2S) 4.8:79 (rule 14.7) ]  PSW: *vak  PT: *vak
ฟก Prapin gloss: swelling, swollen
Prapin: 77 (class 3?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: you2 you4 [n] wart; papule
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: hjuw
  PT/PSW ฟก  fók  "swollen (as is)"  
      Li: [ *v- (D2S) 4.8:79 (rule 14.8) ]  PSW: *vok  PT: *vok
เพื่อ Prapin gloss: assist, render assistance
Prapin: 78 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: you4 you3 [v] help; protect; aid; bless
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: hjuwH
  StarLing:467  OC: wəʔs  MC: ɦə̀w  Gloss: to aid, support, assist, help, wait on; honor, appreciate
ให้ Prapin gloss: give, allow
Prapin: 79 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: allow
  Karlgren: 60i-j
  Big5: xu3 hu3 [1] [v] allow; permit; promise; approve [2] [v] praise; commend [3] be betrothed (young girl); promise to marry [4] [v] expect [5] perhaps; maybe [6] about; a little more than (said of a persons age) [7] a place [8] a final particle [9] so; this [10] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: xjoX
  StarLing:2357  OC: sŋaʔ  MC: xö́  Gloss: to promise, confirm, permit
  PT/PSW ให้  hây  "to give (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *h- (C1)  B99-2 ]  PSW: *haɯ  "to give"  
      Li: [ *h+əɯ (C1) 13.2:249 ]  PSW: *hai/aɯ  PT: *həɯ
หัก Prapin gloss: to break, broken (stick)
Prapin: 80 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: break, rip open
  Karlgren: 795j
  Big5: zhe2 [1] [v] dismember a human being [2] [n] downward stroke slanting the right
  GB: same
  PT/PSW หัก  hàk  "to break off; to break (stick) (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *hr- (DS1)  B70-19 ]  PSW: *hrak  "to break"  
      Li: [ *thr+ə (D1S) 7.5:120 ]  PSW: *hrak  PT: *thrək
หับ Prapin gloss: close, shut
Prapin: 81 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 642s
  Big5: he2 que1 que4 [1] [n] leaf of a door [2] [v] close; shut [3] whole; entire; all [4] Why?; Why not?
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: hap
  PT/PSW หับ  hàp  "to shut (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *ŋ- (DS4)  B96-20 ]  PSW: *ŋap  "to close, shut up"  Note: Confirmed  
      Li: [ *h- (D1S) 13.2:249 (rule 14.7) ]  PSW: *hap  PT: *hap
หา Prapin gloss: blame, accuse
Prapin: 82 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: accuse, scold
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: ? 0
  GB: (1) o5 {he1} (0) he1 ke1 a1 a2 a3 a4 a5 he2 wo2 {o5} same
  PT/PSW หา  hǎa  "to look for; to seek (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *Xr- (A1)  B82-3 ]  PSW: *Xra  "to seek, search"  
      Li: [ *xr- (A1) 11.8:233 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *xraa  PT: *xra
ห้า Prapin gloss: five
Prapin: 83 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 58a-d
  Big5: wu3 [1] five; fifth [2] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: nguX
  StarLing:79  OC: ŋhāʔ  MC: ŋó  Gloss: be five
(เสีย) หาย Prapin gloss: damaged
Prapin: 84 (class 3)  Chinese gloss: to damage
  Karlgren: 314a-b
  Big5: hai4 he2 [1] [v] injure; harm; destroy; damage [2] [v] kill [3] [n] damage; injury; harm; detriment [4] [n] vital point
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: hajH
  StarLing:1590  OC: ghāts  MC: ɣầj  Gloss: to harm, injure; harm, injury
ห่าน Prapin gloss: goose
Prapin: 85 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: wild goose
  Karlgren: 186a-b
  Big5: yan4 the wild goose
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: ngænH
  StarLing:2877  OC: ŋrāns  MC: ŋạ̀n  Gloss: wild goose
  Pou73:201 see
  PT/PSW ห่าน  hàan  "goose (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *h- (B1)  B99-5 ]  PSW: *haan  "goose"  
      Li: [ *h- (B1) 13.2:249 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *haan  PT: *han
หาญ Prapin gloss: brave
Prapin: 86 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 144c
  Big5: han4 tan1 [1] of the Han dynasty (206 B.C.-220 A.D.) [2] of the Chinese people or language [3] [n] fellow; man [4] the name of a tributary of the Yangtze river
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: xanH
  StarLing:3478  OC: sŋār-s  MC: xần  Gloss: the Han river
  PT/PSW หาญ  hǎan  "couragous (nj)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Luo:  "heroic, brave"  
      Jonsson:  [ *hŋ- (A1)  B98-10 ]  PSW: *hŋaan  "couragous"  Note: Confirmed
ห้าว Prapin gloss: bold
Prapin: 87 (class 3)  Chinese gloss: brave, eminent
  Karlgren: 1129n
  Big5: hao2 [1] [n] heroic person; person outstanding in intelligence or talent [2] [n] leader; ringleader [3] a proclivity to the use of force; bullying ways, etc. [4] tiny; fine hair
  GB: same
  StarLing:3644  OC: g(h)āw  MC: ɣâw  Gloss: porcupine [Han]
  PT/PSW ห้าว  hâaw  "too ripe; dried up (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *Xr- (A1)  B82-5 ]  PSW: *Xraaw  "ripen, mature"  
      Li: [ *hr- (C1) 8.4:148 (rule 16.14) ]  PSW: *hraau  PT: *hrau
แห Prapin gloss: a cast-net
Prapin: 88 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: a net
  Karlgren: 6a
  Big5: luo2 li2 luo4 [1] thin light silk [2] [n] net for catching birds; net; snare [3] [v] arrange over a wide space [4] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: la
  StarLing:4880  OC: rāj  MC: lâ  Gloss: bird-net
  Pou73:263 see Pou73:264 see
  PT/PSW แห  hɛ̌ɛ  "net; cast net (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *Xr- (A1)  B82-2 ]  PSW: *Xrɛ  "fish net"  
      Li: [ *xr+ɛ (A1) 11.8:233 ]  PSW: *xrɛɛ  PT: *xrɛ
หก Prapin gloss: six
Prapin: 89 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1032a-d
  Big5: liu4 (lu4) liu2 six
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: ljuwk
  StarLing:93  OC: rhuk  MC: lük  Gloss: be six, six
  PT/PSW หก  hòk  "six (as is)"  
      Brown:  "six (conj.)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *hr- (DS1)  B70-6 ]  PSW: *hrok  "six"  
      Li: [ *xr+o (D1S) 11.8:233 ]  PSW: *xrok  PT: *xrok
หง Prapin gloss: orange-red
Prapin: 90 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: red
  Karlgren: 1172i
  Big5: (0) hong2 jiang4 {gong1} (1) gong1 {hong2} (0) [1] red; vermilion; rosy [2] [v] blush; redden [3] eminent; influential (players); very popular [4] specially favored; [n] favorite (1) work; working
  GB: hong2 jiang4 {gong1} same
  Baxter MC: huwng
  StarLing:1395  OC: ghōŋ  MC: ɣuŋ  Gloss: red, pink [L.Zhou]
  Pou73:226 see
หวน Prapin gloss: return, come back again
Prapin: 91 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: return
  Karlgren: 256k-m
  Big5: (2) hai2 {huan2} {xuan2} (0) huan2 huan4 ying2 {xuan2} {hai2} (1) xuan2 {huan2} {hai2} (2) [1] yet; still [2] passably; fairly; quite [3] also [4] even [5] at the same time [6] or [7] had better (0) [1] [v] return; come back [2] [v] repay; pay back; resotre; give back [3] a Chinese family name (1) [v] revolve; turn back
  GB: huan2 huan4 ying2 {xuan2} {hai2} same
  Baxter MC: hwæn
  StarLing:4605  OC: whrēn  MC: ɣwạn  Gloss: (to come full circle): to turn round, return
หุง Prapin gloss: to cook (rice), refine (gold, oil)
Prapin: 92 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: to burn
  Karlgren: 1182r
  Big5: hong1 gong1 hong4 [1] [v] bake; roast [2] [v] dry or warm near a fire
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: xuwng
  StarLing:1725  OC: hōŋ  MC: xuŋ  Gloss: to burn; to dry (on fire)
  PT/PSW หุง  hǔŋ  "to cook (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *hr- (A4)  B70-20 ]  PSW: *hruŋ  "to cook rice"  
      Li: [ *thr+u (A1) 7.5:120 ]  PSW: *hruŋ  PT: *thruŋ
ฮูก Prapin gloss: owl
Prapin: 93 (class 3?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1070i
  Big5: xiu1 [n] owl
  GB: same
ไก Prapin gloss: catch or trigger
Prapin: 94 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 547c
  Big5: ji1 [1] machine; machinery; mechanics [2] opportune; chance; opportunity [3] [n] crucial point; pivot [4] tricky; cunning [5] [n] aircraft; plane; airplane
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kjɨj
  StarLing:4176  OC: kəj  MC: kɨj  Gloss: device, apparatus
  Pou73:186 see Pou73:187 see
ไก่ Prapin gloss: chicken
Prapin: 95 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: fowl
  Karlgren: 876n-p
  Big5: ji1 [n] chicken; hen; cock; domestic fowl
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kej
  StarLing:4793  OC: kē  MC: kiej  Gloss: chicken
  PT/PSW ไก่  kày  "chicken (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *k- (B2)  B85-2 ]  PSW: *kay  "chicken"  
      Li: [ *k+əi (B1) 10.1:186 ]  PSW: *kai/aɯ  PT: *kəi
(อก) ไก่ Prapin gloss: (ridge or framework of a house)
Prapin: 96 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: ? 0
  GB: jia4 [1] rack; stand; prop; frame [2] [v] prop up; set up; support [3] [n] framework; scaffold [4] [v] frame up (a charge, etc.); fabricate [5] [v] lay something on [6] [n] quarrel
(กำ) กับ Prapin gloss: oversee, superintend
Prapin: 97 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 609a-b
  Big5: jian1 jian4 kan4 supervise; control; direct
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kæm
  StarLing:3521  OC: krām  MC: kạm  Gloss: to look at, watch, inspect, supervise; mirror
กัน Prapin gloss: to shield, bar
Prapin: 98 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: shield
  Karlgren: 139a-b
  Big5: gan4 gan1 guan3 han2 (S 5E72->5E79) [1] [n] trunk (of a tree or of a human body) [2] the main park of anything [3] capabilities; talents; capable; skillful [4] [v] do; attend to business; manage [5] [v] kill (slang)
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kan
  StarLing:58  OC: kān  MC: kân  Gloss: shield; to protect; place name
  PT/PSW กัน  kan  "mutual; together (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *k- (A2)  B85-5 ]  PSW: *kan  "together, mutual"  
      Li: [ *k- (A1) 10.1:186 (rule 14.7) ]  PSW: *kan  PT: *kan
  PT/PSW กัน  kan  "to be very steep (yl)"  
      Luo:  "to be very steep"
  PT/PSW กัน  kan  "to shield (cit.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate
กับ Prapin gloss: and, with
Prapin: 99 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: and
  Karlgren: 681a-c
  Big5: ji2 [1] [v] reach; come up to; attain [2] and, as well as; with [3] just at the moment; timely; when [4] as long as; up to; until [5] [v] continue; proceed [6] [v] extend
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: gip
  StarLing:112  OC: gəp  MC: gip  Gloss: reach to, be equal to, succeed; together with
  PT/PSW กับ  kàp  "with; together with (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *k- (DS2)  B85-9 ]  PSW: *kap  "together with"  
      Li: [ *k- (D1S) 10.1:186 (rule 14.7) ]  PSW: *kap  PT: *kap
เก่า Prapin gloss: ancient
Prapin: 100 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1067c-e
  Big5: jiu4 xiu1 jiu4 [1] old; former; past [2] ancient; antique [3] longstanding
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: gjuwH
  StarLing:4738  OC: gʷəs  MC: gə̀w  Gloss: be old, ancient (not of people)
  PT/PSW เก่า  kàw  "old; ancient (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *k- (B2)  B85-12 ]  PSW: *kaw  "old, ancient"  
      Li: [ *k+əu (B1) 10.1:186 ]  PSW: *kau  PT: *kəu
เก้า Prapin gloss: nine
Prapin: 101 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: jiu3 jiu1 qiu2 [1] nine [2] [Wu] unit for distance
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kjuwX
  StarLing:6  OC: kʷəʔ  MC: kə́w  Gloss: be nine
  PT/PSW เก้า  kâaw  "nine (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *k- (C2)  B85-13 ]  PSW: *kaw  "nine"  
      Li: [ *k+i̥əu (C1) 10.1:186 ]  PSW: *kaau  PT: *ki̥əu
ก่าย Prapin gloss: to cover (the forehead)
Prapin: 102 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: to cover
  Karlgren: 642q-r
  Big5: (1) ge3 {gai4} {he2} (0) gai4 {ge3} {he2} (2) he2 {gai4} {ge3} (1) a Chinese family name (0) [1] [v] cover; hide [2] [n] lid; covering [3] [v] build; construct; erect [4] [v] affix (seal) [5] now; then; but; because (an initial particle) [6] for; perhaps; possibly; about (a particle indicating doubt) [7] [v] surpass; excel [8] [v] brag; boast (2) Why not?
  GB: gai4 {ge3} {he2} same
  Baxter MC: kajH
  StarLing:3602  OC: kāp-s  MC: kầj  Gloss: to cover, conceal; a cover (of a car)
  PT/PSW ก่าย  kàay  "to install, put up, place across (yl)"  
      Luo:  "to install, put up, place across"
กาก Prapin gloss: shell, chaff, mask
Prapin: 103 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1226d-f
  Big5: ke2 que4 qiao4 ku1 [n] casing; shell; husk; hull; skin; coverings
  GB: ke2 qiao4 (S 58F3->6BBB) casing; shell; husk; hull; skin
  StarLing:2615  OC: khrōk  MC: khạuk  Gloss: hard shell [Han]
  PT/PSW กาก  kàak  "refuse; lees (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Luo:  "chaff, unhusked rice"  
      Jonsson:  [ *k- (DL2)  B85-3 ]  PSW: *kaak  "lees, refuse"  
      Li: [ *k+ɯ̥a (D1L) 10.1:186 ]  PSW: *kaak  PT: *kɯ̥ak
ก้าน Prapin gloss: stem, stalk
Prapin: 104 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: stalk of grain
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: gan3 the stalk of grain; straw
  GB: [a] straw [b] stalk of grain
  Baxter MC: kanX
  PT/PSW ก้าน  kâan  "stem; petiole; stalk (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *k- (C2)  B85-6 ]  PSW: *kaan  "stem, branch"  
      Li: [ *k- (C1) 10.1:186 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *kaan  PT: *kan
กาบ Prapin gloss: shell, husk
Prapin: 105 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: shell
  Karlgren: 629a-d
  Big5: jia3 jia4 [1] the first of the ten Celestial Stems [2] [n] armor; shell; crust [3] most outstanding [4] a measure of lad in Taiwan (0.97 hectare) [5] first [6] a tithing, a group of ten families under the Tithing System introduced by Wang An-shih of the Sung dynasty
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kæp
  StarLing:276  OC: krāp  MC: kạp  Gloss: mail-coat, armor; the first of the Heavenly Stems
  PT/PSW กาบ  kàap  "husk, sheath (plants) (nj)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Luo:  "outer covering of trees, outer skin or scab"  
      Jonsson:  [ *k- (DL2)  B85-10 ]  PSW: *kaap  "husk, sheath (plants)"
กาด Prapin gloss: a kind of mustard plant
Prapin: 106 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: mustard plant
  Karlgren: 327j
  Big5: jie4 gai4 jia2 [1] [n] mustard plant [2] tiny
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kɛjH
  StarLing:1067  OC: krēts  MC: kạ̈̀j  Gloss: mustard [LZ]
  PT/PSW กาด  kàat  "mustard plant (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *k- (DL2)  B85-17 ]  PSW: *kaat  "mustard greens"  
      Li: [ *k- (D1L) 10.1:186 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *kaat  PT: *kat
กาว Prapin gloss: glue, gum
Prapin: 107 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1069s
  Big5: jiao1 hao2 jiao3 jiao4 nao3 qiao1 [1] [n] glue; gum [2] [n] resin; sap [3] anything sticky [4] rubber; plastics [5] [v] stick on; stick together; adhere [6] stubborn; obstinate [7] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kæw
  StarLing:3948  OC: krīw  MC: kạw  Gloss: to glue together; unite, in unison
  Pou73:177 see
  PT/PSW กาว  kaaw  "glue (cit.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate
แก่ Prapin gloss: to drag
Prapin: 108 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1y
  Big5: ji3 ge1 ji1 yi3 [v] drag aside; pull; drag
  GB: same
  StarLing:6156  OC: kajʔ  MC: ké  Gloss: pull aside
  PT/PSW แก่  kɛ̀ɛ  "old; aged (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *k- (B2)  B85-18 ]  PSW: *  "old (living being)"  
      Li: [ *k+ɛ (B1) 10.1:186 ]  PSW: *kɛɛ  PT: *
แก้ Prapin gloss: untie, solve, interpret
Prapin: 109 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: dissolve, explain
  Karlgren: 861a
  Big5: (0) jie3 {jie4} {xie4} (2) xie4 {jie3} {jie4} (1) jie4 {jie3} {xie4} (0) [1] [v] loosen; unfasten; untie; undo [2] [v] solve (difficult problems, etc.) [3] [v] explain; clarify; interpret; explanation; interpretation [4] [v] understand [5] ideas; views [6] [v] break up; separate; disperse (2) a Chinese family name (1) [v] escort (prisoners, goods, etc.) from one place to another; forward; send someone in custody to dispatch
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kɛɨX
  StarLing:3218  OC: krēʔ  MC: kạ̈́j  Gloss: to unloose, take off
  PT/PSW แก้  kɛ̂ɛ  "to untie (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *k- (C2)  B85-19 ]  PSW: *  "to untie"  
      Li: [ *k+ɛ (C1) 10.1:186 ]  PSW: *kɛɛ  PT: *
แกม Prapin gloss: mixed
Prapin: 110 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: combine, together
  Karlgren: 627a
  Big5: jian1 [1] [v] unite (in one); combine; connect; annex [2] and; also; together with; both; equally; concurrently
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kem
  StarLing:1527  OC: kēm  MC: kiem  Gloss: to combine; at the same time
  PT/PSW แกม  kɛɛm  "to add or stick in (yl)"  
      Luo:  "to add or stick in"
แก้ม Prapin gloss: cheeks
Prapin: 111 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: face
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: lian3 jian3 qian1 the face; reputation
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: lɛmX Note: Mandarin lian3 is irregular; we would expect perhaps lan3 (although lEmX is an unusual and irregular form in MC.
  PT/PSW แก้ม  kɛ̂ɛm  "cheek (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *k- (C2)  B85-20 ]  PSW: *kɛm  "cheek"  
      Li: [ *k+ɛ (C1) 10.1:186 ]  PSW: *kɛɛm  PT: *kɛm
แกน Prapin gloss: hard-pressed, hard-up
Prapin: 112 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 480c-d
  Big5: jian1 [1] difficult; hard; trying [2] mourning for one's parents
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kɛn
  StarLing:4548  OC: krə̄n  MC: kạ̈n  Gloss: distress, difficulty, hardship
  PT/PSW แกน  kɛɛn  "solid; hard (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *k- (B1)  B85-26 ]  PSW: *kɛn  "essence, core, solid"  
      Jonsson:  [ *k- (A2)  B85-25 ]  PSW: *kɛn  "axis, seed, center"  
      Li: [ *k+ɛ (B1) 10.1:186 ]  PSW: *kɛɛn  PT: *kɛn
แกง Prapin gloss: soup
Prapin: 113 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 747a
  Big5: geng1 lang2 thick soup; broth
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kæng
  StarLing:4883  OC: krāŋ  MC: kạ̈iŋ  Gloss: soup
  PT/PSW แกง  kɛɛŋ  "soup; broth (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *k- (A2)  B85-22 ]  PSW: *kɛŋ  "soup, broth"  
      Li: [ *k- (A1) 10.1:186 (rule 14.9) ]  PSW: *kɛɛŋ  PT: *kɛŋ
เก Prapin gloss: go astray
Prapin: 114 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 864b
  Big5: (1) qi2 {zhi1} (0) zhi1 gui4 {qi2} (S 679D->6307) (1) used in combination with (2) used in combination with (0) [1] [n] finger [2] [v] point; direct [3] [v] indicate; refer to; mean [4] [n] number of people [5] intentions [6] [n] main theme [7] [v] hope [8] [v] depend on
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: tsye
  StarLing:955  OC: ke  MC: će  Gloss: branch, limb
  Pou73:243 see
เกก (มะเหรก) Prapin gloss: wicked, perverted
Prapin: 115 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 864d
  Big5: zhi4 ji4 qi2 qi3 zhi1 jealous; jealousy; [v] dislike
  GB: same
  StarLing:5474  OC: kes  MC: ćè  Gloss: be wicked, malignant
เกง Prapin gloss: city
Prapin: 116 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: capital city
  Karlgren: 755a-c
  Big5: jing1 jing3 qiang2 yuan2 [1] [n] capital city; metropolis [2] great; greatness
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kjæng
  StarLing:731  OC: kraŋ  MC: käiŋ  Gloss: hill; capital city
เกี่ยว Prapin gloss: to harvest
Prapin: 117 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1103a
  Big5: shou1 shou4 [1] [v] draw together; gather; collect [2] [v] contain [3] [v] receive; accept; take [4] [v] end; come to a close [5] [v] retrieve; take back; put away
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: syuw
  StarLing:395  OC: xiw  MC: śəw  Gloss: to gather up, collect, take possession; remove, retire
  PT/PSW เกี่ยว  kìaw  "to reap; to cut with a sickle (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *k- (B1)  B85-29 ]  PSW: *kiaw  "to reap"  
      Li: [ *k+iəu (B1) 10.1:186 ]  PSW: *kiau  PT: *kiəu
เกี้ยว Prapin gloss: sedan chair
Prapin: 118 (class 3)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: jiao4 chan1 [n] chair; sedan-chair; palanquin; palankeen
  GB: 轿 same
  Baxter MC: gjewH
  StarLing:4920  OC: gaws  MC: gèw  Gloss: palanquin, litter [Han]
  PT/PSW เกี้ยว  kîaw  "to twist (as is)"  
      Luo:  "palanquin"  
      Li: [ *k+iau (C1) 10.1:186 ]  PSW: *kiau  PT: *kiau
กี่ Prapin gloss: several, how many
Prapin: 119 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 547a-b
  Big5: (0) ji3 ji4 qi2 {ji1} (1) ji1 {ji3} (0) [1] how many; how much [2] a few; some; several (1) [1] small; minute; tiny; slight [2] nearly; almost
  GB: ji3 ji4 qi2 {ji1} same
  Baxter MC: kjɨj
  StarLing:2512  OC: kəj  MC: kɨj  Gloss: small
  Pou73:204 see
  PT/PSW กี่  kìi  "loom (H) (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *k- (B2)  B85-33 ]  PSW: *ki  "loom"
  PT/PSW กี่  kìi  "several; how many (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *k- (B2)  B85-32 ]  PSW: *ki  "how much, how many"  
      Li: [ *k- (C1) 10.1:186 (rule 14.3.3) ]  PSW: *kii  PT: *ku̥i?
กี่ Prapin gloss: loom
Prapin: 120 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 547c
  Big5: ji1 [1] machine; machinery; mechanics [2] opportune; chance; opportunity [3] [n] crucial point; pivot [4] tricky; cunning [5] [n] aircraft; plane; airplane
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kjɨj
  StarLing:4176  OC: kəj  MC: kɨj  Gloss: device, apparatus
  Pou73:186 see Pou73:187 see
  PT/PSW กี่  kìi  "loom (H) (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *k- (B2)  B85-33 ]  PSW: *ki  "loom"
  PT/PSW กี่  kìi  "several; how many (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *k- (B2)  B85-32 ]  PSW: *ki  "how much, how many"  
      Li: [ *k- (C1) 10.1:186 (rule 14.3.3) ]  PSW: *kii  PT: *ku̥i?
กลั่น Prapin gloss: to select (as jewels)
Prapin: 121 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: select
  Karlgren: 185e
  Big5: jian3 lian4 [1] [v] choose; select; pick [2] [v] pick up (something another has left behind, etc.)
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kɛnX
  StarLing:2547  OC: krēnʔ  MC: kạ̈́n  Gloss: select
  PT/PSW กลั่น  klàn  "to extract (conj.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  "to extract (conj.)"  Note: no Shan cognate
กล้า Prapin gloss: young rice plant, rice seedlings
Prapin: 122 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: grain, to sow
  Karlgren: 32f
  Big5: jia4 [1] [v] farm; plant; sow; cultivate [2] grain; crops
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kæh
  StarLing:3908  OC: krā-s  MC: kạ̀  Gloss: grain; to sow
  PT/PSW กล้า  klâa  "young rice plant; rice seedling (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *kl- (C2)  B89-1 ]  PSW: *kla  "young rice plants"  
      Li: [ *kl+a (C1) 11.1:220 ]  PSW: *klaa  PT: *kla
กลาย Prapin gloss: vary, change
Prapin: 123 (class 3)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 936a-c
  Big5: gai3 [1] [v] change; alter; transform; convert; modify [2] [v] correct [3] [v] revise [4] [v] switch over to
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kojX
  StarLing:615  OC: kə̄ʔ  MC: kʌ́j  Gloss: to change
  Pou73:175 see
  PT/PSW กลาย  klaay  "to change into; to pass by (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *kl- (A2)  B89-3 ]  PSW: *klaay  "to change, previous"  
      Li: [ *kl- (A1) 11.1:220 (rule 16.5) ]  PSW: *klaai  PT: *klai
กล่าว Prapin gloss: tell, say
Prapin: 124 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: announce, inform
  Karlgren: 1039a-d
  Big5: gao4 gu4 gu3 ju2 [a] tell; announce; inform [b] accuse
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kawH
  StarLing:516  OC: kūks  MC: kầw  Gloss: to tell, report, announce, declare
เกลียว Prapin gloss: entwine, twisted
Prapin: 125 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1166a-b
  Big5: jiao1 [1] [v] submit; hand in or over [2] [v] meet [3] [v] exchange [4] [v] intersect
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kæw
  StarLing:296  OC: krāw  MC: kạw  Gloss: to cross, mix with, mingle, associate with
  Pou73:181 see
  PT/PSW เกลียว  kliaw  "to twist strings (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Luo:  "to pinch and twist"  
      Jonsson:  [ *kl- (A2)  B89-9 ]  PSW: *kliaw  "strand, be in harmony"  
      Li: [ *kl+iəu (A1) 11.1:220 ]  PSW: *kliau  PT: *kliəu
ก่น Prapin gloss: to be determined, perservere
Prapin: 126 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 416a
  Big5: (0) gen4 yin2 {gen3} (1) gen3 {gen4} (0) the seventh of the Eight diagrams for divination (1) [1] tough; leathery (food) [2] straightforward; outspoken; blunt [3] simple (clothing) [4] honest; upright (personality)
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: konH
กง Prapin gloss: a bow (used for shredding cotton)
Prapin: 127 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: a bow
  Karlgren: 901a-d
  Big5: gong1 nai3 [1] [n] bow [2] curved; arched; bent [3] a measure of length (equal to five Chinese feet) [4] Kangxi radical 57
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kjuwng
  StarLing:65  OC: kʷəŋ  MC: küŋ  Gloss: bow
  PT/PSW กง  koŋ  "wheel; circle; bow; to card cotton with a bow (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *k- (A2)  B85-51 ]  PSW: *koŋ  "a bow, spinning wheel"  
      Li: [ *k- (A1) 10.1:186 (rule 14.8) ]  PSW: *koŋ  PT: *koŋ
(กง) การ Prapin gloss: work, task
Prapin: 128 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1172a-c
  Big5: gong1 [1] [n] labor; work [2] [n] worker; laborer [3] [n] shift; time used in doing a piece of work [4] [n] day's work [5] [n] engineering or building project [6] [n] defense work [7] fine; delicate [8] [v] be skilled in
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kuwng
  StarLing:53  OC: kōŋ  MC: kuŋ  Gloss: work; merit; artisan
กบ Prapin gloss: frogs
Prapin: 129 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 675h
  Big5: (1) ge2 {ha2} (0) ha2 {ge2} (1) [n] clam (0) [n] toad
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kop
  Pou73:199 see
  PT/PSW กบ  kòp  "frog (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *k- (DS2)  B85-30 ]  PSW: *kop  "frog"  
      Li: [ *k+o (D1S) 10.1:186 ]  PSW: *kop  PT: *kop
กบ Prapin gloss: to place to flat surfaces together
Prapin: 130 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: to join, pair, shut
  Karlgren: 675a-d
  Big5: he2 ge3 xia2 [1] [v] combine; unite; join; gather; collect [2] [v] close; shut [3] [v] suit
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: hop
  StarLing:342  OC: gə̄p  MC: ɣʌp  Gloss: be together, joined, harmonious
  PT/PSW กบ  kòp  "frog (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *k- (DS2)  B85-30 ]  PSW: *kop  "frog"  
      Li: [ *k+o (D1S) 10.1:186 ]  PSW: *kop  PT: *kop
เกรง Prapin gloss: to fear
Prapin: 131 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: to be afraid
  Karlgren: 813g
  Big5: jing1 frighten; surprise; startle
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kjæng
  PT/PSW เกรง  kreeŋ  "to be afraid, to be nervous (conj.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  "to be afraid, to be nervous (conj.)"  Note: no Shan cognate
เกรียน Prapin gloss: melia azederach (a kind of tree)
Prapin: 132 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: lian4 Melia azedarach; chinaberry
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: lenH
กรวด Prapin gloss: make a libation
Prapin: 133 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: lei4 le4 [v] make a libation
  GB: same
กวน Prapin gloss: officials, peers
Prapin: 134 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 157a-d
  Big5: guan1 [1] [n] government official; public servant [2] of, or having to do with the government or the state [3] [n] organ (biology) [4] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kwan
  StarLing:839  OC: kʷān  MC: kwân  Gloss: office, magistrate
  PT/PSW กวน  kuan  "to stir?, to be annoying? (conj.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  "to stir?, to be annoying? (conj.)"  Note: no Shan cognate
กวด Prapin gloss: tie tightly, twist tightly together
Prapin: 135 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 302h
  Big5: gua1 kuo4 huo2 [1] [v] include; embrace; enclose; sum up [2] [v] seek; search for; ransack [3] [v] come; arrive [4] [v] bound; tie [5] [v] restrain [6] [Wu] hit; dismiss
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: khwat
  StarLing:1252  OC: kʷāt  MC: kwât  Gloss: to bind, tie up, bring together
  PT/PSW กวด  kùat  "to tighten up, to hurdle (yl)"  
      Luo:  "to tighten up, to hurdle"
กวย Prapin gloss: basket
Prapin: 136 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: a kind of food vessel, basket
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: gui3 a square basket or vessel of bamboo for holding grain used at sacrifices, feast; bronze vessel for holding food
  GB: same
  StarLing:7677  OC: kruʔ  MC: kwí  Gloss: a gui vessel
กู้ Prapin gloss: lift, raise
Prapin: 137 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 75a
  Big5: ju3 [1] [v] raise; lift [2] [v] recommend; commend [3] praise [4] manner; deportment
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: khoX
  StarLing:4547  OC: klaʔ  MC: kö́  Gloss: to rise, surge, start; to lift, promote
  PT/PSW กู้  kûu  "to raise; to lift (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *k- (C2)  B85-52 ]  PSW: *ku  "to take a loan"  Note: Also 'to salvage'  
      Li: [ *k- (C1) 10.1:186 (rule 14.5.2) ]  PSW: *kuu  PT: *ku
กูด Prapin gloss: a kind of edible fern
Prapin: 138 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: fern
  Karlgren: 301d
  Big5: jue2 Pteris aquilina, the common bracken
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kjwot
  StarLing:4266  OC: kʷat  MC: kʷət  Gloss: fern (pteridium aquilium)
  PT/PSW กูด  kùut  "fern; kind of edible fern (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *k- (DL2)  B85-54 ]  PSW: *kuut  "vegetable (fern-like)"  
      Li: [ *k+uə (D1L) 10.1:186 ]  PSW: *kuut  PT: *kuət
กวา Prapin gloss: small cucumbers
Prapin: 140 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: melon
  Karlgren: 41a
  Big5: gua1 [1] [n] melon; gourd; cucumber [2] Kangxi radical 97
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kwæ
  StarLing:268  OC: kʷrā  MC: kwạ  Gloss: muskmelon (Cucumis melo)
  Pou73:21 see
  PT/PSW กวา  kwaa  "melon, gourd (yl)"  
      Luo:  "melon, gourd"
กว่า Prapin gloss: more than
Prapin: 141 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: pass, excess
  Karlgren: 18e
  Big5: (1) guo1 (0) guo4 guo1 huo4 {guo1} (1) a Chinese family name (0) [1] [v] pass; pass through; pass by; ford [2] across; past; through; over [3] [v] spend; pass (time) [4] after; past [5] [v] go beyong thee ordinary or proper limits; surpass [6] too much; excessive [7] [n] mistake; demerit; fault; sin [8] [Wu] (wine) [9] [Wu] contagious
  GB: guo4 guo1 huo4 {guo1} same
  Baxter MC: kwaH
  StarLing:3275  OC: kʷāj-s  MC: kwầ  Gloss: to pass, pass over, transgress
  PT/PSW กว่า  kwàa  "more; more than; beyond; to pass by (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *kw- (B2)  B91-3 ]  PSW: *kwa  "more, as much"  
      Li: [ *kw+a (B1) 12.1:236 ]  PSW: *kwaa  PT: *kwa
กว้าน Prapin gloss: house, brick buildings
Prapin: 142 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: lodging house
  Karlgren: 157k
  Big5: ? 0
  GB: guan3 guan4 (S 9986->9928) [1] [n] house; guesthouse; hotel [2] [v] stay; lodge [3] [n] official residence [4] [n] embassy; legation; consulate [5] a place for cultural activities [6] premises [7] [n] school (in former times) [8] a suffix for a library, teahouse, restaurant, theater, etc.
  Baxter MC: kwan
  StarLing:4364  OC: kʷāns  MC: kwần  Gloss: lodging house; to lodge
กว้าง Prapin gloss: wide, broad
Prapin: 143 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 707h-k
  Big5: guang3 an1 guang1 guang4 [1] broad; wide; extensive; spacious [2] [v] stretch; extend [3] Kwangtung; Kwangsi
  GB: 广 same
  Baxter MC: kwangX
  StarLing:3776  OC: kʷāŋʔ  MC: kwấŋ  Gloss: be extensive, wide, broad, vast
  Pou73:197 see
  PT/PSW กว้าง  kwâaŋ  "broad; vast (as is)"  
      Li: [ *khw- (A1) 12.2:237 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *khwaaŋ  PT: *khwaŋ
  PT/PSW กว้าง  kwâaŋ  "wide (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *kw- (C2)  B91-2 ]  PSW: *kwaaŋ  "wide"  
      Li: [ *kw- (C1) 12.1:236 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *kwaaŋ  PT: *kwaŋ
กวาด Prapin gloss: to rub, rub off, to rake
Prapin: 144 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: to scrape
  Karlgren: 302n
  Big5: gua1 [v] shave; pare; scrape
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kwæt
  StarLing:765  OC: kʷrāt  MC: kʷạ̣t  Gloss: to scrape, polish [L.Zhou]
  PT/PSW กวาด  kwàat  "to sweep (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *kw- (DL2)  B91-5 ]  PSW: *kwaat  "to sweep, rake"  
      Li: [ *kw- (D1) 12.1:236 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *kwaat  PT: *kwat
ไข Prapin gloss: to open
Prapin: 145 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: to open
  Karlgren: 541a
  Big5: kai1 qian1 [1] [v] open [2] [v] drive [3] [v] initiate; begin; start [4] [v] reveal; disclose [5] [v] state; explain [6] [v] found; expand
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: khoy
  StarLing:2863  OC: khə̄j  MC: khʌj  Gloss: to open the way, open, free
  PT/PSW ไข  kʰǎy  "fat, grease; marrow (H) (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *X- (A1)  B77-26 ]  PSW: *Xay  "tallow"
  PT/PSW ไข  kʰǎy  "open; to extend; spread out (as is)"  
      Luo:  "to pry open"  
      Jonsson:  [ *X- (A1)  B77-27 ]  PSW: *Xay  "to open, elaborate"  
      Li: [ *x- (A1) 10.6:207 (rule 16.1) ]  PSW: *khai/aɯ  PT: *xəi
ขัด Prapin gloss: polish, scour, scrub
Prapin: 147 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: ca1 [1] wipe; scrub; mop; polish [2] [v] brush; shave [3] [v] rub; graze; scratch [4] [v] spread on; put on
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: tshat
  StarLing:4427  OC: ćhrāt  MC: c̣hạt  Gloss: to rub [Ming]
  PT/PSW ขัด  kʰàt  "to scrub (conj.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  "to scrub (conj.)"
เขา Prapin gloss: hill
Prapin: 148 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: qiu1 [1] [n] hillock; mound [2] big; elder [3] empty [4] the first name of Confucius [5] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  PT/PSW เขา  kʰáw   "vine (yl)"  
      Luo:  "vine"
  PT/PSW เขา  kʰáw  "they; other people (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Li: [ *khl- (A1) 11.3:226 (rule 16.10) ]  PSW: *khlau  PT: *khlau
  PT/PSW เขา  kʰǎw  "dove; wild pigeon (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *khr-~khl- (A1)  B95-3 ]  PSW: *khraw  "dove"  
      Li: [ *khr- (A1) 11.4:228 (rule 16.10) ]  PSW: *khrau  PT: *khrau
  PT/PSW เขา  kʰǎw  "horn (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *X- (A1)  B77-29 ]  PSW: *Xaw  "horns, antlers"  
      Li: [ *kh+əu (A1) 10.2:192 ]  PSW: *khau  PT: *khəu
(นก) เขา Prapin gloss: dove
Prapin: 149 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: jiu1 zhi4 qiu1 [1] [n] pigeon; dove [2] [v] collect; assemble
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kjuw
  StarLing:3331  OC: kru  MC: kəw  Gloss: name of a bird
ขา Prapin gloss: class, group, line
Prapin: 150 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 8n
  Big5: ke1 [1] [n] section [2] [n] department [3] [n] class; variety; family (of plants or animals) [4] rules; laws [5] the action in Chinese opera [6] [n] subject in the civil service examination of former times [7] [n] branch of academic or vocational studies [8] [v] mete out (prison, terms, etc.); levy (taxes, etc.); fine someone
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: khwa
  StarLing:1386  OC: khʷāj  MC: khwâ  Gloss: hollow, cavity
  PT/PSW ขา  kʰǎa  "leg; thigh (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *X- (A1)  B77-20 ]  PSW: *Xa  "leg"  
      Li: [ *kh- (A1) 10.2:192 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *khaa  PT: *kha
ขา Prapin gloss: leg
Prapin: 151 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: the bones of the leg
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: jiao1 qiao1 [n] stumble; fall
  GB: same
  PT/PSW ขา  kʰǎa  "leg; thigh (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *X- (A1)  B77-20 ]  PSW: *Xa  "leg"  
      Li: [ *kh- (A1) 10.2:192 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *khaa  PT: *kha
ขาก Prapin gloss: spit out
Prapin: 152 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: spit out, vomit
  Karlgren: 766|o-p
  Big5: ka1 ka4 ke4 used in transliteration
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: khæk
ขาม Prapin gloss: respect
Prapin: 153 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: respectful
  Karlgren: 652f
  Big5: qin1 [1] [v] respect; respectful; admire [2] a term used to address a monarch; your Majesty [3] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: khim
  StarLing:2612  OC: kh(r)əm  MC: khim  Gloss: attentive, concentrated
(มะ) ขาม Prapin gloss: tamarind
Prapin: 154 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: citrus nobilis
  Karlgren: 606j
  Big5: gan1 qian2 [1] tangerine; loose-skinned orange; mandarin orange
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kam
  StarLing:1284  OC: kām  MC: kâm  Gloss: orange, Citrus nobilis [Han]
ขาว Prapin gloss: white
Prapin: 155 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: white, bright
  Karlgren: 1039h
  Big5: hao4 gao3 hui1 white and bright
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: hawX
  PT/PSW ขาว  kʰǎaw  "white (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *X- (A1)  B77-9 ]  PSW: *Xaaw  "white"  
      Li: [ *x+au (A1) 10.6:207 ]  PSW: *khaau  PT: *xau
แข็ง Prapin gloss: strong
Prapin: 157 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 831m
  Big5: (0) jing4 {jin4} (1) jin4 {jing4} (0) [1] strong; tough; powerful; sturdy (1) [1] vigor; energy; strength [2] spirit [3] an air; manner
  GB: jing4 {jin4} same
  Baxter MC: kjengH
  PT/PSW แข็ง  kʰɛ̌ŋ  "solid; hard (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Luo:  "hard, to solidify"  
      Jonsson:  [ *kh- (DL1)  B93-19 ]  PSW: *khɛŋ  "hard, solid"  Note: S claims a1  
      Li: [ *khl+ɛ (A1) 11.3:226 ]  PSW: *khlŋ  PT: *khlɛŋ
แขก Prapin gloss: guest, stranger
Prapin: 158 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 766|d-f
  Big5: ke4 [1] [n] guest [2] [n] customer [3] [n] stranger; alien; foreigner [4] [n] spectator; audience [5] [a] foreign; strange; alien [6] [n] adventurer [7] a Chinese family name [8] [a] Hakka
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: khaek
  StarLing:1196  OC: khrāk  MC: khạ̈ik  Gloss: guest
  PT/PSW แขก  kʰɛ̀ɛk  "guest; stranger (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *kh- (DL1)  B93-3 ]  PSW: *khɛk  "guest"  
      Li: [ *x+ɛ (D1L) 10.6:207 ]  PSW: *khɛɛk  PT: *xɛk
แขม Prapin gloss: tall, perennial grass
Prapin: 159 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: rush, sedge
  Karlgren: 627b
  Big5: jian1 a kind of reed with a pithy stem
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kem Note: (unsure)
  PT/PSW แขม  kʰɛ̌ɛm  "a kind of reed (yl)"  
      Luo:  "a kind of reed"
แขน Prapin gloss: arm
Prapin: 160 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 240a
  Big5: jian1 hen2 qian1 [1] [n] shoulders [2] [v] shoulder; bear (responsibility, etc.); sustain [3] [v] employ; appoint
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: ken
  StarLing:1051  OC: kēn  MC: kien  Gloss: shoulder; to carry
  PT/PSW แขน  kʰɛ̌ɛn  "arm (as is)"  
      Brown:  "arm (conj.)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *X- (A1)  B77-17 ]  PSW: *Xɛn  "arm"  
      Li: [ *kh+ɛ (A1) 10.2:192 ]  PSW: *khɛɛn  PT: *khɛn
แข่ง Prapin gloss: compete
Prapin: 161 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: contest
  Karlgren: 754a-d
  Big5: jing4 [v] vie; compete
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: gjængH
  PT/PSW แข่ง  kʰɛ̀ŋ  "to race, compete (nj)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Luo:  "to compete, to rival"  
      Jonsson:  [ *kh- (B1)  B93-20 ]  PSW: *khɛŋ  "to race, compete"
แข้ง Prapin gloss: shin
Prapin: 162 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 831k
  Big5: jing4 heng4 xing4 the calf; part of a of leg between the knee and ankle; the shank
  GB: same
  PT/PSW แข้ง  kʰɛ̂ŋ  "shin; lower leg (as is)"  
      Brown:  "shin (conj.)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *ɣ- (B4)  B80-10 ]  PSW: *ɣɛŋ  "shin, calf, lower leg"  
      Li: [ *ɣ+ɛ (B2) 10.7:214 ]  PSW: *ɣɛɛŋ  PT: *ɣɛŋ
เข็ม Prapin gloss: needle
Prapin: 163 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: zhen1 zhen4 [1] [n] needle; pin; probe [2] stitch
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: tsyim
  StarLing:1920  OC: kim  MC: ćim  Gloss: needle, pin
  PT/PSW เข็ม  kʰěm  "needle (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *X- (A1)  B77-32 ]  PSW: *Xem ~ Xim  "needle"  
      Li: [ *kh+i̥e (A1) 10.2:192 ]  PSW: *khem  PT: *khi̥em
เข็น Prapin gloss: draw, move forward by pushing and pulling
Prapin: 164 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: pull, drag
  Karlgren: 366k
  Big5: qian1 qian4 [1] [v] drag; pull; lead by hand; lead along; tug; haul [2] [v] involve; affect [3] [v] control; restrain
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: khen
  StarLing:2221  OC: khīn  MC: khien  Gloss: to pull by the rope, to lead an animal
  PT/PSW เข็น  kʰěn  "to draw; pull (as is)"  
      Li: [ *x- (A1) 10.6:207 (rule 14.6) ]  PSW: *khen  PT: *xen
เขก Prapin gloss: strike, knock (with the knuckles)
Prapin: 165 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: strike
  Karlgren: 854b
  Big5: (0) ji2 ji1 ji4 (0) [v] strike; hit; beat; attack; fight; bump into (1) [v] lift; support; prop up
  GB: ji2 ji1 ji4 same
  Baxter MC: kek
  StarLing:4423  OC: kēk  MC: kiek  Gloss: to beat, strike; to attack
  PT/PSW เขก  kʰèek  "to hit with a finger (fillip) (as is)"  
      Li: [ *kh- (D1L) 10.2:192 (rule 14.6) ]  PSW: *khek  PT: *khek
เขียว Prapin gloss: to go
Prapin: 166 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: to leave
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: qu4 [1] [v] go away; leave; depart [2] [v] get rid of; remove [3] [v] be ... apart [4] past; gone [5] an auxiliary verb [6] the fourth of the four tones in Chinese phonetics [7] [v] play the part of (Peking opera)
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: khjoH
  StarLing:204  OC: khaʔ  MC: khö́  Gloss: to put away, eliminate, remove
  PT/PSW เขียว  kʰǐaw  "green (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *X- (A1)  B77-10 ]  PSW: *Xiaw ~ khriaw  "green, blue"  
      Li: [ *x+iau (A1) 10.6:207 ]  PSW: *khiau  PT: *xiau
  PT/PSW เขียว  kʰǐaw  "putrid; to smell bad (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *X- (A4)  B77-11 ]  PSW: *Xiaw  "putrid"  Note: S says a1  
      Li: [ *x- (A1) 10.6:207 (rule 17.2) ]  PSW: *khiau  PT: *xiəu?
เขี้ยว Prapin gloss: an eye tooth
Prapin: 167 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: eye
  Karlgren: 961l
  Big5: chi3 [1] teeth [2] age [3] [v] speak of; mention [4] a tooth-like part of anything [5] Kangxi radical 211
  GB: 齿 same
  Baxter MC: tsyhiX
  StarLing:4098  OC: thəʔ  MC: ćhɨ́  Gloss: tooth, tusk
  PT/PSW เขี้ยว  kʰîaw  "tooth, canine (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *X- (C1)  B77-12 ]  PSW: *Xiaw  "tooth"  
      Li: [ *x+iau (C1) 10.6:207 ]  PSW: *khiau  PT: *xiau
ขิม Prapin gloss: Chinese cymbalo
Prapin: 168 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: Chinese lute
  Karlgren: 651q
  Big5: qin2 [1] chin, a Chinese fretted instrument with five or seven strings somewhat similar to the zither [2] a musical instrument, especially stringed, as the piano, violin [3] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: gim
  StarLing:2679  OC: gh(r)əm  MC: gim  Gloss: a musical instrument looking like a zither, but with 7 strings like a lute, hence "lute".
  Pou73:209 see
ขิง Prapin gloss: ginger
Prapin: 169 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 711a-b
  Big5: jiang1 [1] a Chinese family name [2] ginger
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kjang
  StarLing:1180  OC: klaŋ  MC: kaŋ  Gloss: the Jiang clan; ladies in attendance
  PT/PSW ขิง  kʰǐŋ  "ginger (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *X- (A1)  B77-18 ]  PSW: *Xiŋ  "ginger"  
      Li: [ *x+i (A1) 10.6:207 ]  PSW: *khiŋ  PT: *xiŋ
ขี่ Prapin gloss: to ride (on horseback, etc.)
Prapin: 170 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1u
  Big5: qi2 ji4 [v] ride (horse, etc.); sit astride on
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: gje
  StarLing:4809  OC: ghaj  MC: ge  Gloss: to ride, sit astride [L.Zhou]
  Pou73:127 see
  PT/PSW ขี่  kʰìi  "to ride on horseback (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *kh- (B1)  B93-5 ]  PSW: *khi  "to ride"  
      Li: [ *kh+u̥i (B1) 10.2:192 ]  PSW: *khii  PT: *khu̥i
ขี้ Prapin gloss: dung
Prapin: 171 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 561d
  Big5: shi3 xi1 [n] excrement; dung
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: syijX
  StarLing:1199  OC: ijʔ  MC: śí  Gloss: dung [L.Zhou]
  PT/PSW ขี้  kʰîi  "excrement (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *kh- (C1)  B93-4 ]  PSW: *khi  "excrement"  
      Li: [ *x+ei (C1) 10.6:207 ]  PSW: *khii  PT: *xei
ขึด Prapin gloss: to notch, scratch
Prapin: 172 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 279b
  Big5: (0) qi4 jie3 qi3 qie1 xie4 {qie4} (1) qie4 {qi4} (0) [1] [n] contract; bond; agreement [2] a divining instrument in ancient China [3] [v] engrave; cut; carve; notch [4] [v] be compatible; harmonious in thought and aspiration [5] [v] adopt (1) [1] [v] carve [2] [v] be separated from
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: khejH
  StarLing:1176  OC: khēts  MC: khìej  Gloss: to carve, inscribe, perforate
ข่ม Prapin gloss: suppress, subdue
Prapin: 173 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: kan1 kan4 [1] [v] investigate; explore; examine; check [2] [v] compare critically; collate
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: khomH Note: Mandarin kan1 is irregular; we should expect kan4.
  StarLing:1967  OC: khə̄ms  MC: khʌ̀m  Gloss: to search, examine; to prove [Tang]
  PT/PSW ข่ม  kʰòm  "to oppress; to press down from the top (as is)"  
      Li: [ *x- (B1) 10.6:207 (rule 14.6) ]  PSW: *khom  PT: *xem
ขด Prapin gloss: coiled up, a coil
Prapin: 174 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: to bend
  Karlgren: 496k
  Big5: qu1 que4 [1] [v] bend; flex; bent; crook; bow [2] []) humiliate; humble; submit; subdue [3] wrong; injustice; [4] in the wrong [5] be in an inferior or uncomfortable position [6] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: khjut
  StarLing:845  OC: khut  MC: khüt  Gloss: to subdue; bend
  PT/PSW ขด  kʰòt  "bent; crooked; winding; to bend (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *g- (DS4)  B72-31 ]  PSW: *got  "crooked"  
      Li: [ *g+u̥o (D2S) 10.3:198 ]  PSW: *got  PT: *gu̥ot
โขก Prapin gloss: to knock
Prapin: 175 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1117d
  Big5: que4 sure; certain; real; true; secure; valid
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: khæwk
  StarLing:3901  OC: khrākʷ  MC: khạuk  Gloss: solid, firm
ขอ Prapin gloss: hook
Prapin: 176 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 108a-b
  Big5: (1) gou4 {gou1} (0) gou1 {gou4} (1) [1] [v] manage [2] business; affairs (0) [1] [v] mark; put a check; mark on [2] [v] cancel; cross out (or off) [3] [v] hook [4] [v] join; connect [5] [v] evoke [6] entice; seduce [7] [n] hook
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kuw
  StarLing:102  OC: kō  MC: kʌw  Gloss: hook, be curved
  PT/PSW ขอ  kʰɔ̌ɔ  "hook; sickle (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *X- (A1)  B77-1 ]  PSW: *  "hook, gaff"  
      Li: [ *x- (A1) 10.6:207 (rule 14.11) ]  PSW: *khɔɔ  PT: *
  PT/PSW ขอ  kʰɔ̌ɔ  "to ask for; beg (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *khr-~khl- (A1)  B95-2 ]  PSW: *khrɔ  "to beg"  
      Li: [ *khr- (A1) 11.4:228 (rule 14.11) ]  PSW: *khrɔɔ  PT: *khrɔ
Prapin gloss:
Prapin: 177 (class )  Chinese gloss:
  Karlgren: 569l-m
  Big5: kui4 ashamed; conscience-stricken; shameful; abashed; [v] have something on one's conscience
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kwijH Note: Mandarin kui4 is irregular; we would expect gui4.
ขุม Prapin gloss: pit, ditch
Prapin: 178 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 624d
  Big5: kan3 [1] [n] pit; hole; depression [2] one of the Eight diagrams in the Book of Changes snare [3] the sound of percussion [4] [n] snare; danger; crisis
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: khomX
  StarLing:538  OC: khə̄mʔ  MC: kh́m  Gloss: pit
ขุน Prapin gloss: leader, ruler
Prapin: 179 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: lord, prince
  Karlgren: 459a-c
  Big5: jun1 [n] sovereign; monarch; ruler; king; lord [2] you (used in addressing a male in formal speech)
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kjun
  StarLing:514  OC: kur  MC: kün  Gloss: lord, lady; prince, ruler; head.
  PT/PSW ขุน  kʰǔn  "ruler, official rank (nj)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Luo:  "nobleman"  
      Jonsson:  [ *X- (A1)  B77-35 ]  PSW: *Xun  "ruler, official rank"
  PT/PSW ขุน  kʰǔn  "to hand-feed animals (yl)"  
      Luo:  "to hand-feed animals"
ขุด Prapin gloss: to dig, hollow out
Prapin: 180 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: to dig out
  Karlgren: 496n,s
  Big5: jue2 hu2 zhuo2 [v] dig; excavate; make a hole or cave
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: gjwot
  StarLing:2104  OC: gʷat  MC: gwət  Gloss: to dig through
  PT/PSW ขุด  kʰùt  "to dig; to hollow out (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *X- ()  B77-8 ]  PSW: *Xut ds1  "to dig, excavate"  
      Li: [ *x- (D1S) 10.6:207 (rule 14.5.1) ]  PSW: *khut  PT: *xut
เขือ Prapin gloss: eggplant
Prapin: 181 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: jia1 qie2 [n] eggplant; aubergine
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: gja
  StarLing:1430  OC: ghiaj  MC: ga  Gloss: egg-fruit [Tsin]
ขวัญ Prapin gloss: spiritual soul
Prapin: 182 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 460g
  Big5: hun2 [n] soul; spirit
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: hwon
  StarLing:3710  OC: w(h)ə̄n  MC: ɣon  Gloss: spiritual soul
  PT/PSW ขวัญ  kʰwǎn  "spirit; ghost; soul (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *Xw- (A1)  B83-1 ]  PSW: *Xwan  "whorl of hair, spirit"  
      Li: [ *xw+ə (A1) 12.5:240 ]  PSW: *khwan  PT: *xwən
ขวาง Prapin gloss: perverse, lunatic
Prapin: 183 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: wild, mad
  Karlgren: 739o-p
  Big5: kuang2 kuang1 [1] insane; mad; crazy; mentally deranged [2] violent [3] wild; unrestrained; uninhibited [4] haughty
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: gjwang
  StarLing:667  OC: gʷaŋ  MC: gwaŋ  Gloss: be foolish, crazy
  PT/PSW ขวาง  kʰwǎaŋ  "athwart, crosswise (nj)"  
      Brown:  "to obstruct, be in between (conj.)"  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Luo:  "to lie athwart"  
      Jonsson:  [ *Xw- (A1)  B83-4 ]  PSW: *Xwaaŋ  "athwart, crosswise"
ขวาง Prapin gloss: crosswise
Prapin: 184 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 707m
  Big5: (0) heng2 guang1 guang4 huang4 {heng4} (1) heng4 {heng2} (0) [1] crosswise; horizontal; lateral [2] east to west or vice versa [3] by the side; sideways [4] [v] move crosswise; traverse [5] unrestrainedly; turbulently [6] a Chinese family name (1) [1] cross-grained; perverse [2] presumptuous and unreasonable [3] unexpected; uncalled for [4] violent; cross
  GB: heng2 heng4 guang4 [1] across [2] [Wu] [heng4] [v] ly
  Baxter MC: hwæng
  StarLing:4167  OC: g(h)ʷrāŋ  MC: ɣwạ̈iŋ  Gloss: cross-beam; horizontal, transversal [L.Zhou]
  PT/PSW ขวาง  kʰwǎaŋ  "athwart, crosswise (nj)"  
      Brown:  "to obstruct, be in between (conj.)"  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Luo:  "to lie athwart"  
      Jonsson:  [ *Xw- (A1)  B83-4 ]  PSW: *Xwaaŋ  "athwart, crosswise"
แขวน Prapin gloss: suspend, hang
Prapin: 185 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 248b
  Big5: xuan2 [1] [v] hang; be hanged; be hung; suspend; be suspended [2] [v] be in suspension; be in suspense; unsettled; unsolved
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: hwen
  StarLing:4979  OC: gʷēn  MC: ɣwien  Gloss: suspend, hang [LZ]
  PT/PSW แขวน  kʰwɛ̌ɛn  "to hang; suspend (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *Xw- (A1)  B83-6 ]  PSW: *Xwɛn  "to hang, suspend"  
      Li: [ *xw+ɛ (A1) 12.5:240 ]  PSW: *khwɛɛn  PT: *xwɛn
คำ Prapin gloss: gold
Prapin: 186 (class 3)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 652a-c
  Big5: jin1 jin4 [1] gold [2] metal; metals in general [2] [n] money; wealth [4] weapons; arms [5] precious; excelltent; fine [6] golden [7] durable [8] name of the Tungusic dynasty (1115-1234), which dominated Manchuria and North China [9] a Chinese family name [10] Kangxi radical 167
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kim
  StarLing:1086  OC: kəm  MC: kim  Gloss: metal
  PT/PSW คำ  kʰam  "bite; mouthful (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *g- (A4)  B72-4 ]  PSW: *gam  "mouthful"  
      Li: [ *g- (A2) 10.3:198 (rule 14.7) ]  PSW: *gam  PT: *gam
  PT/PSW คำ  kʰam  "gold (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *ɣ- (A4)  B80-3 ]  PSW: *ɣam  "gold"  
      Li: [ *ɣ- (A2) 10.7:214 (rule 14.7) ]  PSW: *ɣam  PT: *ɣam
คั่น Prapin gloss: partition off (a room)
Prapin: 187 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: to separate
  Karlgren: 191a-c
  Big5: jian1 {jian4} (2) jian4 {jian1} [1] [n] interval; between to things; the space between; among [2] a numerical classifier for rooms [3] within a definite time or space (2) [1] [n] crevice; leak; space in between [2] [v] divide; a division of a house; separate [3] [v] put space between; drive a wedge between; part friends [4] [v] change; substitute [5] [v] block up [6] [v] vet a little better (illness) [7] occasionally
  GB: jian1 {jian4} same
  Baxter MC: kɛn
  StarLing:2865  OC: krēn  MC: kạ̈n  Gloss: be in the middle, inserted
  PT/PSW คั่น  kʰân  "to divide; separate (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate
คา Prapin gloss: cangue
Prapin: 189 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 15c
  Big5: jia1 [n] cangue; pillory
  GB: same
  Baxter MC:
  StarLing:5746  OC: krāj  MC: kạ  Gloss: flail [L. Zhou]
  PT/PSW คา  kʰaa  "cangue (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *g- (A4)  B72-3 ]  PSW: *ga  "stuck, cangue"  
      Li: [ *g- (A2) 10.3:198 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *gaa  PT: *ga
  PT/PSW คา  kʰaa  "caught; to get caught; to be stuck (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *g- (A4)  B72-3 ]  PSW: *ga  "stuck, cangue"  
      Li: [ *g- (A2) 10.3:198 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *gaa  PT: *ga
  PT/PSW คา  kʰaa  "thatch grass (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *ɣ- (A4)  B80-1 ]  PSW: *ɣa  "thatch grass"  
      Li: [ *ɣ- (A2) 10.7:214 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *ɣaa  PT: *ɣa
ค่า Prapin gloss: price
Prapin: 190 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 38c
  Big5: jia4 [1] prices; cost; value [2] valence (chemistry)
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kæH
  StarLing:3721  OC: krājʔ-s  MC: kạ̀  Gloss: price [LZ]
  PT/PSW ค่า  kʰâa  "price (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *g- (B4)  B72-2 ]  PSW: *ga  "price, value"  
      Li: [ *g- (B2) 10.3:198 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *gaa  PT: *ga
ค้า Prapin gloss: to trade
Prapin: 191 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 38b
  Big5: (0) jia3 jia4 {gu3} (1) gu3 {jia3} (0) a Chinses family name (1) [1] [n] merchant; businessman [2] [v] buy; trade
  GB: jia3 jia4 {gu3} same
  Baxter MC: kuX
  StarLing:3243  OC: kāʔ  MC: kó  Gloss: to sell, buy
  PT/PSW ค้า  kʰáa  "to trade (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *g- (C4)  B72-1 ]  PSW: *ga  "to trade"  
      Li: [ *g- (C2) 10.3:198 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *gaa  PT: *ga
คาน Prapin gloss: pole to carry things
Prapin: 192 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: bamboo pole
  Karlgren: 139k
  Big5: 竿 gan1 gan3 gan4 [1] [n] bamboo pole; bamboo rod [2] slips of bamboo for writing
  GB: 竿 same
  Baxter MC: kan1
  StarLing:1391  OC: kān  MC: kân  Gloss: a bamboo pole, rod
  PT/PSW คาน  kʰaan  "pole to carry things (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *g- (A4)  B72-33 ]  PSW: *gaan  "pole for carrying"  
      Li: [ *ɣ- (A2) 10.7:214 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *ɣaan  PT: *ɣan
คาน Prapin gloss: to hinder, obstuct
Prapin: 193 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: to obstruct, bar
  Karlgren: 192a-b
  Big5: xian2 [1] [n] fence; barrier; bar [2] [v] defend [3] big [4] familiar with; accustomed to; well-versed in [4] same as $ [5] laws; regulations [6] [n] stable
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: hɛn
  StarLing:2864  OC: ghrēn  MC: ɣạ̈n  Gloss: be moving slowly, lazy
  PT/PSW คาน  kʰaan  "pole to carry things (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *g- (A4)  B72-33 ]  PSW: *gaan  "pole for carrying"  
      Li: [ *ɣ- (A2) 10.7:214 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *ɣaan  PT: *ɣan
คาบ Prapin gloss: connected, joined
Prapin: 194 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: join, unite
  Karlgren: 642n-o
  Big5: he2 ke3 kai4 [1] what? [2] why not? [3] [v] get together
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: hap
  PT/PSW คาบ  kʰâap  "to hold by the beak or between the jaws or with an instrument (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *g- (DL4)  B72-7 ]  PSW: *gaap  "to hold in the jaws"  
      Li: [ *g- (A1) 10.3:198 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *gaap  PT: *gap
แคบ Prapin gloss: narrow
Prapin: 195 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 630e
  Big5: xia2 narrow; limited; narrow-minded
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: hɛp
  StarLing:1733  OC: ghrēp  MC: ɣạ̈p  Gloss: narrow
  PT/PSW แคบ  kʰɛ̂ɛp  "narrow (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *ɣ- (DL4)  B80-21 ]  PSW: *ɣɛp  "narrow"  
      Li: [ *g- (D2L) 10.3:198 (rule 14.9) ]  PSW: *gɛɛp  PT: *gɛp
Prapin gloss:
Prapin: 196 (class )  Chinese gloss:
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: xia2 [1] [n] gorge [2] straits [3] [n] isthmus
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: hɛp
เค็ม Prapin gloss: salty, salted
Prapin: 197 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 671a-d
  Big5: xian2 han4 jian3 together; all; completely; united; fully; wholly
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: hɛm
  StarLing:1149  OC: grə̄m (˜-ī-)  MC: ɣạ̈m  Gloss: to complete, finish; unite; concordant; completely, all
  Pou73:169 see Pou73:170 see
  PT/PSW เค็ม  kʰem  "salty (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *g- (A4)  B72-10 ]  PSW: *gɛm ~ gim  "salty"  Note: Confirmed  
      Li: [ *g- (A2) 10.3:198 (rule 14.6) ]  PSW: *gem  PT: *gem
คิด Prapin gloss: calculate, total number
Prapin: 198 (class 3)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: ji4 jie2 [1] [n] plan; plot; scheme; stratagem; trick; coup; trap; ruse [2] [n] plan; program; [v] discuss; plan [3] [v] calculate; count [4] a mechanical measuring device [5] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kejH
  StarLing:1453  OC: kīps  MC: kìej  Gloss: to draw lines, to plan; to count [L.Zhou]
  PT/PSW คิด  kʰít  "to think (nj)"  
      Brown:  "to think (conj.)"  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *g- (DS4)  B72-27 ]  PSW: *git  "to think"
คี่ Prapin gloss: odd (number)
Prapin: 199 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1s
  Big5: (0) qi2 ai3 yi3 {ji1} (1) ji1 {qi2} (0) [1] strange; unusual; uncanny; occult; rare [2] wonderful [3] [v] feel strange about; wonder (1) odd (numbers)
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kji
  StarLing:815  OC: kaj  MC: ke  Gloss: odd, single, one of a pair
  PT/PSW คี่  kʰîi  "odd number, single (nj)"  
      Brown:  "odd (not even) (conj.)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *g- (DL4)  B72-26 ]  PSW: *giik  "odd number, single"  Note: Confirmed
คีม Prapin gloss: tongs, pincers
Prapin: 200 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 606i
  Big5: qian2 [1] [n] pincers; forceps; pliers; tongs; tweezers; clamps [2] chains put around a prisoner's neck [3] [v] hold with tongs, etc.
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: gjem
  StarLing:3287  OC: ghram  MC: gem  Gloss: pincers, to pinch [L.Zhou]
  PT/PSW คีม  kʰiim  "tongs; pincers (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *g- (A4)  B72-11 ]  PSW: *giim  "tongs, pincers"  
      Li: [ *g+iə (A2) 10.3:198 ]  PSW: *giim  PT: *giəm
คีบ Prapin gloss: to clamp, clasp (e.g. with two fingers)
Prapin: 201 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: clasp under arm
  Karlgren: 630l
  Big5: xie2 jia2 jie1 xia2 xie3 za1 [1] [v] clasp under arm; hold under the arm [2] [v] embrace; bosom [3] [v] presume upon (one's influence; advantage, etc.) [4] [v] exhort; blackmail; hold (a crown prince, etc.) as a hostage
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: hep
  PT/PSW คีบ  kʰîip  "to take with tongs (nj)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Luo:  "to carry or pinch (as a crab's claws)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *g- (DL4)  B72-23 ]  PSW: *giip  "to take with tongs"
คลอก Prapin gloss: to burn
Prapin: 203 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 766n
  Big5: luo4 lao4 ge2 [1] [v] brand; iron [2] [v] burn [3] [v] bake in a pan
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: lak
  PT/PSW คลอก  kʰlɔ̂ɔk  "to burn (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *gl- (DL4)  B75-3 ]  PSW: *glɔk  "to burn to death"  
      Li: [ *gl- (D2L) 11.5:229 (rule 14.11) ]  PSW: *glɔɔk  PT: *glɔk
คลอง Prapin gloss: a watercourse
Prapin: 204 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: river
  Karlgren: 1172v
  Big5: jiang1 [1] [n] large river [2] the Yangtze river [3] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kæwng
  StarLing:414  OC: krōŋ  MC: kạuŋ  Gloss: river; Yang-zi River
คลื่น Prapin gloss: waves
Prapin: 205 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 185k
  Big5: (0) lan2 {lan4} (1) lan4 {lan2} (0) great wave; huge billow (1) [1] overflowing; dripping wet; vast expanse of water [2] thin rice paste
  GB: lan2 {lan4} same
  Baxter MC: lan
  StarLing:4988  OC: rān  MC: lân  Gloss: big wave [LZ]
คบ Prapin gloss: associate with
Prapin: 206 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: familiar with
  Karlgren: 629g
  Big5: xia2 [v] show familiarity, intimacy, or disrespect
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: hæp
  PT/PSW คบ  kʰóp  "to be friends with (conj.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  "to be friends with (conj.)"  Note: no Shan cognate
คด Prapin gloss: dig up, dip out
Prapin: 207 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: dig up
  Karlgren: 496n,s
  Big5: jue2 hu2 zhuo2 [v] dig; excavate; make a hole or cave
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: gjwot
  StarLing:2104  OC: gʷat  MC: gwət  Gloss: to dig through
คด Prapin gloss: a stone lodged in a tree
Prapin: 208 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: stone
  Karlgren: 301c
  Big5: jue2 [1] personal and possessive pronoun [2] [v] dig [3] [v] faint
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kjwot
  StarLing:2445  OC: kʷat  MC: kʷət  Gloss: his, her, its, their; (rarely) he, she, it, they
โคก Prapin gloss: hill
Prapin: 209 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: peak of a mountain
  Karlgren: 1138d
  Big5: jiao4 qiao2 [n] high pointed mountain
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kjew Note: (unsure)
โคน Prapin gloss: base of a tree, foundation
Prapin: 210 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 416b
  Big5: gen1 [1] [n] root of a plant [2] [n] base; foundation [3] root of a number (mathematics) [4] [n] beginning cause; source of something [5] radical (chemistry) a piece of (string, rope, etc.); a stick, spear or something of slender shape
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kon
  StarLing:1677  OC: kə̄n  MC: kn  Gloss: root, trunk
  PT/PSW โคน  kʰoon  "stump; base of tree (as is)"  
      Li: [ *g- (A2) 10.3:198 (rule 14.8.1) ]  PSW: *gon  PT: *gu̥ɯn
คอ Prapin gloss: throat, neck
Prapin: 211 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: throat
  Karlgren: 113f
  Big5: hou2 [n] throat; gullet; larynx; guttural
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: huw
  StarLing:2470  OC: gh(r)ō  MC: ɣʌw  Gloss: throat
  PT/PSW คอ  kʰɔɔ  "neck; throat (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *ɣ- (A4)  B80-11 ]  PSW: *ɣɔ  "throat, neck"  
      Li: [ *ɣ+ɔ (A2) 10.7:214 ]  PSW: *ɣɔɔ  PT: *ɣɔ
คอก Prapin gloss: stable, pen (for horses, oxen)
Prapin: 212 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: gu4 a shed or pen for cattle
  GB: same
  StarLing:6209  OC: kūk  MC: kok  Gloss: pen, stable
  PT/PSW คอก  kʰɔ̂ɔk  "enclosure for animals (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *ɣ- (DL4)  B80-13 ]  PSW: *ɣɔk  "pen for animals"  
      Li: [ *ɣ- (D2L) 10.7:214 (rule 14.11) ]  PSW: *ɣɔɔk  PT: *ɣɔk
คอก Prapin gloss: bend, distorted (of arms)
Prapin: 213 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: to bend
  Karlgren: 97p
  Big5: yu1 yu2 yu3 [1] impractical; unrealistic; old-fashioned; trite; hackneyed; stale; pedantic [2] roundabout; indirect; circuitous; winding [3] [v] make a detour [4] absurd; preposterous
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: ʔju
  StarLing:707  OC: ʔʷa  MC: ʔü  Gloss: bend, deflect
  PT/PSW คอก  kʰɔ̂ɔk  "enclosure for animals (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *ɣ- (DL4)  B80-13 ]  PSW: *ɣɔk  "pen for animals"  
      Li: [ *ɣ- (D2L) 10.7:214 (rule 14.11) ]  PSW: *ɣɔɔk  PT: *ɣɔk
เครา Prapin gloss: beard
Prapin: 214 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: soft hairs on the body
  Karlgren: 1129m
  Big5: hao2 [1] [n] fine hair [2] a measure of length [3] [n] writing brush [4] [n] dime [5] a measure of weight [6] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: haw
  StarLing:2173  OC: g(h)āw  MC: ɣâw  Gloss: a single hair, thin hair [L.Zhou]
  PT/PSW เครา  kʰraw  "beard (conj.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  "beard (conj.)"
คราม Prapin gloss: indigo
Prapin: 215 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 609k
  Big5: lan2 la5 lan4 [1] blue; indigo [2] an indigo plant [3] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: lam
  StarLing:4742  OC: rām  MC: lâm  Gloss: indigo (Polygonum tinctorium)
  PT/PSW คราม  kʰraam  "indigo (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *gr- (A4)  B76-1 ]  PSW: *graam  "indigo"  
      Li: [ *gr- (A2) 11.6:230 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *graam  PT: *gram
คร้าน Prapin gloss: lazy
Prapin: 216 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: lan3 lai4 lazy; listless; indolent; inactive; reluctant; disinclined
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: lanX
  PT/PSW คร้าน  kʰráan  "lazy (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *gr- (C4)  B76-2 ]  PSW: *graam  "lazy"  
      Li: [ *gr- (C2) 11.6:230 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *graan  PT: *gran
ครก Prapin gloss: mortar
Prapin: 218 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1067a
  Big5: jiu4 pou2 [1] [n] mortar for unhusking rice [2] bone joint socket [3] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: gjuwX
  PT/PSW ครก  kʰrók  "mortar (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *gr- (DS4)  B76-9 ]  PSW: *grok  "mortar (for pounding)"  
      Li: [ *gr- (D2S) 11.6:230 (rule 14.8.2) ]  PSW: *grok  PT: *gru̥ok
ควบ Prapin gloss: combine, join
Prapin: 219 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 675a-d
  Big5: he2 ge3 xia2 [1] [v] combine; unite; join; gather; collect [2] [v] close; shut [3] [v] suit
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: hop
  StarLing:342  OC: gə̄p  MC: ɣʌp  Gloss: be together, joined, harmonious
คุม Prapin gloss: watch over, detain
Prapin: 220 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: capture
  Karlgren: 651n
  Big5: qin2 [v] catch; capture; seize; arrest
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: gim
  StarLing:4154  OC: ghəm  MC: gim  Gloss: = ¸V
  PT/PSW คุม  kʰum  "to cover; protect (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *g- (C4)  B72-29 ]  PSW: *gua  "to protect"  Note: Confirmed  
      Li: [ *ɣ- (C2) 10.7:214 (rule 14.5.1) ]  PSW: *ɣum  PT: *ɣum
คุ้น Prapin gloss: be familiar with
Prapin: 221 (class 3?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 159c-d
  Big5: guan4 [1] habitual; customary; usual; accustomed [2] [v] spoil (a child) [3] [v] be accustomed to; be used to
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: kwænH
  StarLing:3421  OC: kʷrān-s  MC: kwạ̀n  Gloss: familiar with, used [Han]
คุด Prapin gloss: curved, inwards crooked, to crouch
Prapin: 222 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: to bend
  Karlgren: 496k
  Big5: qu1 que4 [1] [v] bend; flex; bent; crook; bow [2] []) humiliate; humble; submit; subdue [3] wrong; injustice; [4] in the wrong [5] be in an inferior or uncomfortable position [6] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: khut
  StarLing:845  OC: khut  MC: khüt  Gloss: to subdue; bend
คู Prapin gloss: canal, moat
Prapin: 223 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: canal
  Karlgren: 95g
  Big5: qu2 ju4 [1] [n] ditch; drain; canal; channel [2] great; deep [3] he; she [4] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: gjo
  StarLing:2627  OC: ga  MC: gö  Gloss: be great, grand
ควัน Prapin gloss: smoke
Prapin: 225 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 461a-c
  Big5: xun1 xun4 [1] [vn] smoke; [v] burn; smoked (meat, fish, etc.) [2] [v] assail nostrils [3] warm; mild [4] [v] move; touch [5] same as $ [6] [v] scent; fumigate
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: xjun
  StarLing:6984  OC: hun  MC: xün  Gloss: to make smoke; befumed
  PT/PSW ควัน  kʰwan  "smoke (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *ɣw-~gw- (A4)  B84-2 ]  PSW: *ɣwan  "smoke"  
      Li: [ *ɣw+ə (A2) 12.6:241 ]  PSW: *ɣwan  PT: *ɣwən
ควั่น Prapin gloss: twirl or twist (strands of cord together)
Prapin: 226 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: relvolve, turn around
  Karlgren: 458d
  Big5: yun4 [1] [v] move; revolve [2] [v] transport; ship [3] [v] utilize; make use of [4] one's luck; fortune
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: hjunH
  StarLing:3265  OC: wərs  MC: ɦǜn  Gloss: to move, transfer, activate; (movement >) fate
ลัก Prapin gloss: steal
Prapin: 227 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: rob, plunder
  Karlgren: 755k
  Big5: luue4 liang4 lun4 [1] [v] take by force; rob; plunder; pillage [2] [v] brush; pass lightly on the side; sweep past; skim over [3] [v] whip; flog [4] [n] long stroke to the right in Chinese writing
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: ljak Note: (lu-umlaut)
  StarLing:2096  OC: rhak  MC: lak  Gloss: to plunder, rob
  PT/PSW ลัก  lák  "to steal (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *l- (DS4)  B61-8 ]  PSW: *lak  "to steal"  
      Li: [ *dl+ə (D2S) 7.6:124 ]  PSW: *lak  PT: *dlək
ลัง Prapin gloss: a crate
Prapin: 228 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: a cage
  Karlgren: 1193l
  Big5: long2 long3 [1] [n] cage; coop [2] [n] cage-like basket; tight, stored cagelike bamboo ware for steaming dumplings, etc.; bamboo food steamer
  GB: same
  StarLing:5156  OC: rōŋ  MC: luŋ  Gloss: basket [L.Zhou]
  Pou73:256 see Pou73:257 see
เล้า Prapin gloss: pen, sty
Prapin: 229 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1056a-c
  Big5: lao2 lou2 [1] [n] prison; jail [2] [n] stable; pen; cage [3] secure; stable; firm; fast [4] worried; concerned [5] sacrifice
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: law
  StarLing:664  OC: rū  MC: lâw  Gloss: calf; pen (place for calves)
  PT/PSW เล้า  láw  "enclosure; chicken coop (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *l- (C4)  B61-25 ]  PSW: *law  "granary, coop"  
      Li: [ *l- (C2) 8.1:133 (rule 16.10) ]  PSW: *lau  PT: *lau
ลา Prapin gloss: ass
Prapin: 230 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: luu2 lu2 [n] donkey; ass
  GB: same
  StarLing:5282  OC: ra  MC: lö  Gloss: donkey, ass [Han]
  Pou73:248 see
  PT/PSW ลา  laa   "donkey (cit.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  cited.
  PT/PSW ลา  laa  "to bid farewell; leave (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Li: [ *l- (A2) 8.1:133 (rule 14.10.1) ]  PSW: *laa  PT: *lɯa
  PT/PSW ลา  laa  "under; below; underneath (as is)"  
      Li: [ *hl- (C1) 8.2:136 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *hlaa  PT: *hla
Prapin gloss:
Prapin: 231 (class )  Chinese gloss:
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: lan4 lan3 [n] hawser; heavy-duty rope; cable
  GB: same
ล่าน Prapin gloss: soft, overripe (as of fruit)
Prapin: 232 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 185l-m
  Big5: lan4 lan2 [1] overripe; rotten; spoiled; decayed [v] rot; fester [2] cooked; soft; well cooked [3] bright and brilliant [4] [v] scald; burn; scorch [5] worn-out [6] dissolute; messy
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: lanH
  StarLing:5077  OC: rān-s  MC: lần  Gloss: be brilliant
(เป่า) แล่น Prapin gloss: to unite or refine (metals)
Prapin: 233 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: to refine (metal)
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: lian4 lian2 liu2 [n] chain
  GB: same
แล้ว Prapin gloss: finished
Prapin: 234 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: (1) le5 {liao3} (0) liao3 {le5} (1) an expletive in Mandarin language (0) [1] [v] finish; end; complete; particle of completed action [2] intelligent; remarkable [3] entirely; wholly [4] [v] understand
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: lewX
  StarLing:7  OC: r(h)ēwʔ ( ˜ -ī-)  MC: líew  Gloss: to complete, fulfill [Han]
  PT/PSW แล้ว  lɛ́ɛw  "finished (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *l- (C4)  B61-43 ]  PSW: *lɛw  "to have finished"  
      Li: [ *l+ɛu (C2) 8.1:133 ]  PSW: *lɛɛu  PT: *lɛu
เล็ด Prapin gloss: escape artfully or adroitly
Prapin: 235 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: yi4 [1] [v] flee; escape; break loose; run away [2] [v] go beyond; exceed; go to excess [3] [v] rusticate; live in retirement [4] ease; idleness; leisure [5] [v] let loose; let go [6] [n] fault; error; mistake [7] quick; rapid [8] lost [9] superior; outstanding
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: yit
  StarLing:2842  OC: let  MC: jit  Gloss: to relax, be at ease, lazy, idle, dissolute
เลข Prapin gloss: numbers
Prapin: 236 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 858e-g
  Big5: li4 [1] [v] take place; pass; elapse [2] [v] undergo; go through; experience[3] things or duration that had to come to pass [4] all previous (occasions, sessions, etc.); what has taken place [5] through; throughout; successive [6] [v] last (a certain period of time)
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: lek
  StarLing:4179  OC: rhēk  MC: liek  Gloss: to go one after the other; to add up, count
เลี่ยม Prapin gloss: to plate, cover (with a thin film of metal, esp. gold or silver)
Prapin: 238 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 613l
  Big5: lian4 lian3 lian2 [1] [v] draw together; contract [2] [v] hold back; restrain [3] [v] collect; gather
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: ljemX
  StarLing:4432  OC: r(h)amʔ  MC: lém  Gloss: to bring together, heap, gather
เลียน Prapin gloss: imitate, follow
Prapin: 239 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 229b
  Big5: 沿 (0) yan2 yan1 yan3 {yan4} (1) yan4 {yan2} (0) [1] [v] follow; go along; along [2] [v] hand down; continue [3] successive; continuous (1) the edge of something; [n] brim
  GB: 沿 same
  Baxter MC: ywen
  StarLing:996  OC: lon  MC: jwen  Gloss: go along (e.g. a river)
เลียง Prapin gloss: cool
Prapin: 240 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: chilly, cold
  Karlgren: 755l
  Big5: liang2 liang4 [1] cool; cold; chilly [2] thin [3] discouraged; disappointed
  GB: [a] cool; cold [b] disheartened
  Baxter MC: ljang
  StarLing:2176  OC: raŋ  MC: laŋ  Gloss: be chilly
เลียง (ผา) Prapin gloss: goat, antelope
Prapin: 241 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: sheep, goat
  Karlgren: 732a-d
  Big5: yang2 xiang2 [1] [n] sheep; goat [2] Kangxi radical 123
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: yang
  StarLing:429  OC: laŋ  MC: jaŋ  Gloss: sheep, (goat)
เลี้ยง Prapin gloss: feed, nourish
Prapin: 242 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: (0) yang3 {yang4} (1) yang4 {yang3} (0) [1] [v] grow; raise; rear; bring up; support; breed [2] [v] support; keep (a family, etc.) [3] [v] give birth to [4] [v] nourish; cultivate (one's mind, etc.) [5] [v] educate [6] [v] nurse (a wound or illness) [7] oxygen [8] a Chiense family name (1) [v] support one's parents
  GB: yang3 {yang4} same
  Baxter MC: yangX
  StarLing:4071  OC: lhaŋʔ  MC: jáŋ  Gloss: to nourish, feed, rear
  PT/PSW เลี้ยง  líaŋ  "to feed; nourish (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Luo:  "to raise, feed"  
      Jonsson:  [ *l- (C4)  B61-11 ]  PSW: *liaŋ  "to raise, nourish"  
      Li: [ *l+ie (C2) 8.1:133 ]  PSW: *liəŋ  PT: *lieŋ
ลิ่น Prapin gloss: pangolin
Prapin: 243 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: scales of fish or reptile
  Karlgren: 387k
  Big5: lin2 [n] fish scales
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: lin
  PT/PSW ลิ่น  lîn  "pangolin (as is)"  
      Li: [ *l- (B2) 8.1:133 (rule 14.3.1) ]  PSW: *lin  PT: *lin
ลี Prapin gloss: far, far apart
Prapin: 244 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: depart from
  Karlgren: 23f
  Big5: li2 chi1 li3 li4 [1] [v] leave; depart; go away; separate; separation [2] [v] defy; go against [3] distant; apart from [4] [v] run into; meet with [5] [v] act in pair [6] bright (light) [7] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: lje
  StarLing:4789  OC: raj  MC: le  Gloss: be separated
ล่ง Prapin gloss: feel at ease
Prapin: 245 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: at ease, easy
  Karlgren: 1187a
  Big5: rong2 [1] [n] looks; appearance; figure; form; face; expression; countenance [2] [v] contain; hold [3] [v] allow; permit [4] [v] forgive; pardon [5] [v] forbear; [n] forbearance
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: yowng
  StarLing:1595  OC: loŋ  MC: jöuŋ  Gloss: be generous, indulge
โล้ Prapin gloss: to row using an oar
Prapin: 246 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: an oar
  Karlgren: 70e
  Big5: lu3 [1] [n] oar; scull; sweep [2] [n] big shield; long spear [3] [n] lookout over on a city wall
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: luX
  StarLing:4844  OC: rāʔ  MC: ló  Gloss: shield [LZ]
โลง Prapin gloss: casket, coffin
Prapin: 247 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: a cage
  Karlgren: 1193l
  Big5: long2 long3 [1] [n] cage; coop [2] [n] cage-like basket; tight, stored cagelike bamboo ware for steaming dumplings, etc.; bamboo food steamer
  GB: same
  StarLing:5156  OC: rōŋ  MC: luŋ  Gloss: basket [L.Zhou]
  Pou73:256 see Pou73:257 see
  PT/PSW โลง  looŋ  "coffin (conj.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  "coffin (conj.)"
ลอก Prapin gloss: copy down, transcribe
Prapin: 248 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: inscribe, record
  Karlgren: 1208m
  Big5: lu4 copy; write down; record
  GB: (S 5F55->9332) copy
  Baxter MC: ljowk
  PT/PSW ลอก  lɔ̂ɔk  "to skin (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *l- (DL4)  B61-39 ]  PSW: *lɔk  "to flay"  
      Li: [ *dl- (D2L) 7.6:124 (rule 14.11) ]  PSW: *lɔɔk  PT: *dlɔk
เลื่อย (ล้า) Prapin gloss: tired, worn out
Prapin: 249 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 577r
  Big5: (2) lei2 {lei3} {lei4} (1) lei4 {lei3} {lei2} (0) lei3 lie4 luo3 {lei4} {lei2} (2) [1] nuisance [2] [v] fasten; bind (1) [1] [v] involve; involvement; implicate [2] [v] owe; be in debt [3] tired; weary; fatigue [4] [v] strain (eyes) [5] [n] family burden (0) [1] [v] accumulate through a length of time [2] [v] pile up [3] [v] repeat; repeatedly; successively
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: ljweH Note: (probably incorrect)
  StarLing:2288  OC: rojʔs  MC: lwè  Gloss: involve, implicate; labour, hardship [L.Zhou]
เลื้อย Prapin gloss: creepers, wind about
Prapin: 250 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: creepers
  Karlgren: 577r
  Big5: (2) lei2 {lei3} {lei4} (1) lei4 {lei3} {lei2} (0) lei3 lie4 luo3 {lei4} {lei2} (2) [1] nuisance [2] [v] fasten; bind (1) [1] [v] involve; involvement; implicate [2] [v] owe; be in debt [3] tired; weary; fatigue [4] [v] strain (eyes) [5] [n] family burden (0) [1] [v] accumulate through a length of time [2] [v] pile up [3] [v] repeat; repeatedly; successively
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: ljweH Note: (probably incorrect)
  StarLing:2288  OC: rojʔs  MC: lwè  Gloss: involve, implicate; labour, hardship [L.Zhou]
  PT/PSW เลื้อย  lʉ́ay  "to crawl (like a snake) (conj.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  "to crawl (like a snake) (conj.)"  Note: no Shan cognate
เลือก Prapin gloss: choose
Prapin: 251 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 790n
  Big5: ze2 zhai2 yi4 [v] select; choose; pick out
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: dræk
  StarLing:4150  OC: L̴(h)āk  MC: ḍạ̈ik  Gloss: choose
  PT/PSW เลือก  lʉ̂ak  "to choose; select (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *l- (DL4)  B61-28 ]  PSW: *lɯak  "to choose, select"  
      Li: [ *l- (D2L) 8.1:133 (rule 15.3) ]  PSW: *lɯək  PT: *lɯak
เลื่อน Prapin gloss: extend, postpone, delay
Prapin: 252 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 203a
  Big5: yan2 yan3 yan4 [1] [v] delay; postpone; defer [2] [v] extend; spread; lengthen [3] [v] prolong [4] [v] invite [5] [v] procrastinate
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: yen
  StarLing:868  OC: L̴an  MC: jen  Gloss: to extend, prolong, continue; delay; invite
เลื่อน Prapin gloss: to push, slide; cart
Prapin: 253 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 215a
  Big5: nian3 lian3 [1] [n] hand-cart [2] [n] king's carriage; imperial carriage
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: ljenX
  StarLing:4028  OC: r(h)anʔ  MC: lén  Gloss: cart drawn by two men
เหล้า Prapin gloss: liquor
Prapin: 255 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1096a-g
  Big5: you3 [1] the tenth of the twelve Terrestrial Branches [2] 5:00-7:00 p.m. [3] Kangxi radical 164
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: yuwX
  StarLing:717  OC: luʔ  MC: jə́w  Gloss: 10th of the Earthly Branches
  PT/PSW เหล้า  lâw  "wine; liquor (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *hl- (C1)  B64-8 ]  PSW: *hlaw  "liquor, wine"  
      Li: [ *hl+əu (C1) 8.2:136 ]  PSW: *hlau  PT: *hləu
หล้า Prapin gloss: earth, land
Prapin: 256 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: earth, soil
  Karlgren: 62a-c
  Big5: tu3 du4 [1] soil; earth; [2] land; territory; domain [3] local; native; indigenous [4] unrefined; unenlightened [5] rustic; countrified [6] opium [7] an abbreviation for Turkey
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: thuX
  StarLing:39  OC: thāʔ  MC: thó  Gloss: land, soil
  Pou73:113 see
หลาย Prapin gloss: numerous, all
Prapin: 257 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 519k
  Big5: li2 li4 [1] a Chinese family name [2] numerous; many [3] the aborignes of Hainan [4] black; dark
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: ley
  PT/PSW หลาย  lǎay  "many; much (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *hl- (A1)  B64-4 ]  PSW: *hlaay  "many, much"  
      Li: [ *hl+ai (A1) 8.2:136 ]  PSW: *hlaai  PT: *hlai
เหลี่ยม Prapin gloss: angle
Prapin: 258 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 627l
  Big5: lian2 [1] upright; honest; incorrupt; incorruptible [2] inexpensive; cheap [3] [v] examine; inspect [4] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: ljem
  PT/PSW เหลี่ยม  lìam  "angle; side (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *hl- (B1)  B64-26 ]  PSW: *hliam  "angle, artful"  
      Li: [ *hl- (B1) 8.2:136 (rule 15.2) ]  PSW: *hliəm  PT: *hliem
เหลือ Prapin gloss: to be left over, surplus
Prapin: 259 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 82l
  Big5: yu2 ye2 [1] remaining; remainder; rest [2] [n] surplus; excess; overplus [3] [n] balance [4] [n] complement of a number or figure; odd [5] after
  GB: yu2 tu2 xu3 yu4 (S 9980->4F59) [1] I, me (in formal speech) [2] a Chinese family name [3] simplified form of
  Baxter MC: yo
  StarLing:4074  OC: L̴a  MC: jö  Gloss: surplus, left over; superfluous
  PT/PSW เหลือ  lʉ̌a  "to be left over; surplus (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *hl- (A1)  B64-28 ]  PSW: *hlɯa  "to remain, left over"  
      Li: [ *hl- (A1;B1) 8.2:136 (rule 15.3) ]  PSW: *hlɯə  PT: *hlɯa
มัก Prapin gloss: to love, like
Prapin: 260 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: love, think longingly of
  Karlgren: 802h-i
  Big5: mu4 [1] [v] yearn for; long for [2] adore; admire
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: muH
  StarLing:3786  OC: māk-s  MC: mò  Gloss: love, think longingly of
  PT/PSW มัก  màk  "to love; cherish (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *m- (DS4)  B20-30 ]  PSW: *mak  "to like, habitual"  
      Li: [ *ml/r- (D2S) 5.7:93 (rule 14.7) ]  PSW: *ml/rak  PT: *ml/rak
มัน Prapin gloss: yam, potato
Prapin: 261 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: kind of turnip
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: (1) wan4 {man4} {man2} (0) man4 {wan4} {man2} (2) man2 {man4} {wan4} (1) [n] tendril; creeper (0) [n] creeping plants; plants with creeping tendrils (2) the rape turnip
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: manH*
  PT/PSW มัน  man  "he; it (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *m- (A4)  B20-9 ]  PSW: *man  "he, she, it"  
      Li: [ *m- (A2) 4.5:71 (rule 14.7) ]  PSW: *man  PT: *man
  PT/PSW มัน  man  "oil, fat, grease (H) (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *m- (A4)  B20-10 ]  PSW: *man  "oil, grease"
  PT/PSW มัน  man  "potato; yam (as is)"  
      Li: [ *m+ə (A2) 4.5:71 ]  PSW: *man  PT: *mən
ม้า Prapin gloss: horse
Prapin: 262 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 40a-e
  Big5: ma3 [1] [n] horse [2] a Chinese family name [3] Kangxi radical 187
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: mæH
  StarLing:1935  OC: mrāʔ  MC: mạ́  Gloss: horse
  PT/PSW ม้า  máa  "horse (nj)"  
      Brown:  "horse (conj.)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *m- (C4)  B20-16 ]  PSW: *ma  "horse"
ม่าน Prapin gloss: curtain
Prapin: 263 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 266j
  Big5: man4 [1] [n] curtain; screen [2] [n] tent
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: manH
  StarLing:3410  OC: mān-s  MC: mwần  Gloss: curtain, screen [L.Zhou]
แมง (แมลง) Prapin gloss: insects
Prapin: 264 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: gadfly, horsefly
  Karlgren: 742t
  Big5: meng2 [n] gadfly
  GB: same
  Baxter MC: mɛng*
  StarLing:1448  OC: m(h)rāŋ  MC: mạ̈iŋ  Gloss: name of a plant (Fritillaria)
แมว Prapin gloss: cat
Prapin: 265 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1159c
  Big5: mao1 mao2 the cat
  GB: cat
  Baxter MC: mæw
  StarLing:4304  OC: mhrāw  MC: mạw  Gloss: cat, wild cat
  PT/PSW แมว  mɛɛw  "cat (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *m- (A4)  B20-18 ]  PSW: *mɛw  "cat"  
      Li: [ *m+ɛu (A2) 4.5:71 ]  PSW: *mɛɛu  PT: *mɛu
แม้ว Prapin gloss: hill, tribe
Prapin: 266 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: tribespeople
  Karlgren: 1159a
  Big5: ? 0
  GB: miao2 qu3 [1] [n] sprout [2] descendant; posterity [3] peevish; disobedient (children) [4] Miao nationality (Southwestern China) [5] summer hunting [6] a Chinese family name [7] [n] beginning; omen
  StarLing:1435  OC: m(r)aw  MC: mew  Gloss: grain in the blade; sprout
เมี้ยน Prapin gloss: evade, hidden
Prapin: 267 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: evade, avoid
  Karlgren: 222a
  Big5: mian3 wen4 [1] [v] avoid; escape; evade [2] [v] forego; spare; excuse; exempt [3] [v] dismiss (from office)
  GB: same
  StarLing:487  OC: marʔ  MC: mén  Gloss: to escape, avoid, exempt [L.Zhou]
เมี่ยง Prapin gloss: tea leaves prepared for chewing
Prapin: 268 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: tea, tea plant
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: ming2 ming3 [n] tea; tea plant
  GB: same
  PT/PSW เมี่ยง  mîaŋ  "fermented leaves of wild tea plant (conj.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  "fermented leaves of wild tea plant (conj.)"  Note: no Shan cognate
มิด Prapin gloss: completely hidden, secret
Prapin: 269 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 405p-q
  Big5: mi4 [1] dense; thick; tight [2] close; intimate
  GB: same
  StarLing:2030  OC: mhrit  MC: mit  Gloss: be quiet
โม่ Prapin gloss: to grind
Prapin: 270 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 17f
  Big5: (0) mo2 {mo4} (1) mo4 {mo2} (0) [1] [v] dadle; waste time; while away [2] [v] rub; grind [3] sufferings; obstacles; setbacks (1) [1] [n] mill [2] [v] turn around [3] [v] grind (grain, etc.)
  GB: same
  StarLing:4220  OC: māj  MC: mwâ  Gloss: to grind, polish
  PT/PSW โม่  môo  "to grind, grinder (nj)"  
      Luo:  "mill, to grind"  
      Jonsson:  [ *m- (B4)  B20-21 ]  PSW: *mo  "to grind, grinder"
มอง Prapin gloss: a kind of bag or net for catching fish
Prapin: 271 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: net, to net (fish)
  Karlgren: 742|a
  Big5: wang3 [1] [v] net; web; network [2] [n] dragnet (figuratively); arms of the law [3] [v] bring together; collect [4] the World Wide Web
  GB: same
  StarLing:3562  OC: mhaŋʔ  MC: mwáŋ  Gloss: net
มวล Prapin gloss: all
Prapin: 272 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: the whole of, complete
  Karlgren: 183c
  Big5: 滿 man3 men4 [1] filled; full [2] plentiful; abundant [3] proud; haughty [4] [v] expire [5] completely; entirely; perfectly [6] Manchu [7] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  StarLing:3479  OC: mārʔ  MC: mwấn  Gloss: satisfied, proud of oneself
มุ่ย Prapin gloss: frowning, displeased
Prapin: 273 (class 3?)  Chinese gloss: displeased
  Karlgren: 267d-f
  Big5: mai4 [1] [v] surpass; exceed [2] [v] stride; step [3] [v] go on a long jourey [4] old (age) [5] [v] pass
  GB: same
  StarLing:4606  OC: mrāts  MC: mạ̀j  Gloss: proceed, go, march
มุ่น Prapin gloss: to be unhappy, sad
Prapin: 274 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: sad
  Karlgren: 441d
  Big5: (0) men4 men2 men3 {men1} (1) men1 {men4} (0) [1] depressed; melancholy; bored; in low spirits (1) [1] oppressive; suffocating (said of weather); stuffy [2] muffled (said of a sound) [3] [v] shut oneself or somebody indoors [4] [v] cover the tea pot for a while when one makes tea with boiling water
  GB: men4 men2 men3 {men1} same
  StarLing:2526  OC: mə̄ns  MC: mòn  Gloss: melancholy, sorrow
มุ่ง Prapin gloss: aim at
Prapin: 275 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: hope, look towards
  Karlgren: 742m-n
  Big5: wang4 wang2 [1] [v] look at; view; watch; gaze into the distance [2] [v] hope; expect [3] the 15th day of each month [4] reputation; prestige [5] [v] call on; visit
  GB: same
  StarLing:2149  OC: maŋs  MC: mwàŋ  Gloss: to look at from afar, look for, gaze at
  PT/PSW มุ่ง  mûŋ  "to look into the distance, expect (yl)"  
      Luo:  "to look into the distance, expect"
มุ้ง Prapin gloss: mosquito nets
Prapin: 276 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: nets
  Karlgren: 742|a
  Big5: wang3 [1] [v] net; web; network [2] [n] dragnet (figuratively); arms of the law [3] [v] bring together; collect [4] the World Wide Web
  GB: same
  StarLing:3562  OC: mhaŋʔ  MC: mwáŋ  Gloss: net
  PT/PSW มุ้ง  múŋ  "burrow, hole (yl)"  
      Luo:  "burrow, hole"
  PT/PSW มุ้ง  múŋ  "mosquito net (conj.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  "mosquito net (conj.)"  Note: no Shan cognate
มุด Prapin gloss: to dive (as fish)
Prapin: 277 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: to dive
  Karlgren: 492b
  Big5: (0) mo4 mo3 {mei2} (1) mei2 {mo4} (0) [1] [v] sink; submerge [2] [v] overflow; rise beyond [3] [v] disappear [4] [v] go into oblivion [5] none; exhausted [6] eliminated [7] finished; completed [8] [v] take property away from another; confiscate [9] [v] die; dead (1) [1] none; nothing; no [2] not yet; negative
  GB: mei2 mo4 [a] not; have not; none [b] drown; sink
  StarLing:649  OC: mə̄t  MC: mot  Gloss: to make an end, disappear, exhaust
  PT/PSW มุด  mút  "to crawl under (conj.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  "to crawl under (conj.)"  Note: no Shan cognate
มูน Prapin gloss: over-abundant, ample
Prapin: 278 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: full
  Karlgren: 183c
  Big5: 滿 man3 men4 [1] filled; full [2] plentiful; abundant [3] proud; haughty [4] [v] expire [5] completely; entirely; perfectly [6] Manchu [7] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  StarLing:3479  OC: mārʔ  MC: mwấn  Gloss: satisfied, proud of oneself
ไหม Prapin gloss: thread
Prapin: 280 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: rope
  Karlgren: 584h
  Big5: hui1 [1] [n] badge; insignia; emblem [2] good and beautiful; honorable [3] stops on alute [4] [n] streamer; flag; pennant; flag-sign [5] Anhwei; Huichow
  GB: same
  StarLing:4414  OC: sməj  MC: xwɨj  Gloss: good
  PT/PSW ไหม  mǎy  "silk; thread (as is)"  
      Brown:  "silk (conj.)"  
      Li: [ *hm+əi (A1) 4.6:74 ]  PSW: *hmai/aɯ  PT: *hməi
ไหม้ Prapin gloss: burn
Prapin: 281 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 583a-b
  Big5: wei3 yi3 [1] tail; rear; extremity; end; stern (of a ship) [2] last final [3] remaining [5] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  StarLing:568  OC: məjʔ  MC: mwɨ́j  Gloss: tail
  Pou73:81 see
  PT/PSW ไหม้  mây  "to burn (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *hm- (C1)  B28-4 ]  PSW: *hmay  "to burn, burnt"  
      Li: [ *hm- (C1) 4.6:74 (rule 16.1) ]  PSW: *hmai/aɯ  PT: *hməi
หมัน Prapin gloss: barren, sterile
Prapin: 282 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: castrated man
  Karlgren: 457j-l
  Big5: hun1 hun4 [1] dusk; dark; nightfall; twilight [2] confused; muddled; mixed-up; demented [3] unclear of sight; dizzy [4] [v] same as ; marry [5] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  StarLing:940  OC: smə̄n  MC: xon  Gloss: to perish; be dark, benighted, stupid
  PT/PSW หมัน  mǎn  "sterile (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *hm- (A1)  B28-20 ]  PSW: *hman  "sterile"  
      Li: [ *hm- (A1) 4.6:74 (rule 14.7) ]  PSW: *hman  PT: *hman
(ประ) หม่า Prapin gloss: scared, tremble in fear
Prapin: 284 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: scare
  Karlgren: 779b
  Big5: (1) xia4 {he4} (0) he4 {xia4} (1) [v] frighten; startle; scare; intimidate (0) [1] to scare; frighten; intimidate; threaten [2] the sound of laughter
  GB: he4 {xia4} same
  StarLing:4396  OC: xrāk  MC: xạ̈ik  Gloss: scare
หม้า Prapin gloss: beautiful
Prapin: 285 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: wu3 charming; enchanting
  GB: same
หมก Prapin gloss: apply oneself to
Prapin: 286 (class 3)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1109j
  Big5: wu4 mao1 mao4 wu3 [1] [v] attend to; strive after to be engaged in; endeavor; work; strive; make effort [2] duty; affairs; business [3] must; should; necessary [4] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  StarLing:1966  OC: mhoʔs  MC: mǜ  Gloss: affairs, business
  PT/PSW หมก  mòk  "to cover; hide (as is)"  
      Brown:  "to bake (conj.)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *hm- (DS1)  B28-16 ]  PSW: *hmok  "to cover, bury, hide"  
      Li: [ *hm- (D1S) 4.6:74 (rule 14.8) ]  PSW: *hmok  PT: *hmok
หมด Prapin gloss: having nothing remaining, empty
Prapin: 287 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: empty
  Karlgren: 314g
  Big5: (1) huo4 {huo1} {he4} {hua2} (0) huo1 {huo4} {he4} {hua2} (2) he4 {huo1} {huo4} {hua2} (3) hua2 {huo1} {huo4} {hua2} (1) [1] [v] open up; clear [2] [v] exempt from (duties, etc.) (0) [1] [n] crack; break; breach [2] [v] crack; open up; break open; split [3] [v] give up; sacrifice; risk one's life for (2) bright and spacious (3) [v] play a finger-guessing game
  GB: same
  StarLing:4586  OC: xʷāt  MC: xwât  Gloss: empty [LZ]
  PT/PSW หมด  mòt  "all gone (nj)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Luo:  "to be finished, all gone"  
      Jonsson:  [ *hm- (DS1)  B28-13 ]  PSW: *hmot  "all gone"
หมอ Prapin gloss: sorcerer, doctor
Prapin: 288 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: magician
  Karlgren: 105a
  Big5: wu1 wu2 [1] [n] wizard; sorcerer; witch; shaman [2] witchcraft; sorcery [3] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  StarLing:573  OC: m(h)a  MC: mü  Gloss: magician [LZ]
  PT/PSW หมอ  mɔ̌ɔ  "doctor; sorcerer (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *hm- (A1)  B28-9 ]  PSW: *hmɔ  "expert, sorcerer"  
      Li: [ *hm+ɔ (A1) 4.6:74 ]  PSW: *hmɔɔ  PT: *hmɔ
หมอก Prapin gloss: obscure, dark
Prapin: 290 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 947t
  Big5: hui4 [1] the last day of every month in the lunar calendar [2] night; evening; dark [3] obscure; indistinguishable [4] unlucky; bad luck
  GB: same
  PT/PSW หมอก  mɔ̀ɔk  "fog (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *hm- (DL1)  B28-14 ]  PSW: *hmɔk  "fog"  
      Li: [ *hm+ɔ (D1L) 4.6:74 ]  PSW: *hmɔɔk  PT: *hmɔk
หมอก Prapin gloss: fog, mist
Prapin: 291 (class 3)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1109t
  Big5: wu4 meng2 meng4 fog; mist; vapor
  GB: same
  StarLing:4943  OC: mho(k)s  MC: mǜ  Gloss: fog [L.Zhou]
  PT/PSW หมอก  mɔ̀ɔk  "fog (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *hm- (DL1)  B28-14 ]  PSW: *hmɔk  "fog"  
      Li: [ *hm+ɔ (D1L) 4.6:74 ]  PSW: *hmɔɔk  PT: *hmɔk
หมวก Prapin gloss: hat
Prapin: 292 (class 3)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: mao4 [1] [n] hat; headwear; cap-like tops [2] [n] cap (of a fountain pen, screw, etc.)
  GB: same
  StarLing:2509  OC: mūks  MC: mầw  Gloss: hat, cap [Han]
  Pou73:61 see
  PT/PSW หมวก  mùak  "hat (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *hm- (DL1)  B28-15 ]  PSW: *hmuak  "hat"  
      Li: [ *hm- (D1L) 4.6:74 (rule 15.4) ]  PSW: *hmuək  PT: *hmuak
หมวด Prapin gloss: class, sort, division
Prapin: 293 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 503h-i
  Big5: wu4 [1] [n] thing; substance; creature; being; matter [2] content; substance [3] the physical world; nature [4] other people
  GB: same
  StarLing:1015  OC: mhət  MC: müt  Gloss: variety; variety of objects, objects, things
หมึก Prapin gloss: ink
Prapin: 294 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 904c
  Big5: mo4 mei2 mei4 [1] black; dark [2] a black dye [3] ink; a Chinese inkstick [4] calligraphy; writing; handwriting; painting [5] literate; letters; learning [6] statutes; institutions [7] greedy; covetous; corrupt [8] [v] tattoo the face (one of the five punishments in ancient China) [9] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  StarLing:4097  OC: mə̄k  MC: mʌk  Gloss: black-branding
  Pou73:58 see Pou73:59 see
  PT/PSW หมึก  mʉ̀k  "ink (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *hm- (DS1)  B28-17 ]  PSW: *hmɯk  "ink"  
      Li: [ *hm+ɯ (D1S) 4.6:74 ]  PSW: *hmɯk  PT: *hmɯk
หมื่น Prapin gloss: ten thousand
Prapin: 295 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 267a-b
  Big5: wan4 [1] ten thousand [2] all; omni- [3] a very great number; innumerable; myriad [4] very; extremely; absolutely [5] name of an ancient dane [6] a Chinese family name
  GB: (0) wan4 {mo4} (1) mo4 {wan4} (0) simplified form of U
  StarLing:3127  OC: mans (˜rs)  MC: mwə̀n  Gloss: be ten-thousand, myriad
  PT/PSW หมื่น  mʉ̀ʉn  "ancester, ancient title (yl)"  
      Luo:  "ancester, ancient title"
  PT/PSW หมื่น  mʉ̀ʉn  "impudent, ten thousand (cit.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Luo:  "ten thousand"
(อีรุงตุง) นัง Prapin gloss: trailing collection of bags
Prapin: 296 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: sack, bag
  Karlgren: 730l
  Big5: nang2 nang1 [1] [n] bag; purse; sack; travelling bag [2] [v] put in a bag [3] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  StarLing:5139  OC: nāŋ  MC: nâŋ  Gloss: sack, bag
นาน Prapin gloss: difficult
Prapin: 297 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 152d-g
  Big5: (1) nan4 {nan2} (0) nan2 nuo2 nuo3 {nan4} (1) [n] disaster; calamity; misfortune [2] [v] rebuke; reprove; reprimand (0) [1] difficult; not easy; arduous; hard [2] unable; not in a position to [3] unpleasant; not good [4] [Wu] now
  GB: nan2 nuo2 nuo3 {nan4} same
  StarLing:4941  OC: nār  MC: nân  Gloss: be difficult
  PT/PSW นาน  naan  "long time (as is)"  
      Li: [ *n- (A2) 6.5:111 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *naan  PT: *nan
นาง Prapin gloss: lady, woman
Prapin: 298 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: lady
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: niang2 [1] mother [2] [n] young girl; women; wife; girls
  GB: same
  StarLing:1576  OC: nraŋ  MC: ṇaŋ  Gloss: girl [Tang]
  Pou73:120 see
  PT/PSW นาง  naaŋ  "lady (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Li: [ *n- (A2) 6.5:111 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *naaŋ  PT: *naŋ
น้าว Prapin gloss: to bend, arch (a bow)
Prapin: 299 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: to bend
  Karlgren: 1164s
  Big5: nao2 hao1 nao4 rao4 xiao1 [1] [v] bend; daunt; subjugate; yield; submit to superior force [2] [v] scratch; rub [3] [v] hinder; bother; obstruct
  GB: same
  StarLing:3811  OC: ŋhrēw  MC: ṇạw  Gloss: to scrape; to make disorder [L.Zhou]
แนบ Prapin gloss: insert, enclose
Prapin: 301 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: insert
  Karlgren: 695h
  Big5: na4 [1] [v] admit; take; receive; accept; adopt [2] [v] offer as tribute [3] [v] enjoy; feel [4] [v] repress; restrain [5] [v] patch old clothes [6] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  StarLing:1809  OC: nə̄p  MC: nʌp  Gloss: bring in, take in, put into; bring in tribute
  PT/PSW แนบ  nɛ̂ɛp  "to cling to; to press firmly (as is)"  
      Li: [ *n- (D2L) 6.5:111 (rule 14.9) ]  PSW: *nɛɛp  PT: *nɛp
นิ่ง Prapin gloss: to be quiet
Prapin: 303 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 837a-f
  Big5: ning2 ning4 [1] repose; serenity; peace; peaceful; tranquility [2] would rather; had rather; would sooner [3] could there be
  GB: same
  StarLing:3394  OC: nēŋ  MC: nieŋ  Gloss: be tranquil, at ease
นวด Prapin gloss: knead, massage
Prapin: 304 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: na4 [1] [v] press hard with hands; press down [2] [n] downstroke slanting toward the right in Chinese writing [3] [v] repress; restrain
  GB: same
  PT/PSW นวด  nûat  "to massage; rub (as is)"  
      Li: [ *n- (D2L) 6.5:111 (rule 15.4) ]  PSW: *nuət  PT: *nuat
เนื้อ Prapin gloss: meat, flesh
Prapin: 305 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1033a-b
  Big5: rou4 rou2 ru4 [1] flesh; meat [2] physical; carnal [3] meat of animals; meat or pulp of fruits [4] flesh and blood; dearest (as owns children) [5] slow-motion [6] Kangxi radical 130
  GB: same
  StarLing:437  OC: nhuk (˜ nhikʷ)  MC: ńük  Gloss: meat, flesh
  PT/PSW เนื้อ  nʉ́a  "flesh; meat (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Li: [ *n+ɯo (C2) 6.5:111 ]  PSW: *nɯə  PT: *nɯo
เนย Prapin gloss: an oily substance obtained from milk
Prapin: 306 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: milk
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: nai3 [1] milk [2] woman's breasts [3] grandma; nurse [4] [v] feed with milk; [v] breast-feed; nurse
  GB: same
เนิบ Prapin gloss: slow (of speech)
Prapin: 307 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: slow of speech
  Karlgren: 695j
  Big5: ne4 na4 slow of speech; [v] stammer
  GB: same
  StarLing:2356  OC: n(h)ūt  MC: not  Gloss: inarticulate, illiterate [L.Zhou]
ไหน Prapin gloss: how, which, where
Prapin: 308 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 350a
  Big5: (1) nei4 {na4} {na3} {nei3} {na1} (4) na1 {na4} {nei4} {na3} {nei3} (0) na4 nuo2 ne4 nei2 {nei4} {na3} {nei3} {na1} (2) na3 {na4} {nei4} {nei3} {na1} (3) nei3 {na4} {nei4} {na3} {na1} (1) used in combination to indicate emphasis or contempt (4) a Chinese family name (0) [1] that; that one; those [2] then; in that case (2) an interrogative particle; Who?; Which?; What?; Where? (3) an interrogative particle; which
  GB: same
  StarLing:716  OC: n(h)ār  MC: nâ  Gloss: (Sch.:) perhaps: be rich
หน้า (ไม้) Prapin gloss: crossbow
Prapin: 309 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 94z
  Big5: nu3 [n] cross-bow
  GB: same
  StarLing:871  OC: nhāʔ  MC: nó  Gloss: cross-bow [L.Zhou]
แหนบ Prapin gloss: tweezers, pincers
Prapin: 310 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: nie4 guan4 [1] [n] tweezers; forceps; pincers [2] [v] pull out; nip
  GB: same
  StarLing:5281  OC: nhēp  MC: niep  Gloss: tweezers, pincers; to pinch, pincer [Han]
  PT/PSW แหนบ  nɛ̀ɛp  "to hold with pincers, etc.; pincers (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Luo:  "pincers, tweezers"  
      Jonsson:  [ *hn- (DL1)  B42-22 ]  PSW: *hnɛp  "tweezers"  
      Li: [ *hn- (D1L) 6.6:113 (rule 14.9) ]  PSW: *hnɛɛp  PT: *hnɛp
หนีบ Prapin gloss: grasp (with pincers)
Prapin: 311 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: nie4 guan4 [1] [n] tweezers; forceps; pincers [2] [v] pull out; nip
  GB: same
  StarLing:5281  OC: nhēp  MC: niep  Gloss: tweezers, pincers; to pinch, pincer [Han]
  PT/PSW หนีบ  nìip  "to pinch (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *hr- (DL1)  B70-24 ]  PSW: *hriip  "to press"  Note: Confirmed  
      Li: [ *hn- (D1L) 6.6:113 (rule 14.3.4) ]  PSW: *hniip  PT: *hniəp
หนอง Prapin gloss: pus
Prapin: 312 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1005h
  Big5: nong2 neng2 [n] pus; purulent matter
  GB: same
  StarLing:4542  OC: nhūŋ  MC: noŋ  Gloss: pus [Han]
  PT/PSW หนอง  nɔ̌ɔŋ  "not clear (as is)"  
      Luo:  "lake, low area"  
      Jonsson:  [ *hn- (A1)  B42-20 ]  PSW: *hnɔŋ  "lake, pus"  
      Li: [ *n- (A2) 6.5:111 (rule 14.11) ]  PSW: *nɔɔŋ  PT: *nɔŋ
  PT/PSW หนอง  nɔ̌ɔŋ  "pus (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *hn- (A1)  B42-20 ]  PSW: *hnɔŋ  "lake, pus"  
      Li: [ *hn- (A1) 6.6:113 (rule 14.11) ]  PSW: *hnɔɔŋ  PT: *hnɔŋ
หนุ่ม Prapin gloss: young man
Prapin: 313 (class 3)  Chinese gloss: man, male
  Karlgren: 649a-c
  Big5: nan2 [1] [n] human male; man; boy; son [2] [n] baron
  GB: same
  StarLing:671  OC: nə̄m  MC: nʌm  Gloss: man, male person; a feudal title
  PT/PSW หนุ่ม  nùm  "young (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *hn- (B1)  B42-17 ]  PSW: *hnum  "youth, young (male)"  
      Li: [ *hn- (B1) 6.6:113 (rule 14.5.1) ]  PSW: *hnum  PT: *hnum
เงา Prapin gloss: lotus root
Prapin: 314 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: root-stock of the lotus
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: ou3 rhizomes, or rootstocks of the lotus
  GB: same
  PT/PSW เงา  ŋaw  "shadow (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *ŋ- (A4)  B96-8 ]  PSW: *ŋaw  "shadow"  
      Li: [ *ŋ- (A2) 10.4:203 (rule 16.10) ]  PSW: *ŋau  PT: *ŋau
งา Prapin gloss: tusk, ivory
Prapin: 315 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: tooth, ivory
  Karlgren: 37a-b
  Big5: ya2 ya3 ya4 [1] teeth; tooth [2] [v] bite [3] ivory articles [4] [n] broker [5] Kangxi radical 92
  GB: same
  StarLing:157  OC: ŋrā  MC: ŋạ  Gloss: tooth, tusk, (ivory)
  PT/PSW งา  ŋaa   "sesame (nj)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *ŋ- (A4)  B96-2 ]  PSW: *ŋa  "sesame"
  PT/PSW งา  ŋaa  "ivory; tusk (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *ŋ- (A4)  B96-1 ]  PSW: *ŋa  "ivory, tusk"  
      Li: [ *ŋ- (A2) 10.4:203 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *ŋaa  PT: *ŋa
งัว Prapin gloss: cow, ox
Prapin: 317 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: niu2 [1] [n] cow; ox; bull; cattle [2] a Chinese family name [3] stubborn; headstrong (person) [4] Kangxi radical 93
  GB: same
  StarLing:158  OC: ŋuə  MC: ŋəw  Gloss: bovine, cattle, cow, ox
  PT/PSW งัว  ŋua  "ox; cow (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *ŋ- (A4)  B96-16 ]  PSW: *ŋua  "ox, cow"  
      Li: [ *ŋw- (A2) 12.4:239 (rule 15.4) ]  PSW: *ŋwuə  PT: *ŋwua
งวด Prapin gloss: a recurring period (usually every three months)
Prapin: 318 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: moon, month
  Karlgren: 306a-f
  Big5: yue4 [1] [n] moon [2] [n] month [3] Kangxi radical 74
  GB: same
  StarLing:141  OC: ŋot  MC: ŋʷət  Gloss: moon; month
  PT/PSW งวด  ŋûat  "month, time (yl)"  
      Luo:  "month, time"
เงิน Prapin gloss: silver, money
Prapin: 319 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: silver
  Karlgren: 416k
  Big5: yin2 [1] silver [2] [n] cash; money; wealth [3] [n] silvery
  GB: same
  StarLing:3674  OC: ŋrən  MC: ŋin  Gloss: silver
  Pou73:110 see
  PT/PSW เงิน  ŋən  "silver (as is)"  
      Brown:  "silver, money (conj.)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *ŋ- (A4)  B96-11 ]  PSW: *ŋɯan  "silver"  
      Li: [ *ŋ- (A2) 10.4:203 (rule 15.2) ]  PSW: *ŋə?n
ปะ Prapin gloss: to mend
Prapin: 320 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 102|c
  Big5: bu3 [1] [v] mend; patch; fix; repair; restore; fill [2] [v] add up; supplement; supply [3] addenda; supplements; replenishments; complements [4] nutritious; nutrient [5] rich foods; tonics [6] [v] mourish [7] [v] make up; help (finance, etc.); subsidize [8] [v] appoint to; fill a post [9] [v] be of help; benefit; use
  GB: same
  StarLing:3210  OC: pāʔ  MC: pó  Gloss: to mend, repair
  Pou73:19 see
ปัน Prapin gloss: divide into shares
Prapin: 321 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 471a-c
  Big5: (1) fen4 {fen1} (0) fen1 fen3 {fen4} (1) [1] [n] role or part [2] [n] part or portion (0) [1] [v] divide [2] [v] part [3] [v] share [4] [v] distribute [5] to distinguish [6] one minute [7] one cent [8] one hundredth of a tael [9] [n] centimeter [10] located separately; branch
  GB: same
  StarLing:98  OC: pən  MC: pün  Gloss: to divide, separate
  Pou73:43 see
  PT/PSW ปัน  pan  "to divide into shares (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *p- (A2)  B2-10 ]  PSW: *pan  "to share"  
      Li: [ *p+ə (A1) 4.1:60 ]  PSW: *pan  PT: *pən
ปัด Prapin gloss: to dust, wipe off
Prapin: 322 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 500h
  Big5: (0) fu2 fei4 pi3 {bi4} (1) bi4 {fu2} (0) [1] [v] shake; brush; whisk [2] [v] dust; [n] duster [3] [v] oppose; disobey [4] [v] expel; drive away (1) [1] [v] aid; assist [2] [v] make correct or right
  GB: same
  StarLing:903  OC: phət  MC: phüt  Gloss: to offend, oppose
  PT/PSW ปัด  pàt  "glass beads (H_2) (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *p- (DS2)  B2-27 ]  PSW: *pat  "beads"
  PT/PSW ปัด  pàt  "to sweep; to wipe; to brush off (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *p- (DS2)  B2-26 ]  PSW: *pat  "to brush off, sweep"  
      Li: [ *p+ə (D1S) 4.1:60 ]  PSW: *pat  PT: *pət
ป่า Prapin gloss: meadow
Prapin: 323 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: flat valley
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: ba4 [1] an embankment; dike [2] a dam
  GB: same
  StarLing:5228  OC: prā(k)s  MC: pạ̀  Gloss: dam, dike
  PT/PSW ป่า  pàa  "wilderness; meadow (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *p- (B2)  B2-2 ]  PSW: *pa  "forest"  
      Li: [ *p- (B1) 4.1:60 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *paa  PT: *pa
ปาน Prapin gloss: equal to, like
Prapin: 324 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: of equal quality or quantity
  Karlgren: 474c
  Big5: bin1 ban1 [1] intelligent; refined and gentle [2] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  PT/PSW ปาน  paan  "birthmark (H_1) (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *p- (A2)  B2-31 ]  PSW: *paan  "birthmark"
  PT/PSW ปาน  paan  "like, comparable (H_2) (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *p- (A2)  B2-32 ]  PSW: *paan  "as, equal, same"
ป่าว Prapin gloss: announce, report
Prapin: 325 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1058a-b
  Big5: bao4 [1] [v] repay; recompense [2] [n] reward; retribution [3] [v] report; announce; [n] report [4] [n] newspaper; periodical; journal
  GB: same
  StarLing:2479  OC: pūʔs  MC: pầw  Gloss: to plait, interweave
  Pou73:8 see
  PT/PSW ป่าว  pàaw  "to announce; report (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *p- (B2)  B2-25 ]  PSW: *paaw  "to announce, shout"  
      Li: [ *p+au (B1) 4.1:60 ]  PSW: *paau  PT: *pau
แป้น Prapin gloss: thin and flat
Prapin: 326 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: flat
  Karlgren: 246a
  Big5: (1) pian1 {bian3} (0) bian3 bian4 fan1 pian2 pian3 pin4 {pian1} (1) small (0) [1] flat [2] [n] tablet; signboard [3] an ancient surname
  GB: same
  StarLing:1239  OC: pēnʔ  MC: píen  Gloss: be flat and thin
แป้ง Prapin gloss: flour, cake, pastry
Prapin: 327 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: cake, pastry
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: bing3 [1] [n] cakes; biscuits; pastry [2] anything round and flat, as a disc
  GB: same
  StarLing:3702  OC: peŋʔ  MC: pjéŋ  Gloss: cake, pie [Han]
  Pou73:1 see Pou73:12 see
  PT/PSW แป้ง  pɛ̂ɛŋ  "flour; cake (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *p- (C2)  B2-35 ]  PSW: *pɛŋ  "powder, flour, cake"  
      Li: [ *p- (C1) 4.1:60 (rule 14.9.2) ]  PSW: *pɛɛŋ  PT: *pi̥ɛŋ
แปด Prapin gloss: eight
Prapin: 328 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 281a-d
  Big5: ba1 (ba2) eight
  GB: same
  StarLing:11  OC: prēt  MC: pạ̈t  Gloss: eight
  Pou73:25 see
  PT/PSW แปด  pɛ̀ɛt  "eight (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *p- (DL2)  B2-14 ]  PSW: *pɛt  "eight"  
      Li: [ *p+ɛ (D1L) 4.1:60 ]  PSW: *pɛɛt  PT: *pɛt
เป็ด Prapin gloss: duck
Prapin: 329 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 408a-c
  Big5: (0) pi1 {pi3} (1) pi3 {pi1} (0) [1] [n] bolt (of cloth) [2] [v] match [3] equal (1) a noun classifier for horses
  GB: same
  StarLing:105  OC: phit  MC: phjit  Gloss: one of a pair, peer; measure word for horses; to match
  PT/PSW เป็ด  pèt  "duck (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *p- (DS2)  B2-18 ]  PSW: *pet  "duck"  
      Li: [ *p+i̥e (D1S) 4.1:60 ]  PSW: *pet  PT: *pi̥et
ปิด Prapin gloss: to shut, close
Prapin: 330 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 412a-b
  Big5: bi4 bie1 [1] [v] shut; close [2] [v] obstruct; block up; stop [3] [v] conclude; end (conference) [4] [v] restrain
  GB: same
  StarLing:2403  OC: pīts  MC: pièj  Gloss: to shut, obstruct
ปิด Prapin gloss: cover, keep in ignorance
Prapin: 331 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 341h
  Big5: bi4 fu2 pie1 [1] [v] cover; cover up [2] [v] hide; conceal; shelter [3] [v] screen; separate
  GB: same
  StarLing:3952  OC: pets  MC: pjèj  Gloss: verdict, decision
เปลี้ย Prapin gloss: tired, wear out
Prapin: 333 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 26a
  Big5: (0) bai4 ba4 bi3 pa2 bi1 bei4 pi1 {ba5} {pi2} (1) ba5 {ba4} {pi2} (2) pi2 {ba4} {ba5} (0) [v] cease; finish; stop; be done with (1) same as $ (a sentence final particle) (2) tired; exhausted; weary
  GB: bai4 ba4 bi3 pa2 bi1 bei4 pi1 {ba5} {pi2} same
  StarLing:3941  OC: brēʔ  MC: bạ̈́  Gloss: to stop, cease, cancel [L. Zhou]
เปลี่ยน Prapin gloss: to change
Prapin: 334 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 178o.
  Big5: bian4 [1] [v] change; transform; alter [2] [c] change; become different [3] [v] turn into; become [4] extraordinarily; uncommon [5] [n] accident; misfortune; tragedy; upheaval; disturbance; unexpected turn of events [6] changeable
  GB: same
  StarLing:5207  OC: prans  MC: pèn  Gloss: to change
  Pou73:50 see
  PT/PSW เปลี่ยน  plìan  "to change (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *pl- (B2)  B5-19 ]  PSW: *plian  "to change, exchange"  
      Li: [ *pl+ie (B1) 5.2:85 ]  PSW: *pliən  PT: *plien
เปลือก Prapin gloss: bark, shell
Prapin: 335 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: skin
  Karlgren: 69g-i
  Big5: fu1 lu2 the skin; [n] surface [2] skin-deep; superficial; shallow [3] great (achievements; merit)
  GB: same
  StarLing:3949  OC: pra  MC: pü  Gloss: skin
  PT/PSW เปลือก  plʉ̀ak  "shell; bark (as is)"  
      Brown:  "skin (of fruit) (conj.)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *pl- (DL2)  B5-13 ]  PSW: *plɯak  "bark, husk"  
      Li: [ *pl- (D1L) 5.2:85 (rule 15.3) ]  PSW: *plɯək  PT: *plɯak
(ปก) ป้อง Prapin gloss: protect; cover
Prapin: 337 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: protect
  Karlgren: 1057a-e
  Big5: bao3 [1] [v] protect; guard; safeguard; shelter; defend [2] [v] be responsible; guarantee; insure [3] [n] waiter; tender [4] [v] care for [5] [v] keep; maintain [6] [v] stand guarantor or surety for someone [7] an official post in ancient China
  GB: same
  StarLing:1109  OC: pūʔ  MC: pấw  Gloss: to protect, preserve, maintain
  Pou73:30 see
ปอก Prapin gloss: to peel
Prapin: 338 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1228a
  Big5: (0) bo1 pu2 {bao1} (1) bao1 {bo1} (0) [v] peel; peel off; strip; skin; make bare; shell (1) [v] strip
  GB: bo1 bao1 pu1 peel
  StarLing:1539  OC: prōk  MC: pạuk  Gloss: to cut up, flay, peel, pluck
  PT/PSW ปอก  pɔ̀ɔk  "to peel (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *p- (DL2)  B2-9 ]  PSW: *pɔk  "to peel"  
      Li: [ *p+ɔ (D1L) 4.1:60 ]  PSW: *pɔɔk  PT: *pɔk
ปอด Prapin gloss: lungs
Prapin: 339 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 501g
  Big5: fei4 pei4 the lungs
  GB: same
  StarLing:1045  OC: phats (< *-ps)  MC: phwə̀j  Gloss: lung
  PT/PSW ปอด  pɔ̀ɔt  "lung (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *p- (DL2)  B2-8 ]  PSW: *pɔt  "lung"  
      Li: [ *p+@ɔ/ɯ̥ɔ (D1L) 4.1:60 ]  PSW: *pɔɔt  PT: *pɔ/ɯ̥ɔt
ปั่ว Prapin gloss: male, man
Prapin: 340 (class 3?)  Chinese gloss: man
  Karlgren: 101a-d
  Big5: (1) fu2 {fu1} (0) fu1 fu4 {fu2} (1) [1] a demonstrative pronoun; that [2] a final particle; particle (0) [1] [n] man; male adult [2] those eligible for military service [3] [n] husband [4] [n] master
  GB: same
  StarLing:116  OC: pa  MC: pü  Gloss: man, husband
ปุด Prapin gloss: bubbling
Prapin: 341 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: bubble up
  Karlgren: 500q
  Big5: fu2 fei4 pei4 [1] boiling (water, etc.) [2] [v] gush; bubble up
  GB: same
ปูน (บำเหน็จ) Prapin gloss: bestow, confer upon
Prapin: 342 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: give in fief, bestow
  Karlgren: 471p-q
  Big5: ban1 fen2 [1] [v] confer on; bestow on; grant [2] [v] proclaim; publish official; make public; promulgate [3] [v] distribute; send out
  GB: same
  StarLing:3321  OC: b(h)ər  MC: bün  Gloss: be big (of fishes' heads)
ผา Prapin gloss: rocky hills, slope
Prapin: 343 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: a slope
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: po1 bi4 pi2 [n] slope; bank; hillside
  GB: same
  PT/PSW ผา  pʰǎa  "rock; cliff (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *ph- (A1)  B7-2 ]  PSW: *Pa  "rock, cliff"  
      Jonsson:  [ *phr-~phl- (A1)  B9-2 ]  PSW: *Pra  "rock, cliff"  
      Li: [ *phl/r- (A1) 5.4:87 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *phl/raa  PT: *phl/ra
ผ่า Prapin gloss: split, cut
Prapin: 344 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: split
  Karlgren: 25o
  Big5: po4 pi4 [1] [v] break [2] dilapidated; ruined; destroyed [3] [v] defeat; beat (the enemy); capture (enemy territory) [4] [v] expose; exposed; lay bare; see (through) [5] [v] spend (money, etc.) [6] [v] solve; break (a murder case, etc.); analyze [7] [v] come to an end [8] paltry
  GB: same
  StarLing:1769  OC: phājs  MC: phwầ  Gloss: to break, split
  PT/PSW ผ่า  pʰàa  "split; hew (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *ph- (B1)  B7-3 ]  PSW: *Pa  "to split"  
      Li: [ *ph- (B1) 4.2:63 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *phaa  PT: *pha
ผ้า Prapin gloss: cloth, clothing
Prapin: 345 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: cloth
  Karlgren: 102j-l
  Big5: bu4 bian4 [1] (cotton) cloth; textiles [2] [v] declare; announce; proclaim [3] [v] display; distribute; disseminate; spread out [4] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  StarLing:238  OC: pā-s  MC: pò  Gloss: cloth
  Pou73:8 see Pou73:17 see Pou73:36 see Pou73:37 see
  PT/PSW ผ้า  pʰâa  "cloth; clothing (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *ph- (C1)  B7-4 ]  PSW: *Pa  "cloth"  
      Li: [ *ph- (C1) 4.2:63 (rule 14.10.1) ]  PSW: *phaa  PT: *phɯa
ผาก Prapin gloss: forehead
Prapin: 346 (class 3)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 69p
  Big5: lu2 [1] the skull [2] the head [3] the forehead
  GB: same
  StarLing:5273  OC: r(h)ā  MC: lo  Gloss: skull [LZ]
  PT/PSW ผาก  pʰàak  "dried up (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Li: [ *phl/r- (D1L) 5.4:87 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *phl/raak  PT: *phl/rak
  PT/PSW ผาก  pʰàak  "forehead (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Li: [ *phl/r- (D1L) 5.4:87 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *phl/raak  PT: *phl/rak
ผาด Prapin gloss: obscured, indistinct
Prapin: 347 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: obscured
  Karlgren: 501f
  Big5: pei4 bei4 [1] abundance; full of; copious; much [2] quickly; rapidly; sudden [3] [v] fall prostrate [4] [v] reserve water for irrigation [5] tall; high; great
  GB: same
  StarLing:641  OC: pāts  MC: pwầj  Gloss: fall down, collapse
แผ่ Prapin gloss: branch off, spread out
Prapin: 348 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: branch off, distribute
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: pai4 pa4 mo4 mai4 [1] [n] tributary; branch [2] [n] division; school (of thought, philosophy, art, etc.); party [3] [n] faction [4] [v] assign; dispatch; send
  GB: same
  StarLing:1315  OC: phrē(k)s  MC: phạ̈̀  Gloss: branch (of a river); to delegate, send, detach [Jin]
  PT/PSW แผ่  pʰɛ̀ɛ  "to spread out, flatten out (yl)"  
      Luo:  "to spread out, flatten out"
แผก Prapin gloss: divided or broken up into sections
Prapin: 349 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: split into fragments
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: (0) pi1 {pi3} (1) pi3 {pi1} (0) [1] [v] cleave; cut apart; split; rive; rend [2] [n] wedge (1) [v] split; chop
  GB: same
  StarLing:3727  OC: phēk  MC: phiek  Gloss: to cleave, cut [Nanchao]
  PT/PSW แผก  pʰɛ̀ɛk  "to split open; crack (as is)"  
      Luo:  "to tear, pull apart"  
      Jonsson:  [ *phr-~phl- (DL1)  B9-9 ]  PSW: *Prɛk  "to crack, different"  
      Li: [ *phl/r- (D1L) 5.4:87 (rule 14.9) ]  PSW: *phl/rɛɛk  PT: *phl/rɛk
แผ่น Prapin gloss: sheet, classifier
Prapin: 350 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 218a
  Big5: (0) pian4 pan4 {pian1} (1) pian1 {pian4} (0) [1] [n] piece; slice; splinter; chip; fragment [2] Kangxi radical 91 (1) [1] [n] photograph [2] [n] phonograph record
  GB: same
  StarLing:156  OC: phēn-s  MC: phìen  Gloss: partial, one-sided [LZ]
  Pou73:35 see Pou73:221 see
  PT/PSW แผ่น  pʰɛ̀n  "classifier of boards, flat objects, etc. (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *ph- (C1)  B7-20 ]  PSW: *Pɛn  "flat object, classifier for"  
      Li: [ *ph- (B1) 4.2:63 (rule 14.9) ]  PSW: *phɛɛn  PT: *phɛn
ผิว Prapin gloss: skin, complexion
Prapin: 352 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: skin
  Karlgren: 69g-i
  Big5: fu1 lu2 the skin; [n] surface [2] skin-deep; superficial; shallow [3] great (achievements; merit)
  GB: same
  StarLing:3949  OC: pra  MC: pü  Gloss: skin
  PT/PSW ผิว  pʰǐw  "skin, bark, surface (nj)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *ph- (A1)  B7-18 ]  PSW: *Piw  "skin, bark, surface"
  PT/PSW ผิว  pʰǐw  "to whistle (nj)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *ph- (A1)  B7-17 ]  PSW: *Piw  "to whistle"
(ผัน) ผวน Prapin gloss: turn, changeable
Prapin: 354 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 195d
  Big5: fan1 fan2 [1] [n] flag; pennant; pennon; banner; streamer [2] sudden; suddenly
  GB: same
  StarLing:3771  OC: pha[r]  MC: phwən  Gloss: be waving about, changeable, versatile
ผูก Prapin gloss: bind, tie
Prapin: 355 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: bind, wrap
  Karlgren: 771m
  Big5: fu2 fo4 fu4 [v] tie; bind
  GB: same
  StarLing:4243  OC: bak  MC: bwak  Gloss: to fasten, tie [L.Zhou]
  PT/PSW ผูก  pʰùuk  "to tie; bind (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *ph- (DL1)  B7-5 ]  PSW: *Puk  "to tie"  
      Li: [ *fr+uə (D1L) 5.8:94 ]  PSW: *ph?uuk  PT: *fruək
เผือก Prapin gloss: white
Prapin: 356 (class 3?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 782a-e
  Big5: bo2 bai2 ba4 bai3 zi4 [1] white; clear; pure; unblemished; bright; clean; plain [2] empty; blank [3] in vain; for nothing [4] free of charge; gratis [5] the spoken part in an opera, etc. [6] [v] state; explain [7] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  StarLing:279  OC: brāk  MC: bạ̈ik  Gloss: be white
  Pou73:21 see Pou73:42 see
  PT/PSW เผือก  pʰʉ̀ak  "taro (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *ph- (DL1)  B7-15 ]  PSW: *Pɯak  "taro, albino"  
      Li: [ *phl/r+ɯe (D1L) 5.4:87 ]  PSW: *phl/rɯək  PT: *phl/rɯek
ผึ้ง Prapin gloss: bees
Prapin: 357 (class 3)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1197s-t
  Big5: feng1 peng2 [n] bee; wasp; hornet
  GB: same
  StarLing:3202  OC: phoŋ  MC: phöuŋ  Gloss: bee, wasp
  PT/PSW ผึ้ง  pʰʉ̂ŋ  "bee (nj)"  
      Brown:  "bee (conj.)"  
      Luo:  "beeswax, bee"  
      Jonsson:  [ *ph- (C1)  B7-7 ]  PSW: *Pɯŋ  "bee"  
      Jonsson:  [ *phr-~phl- (C1)  B9-3 ]  PSW: *Prɯŋ  "bee"
ใภ้ Prapin gloss: daughter-in-law, woman relative by marriage
Prapin: 358 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: woman, wife
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: fu4 [1] [n] married woman; woman; female; matron [2] the wife of one's son [3] [n] wife [4] [n] married woman
  GB: same
  StarLing:2016  OC: bəʔ  MC: bə́w  Gloss: wife, lady, woman
ไพ่ Prapin gloss: playing cards
Prapin: 359 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: placard
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: pai2 [1] [n] bulletin board [2] [n] tablet; signboard; placard; plate [3] [n] card; tag; label [4] [n] trademark; brand
  GB: same
  StarLing:2664  OC: brē  MC: bạ̈  Gloss: tablet, card, dice [Song]
  Pou73:48 see
  PT/PSW ไพ่  pʰây  "card (conj.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  "card (conj.)"
พัน Prapin gloss: to coil up
Prapin: 360 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 195o
  Big5: pan2 fan2 [1] [v] coil; coiling; curlup [2] [v] occupy
  GB: same
  StarLing:4751  OC: b(h)ār  MC: bwân  Gloss: to curl
  PT/PSW พัน  pʰan   "thousand (cit.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Luo:  "thousand"
  PT/PSW พัน  pʰan  "to coil; wind around (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *b- (A4)  B16-31 ]  PSW: *ban  "to encircle"
พัง Prapin gloss: tumble down
Prapin: 361 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: collapse, fall
  Karlgren: 886m
  Big5: beng1 [1] [v] collapse; disintegrate; fall [2] [v] die (said of an emperor)
  GB: same
  StarLing:2043  OC: pə̄ŋ  MC: pʌŋ  Gloss: to collapse; die (of a prominent person)
  PT/PSW พัง  pʰaŋ  "to fall down, ruined (nj)"  
      Brown:  "to destroy (conj.)"  
      Luo:  "to fall down, ruin"  
      Jonsson:  [ *b- (A4)  B16-23 ]  PSW: *baŋ  "to fall down, ruined"
พัง (เพย) Prapin gloss: a remark in parentheses
Prapin: 362 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 740|f-i
  Big5: (0) pang2 bang1 beng1 jing1 pang1 peng2 {bang4} (1) bang4 {pang2} (S 65C1->5348) [1] noon; high noon [2] 11 am to 1 PM (in Old Chinese time measurement [3] seventh terrestrial branch [4] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  StarLing:1659  OC: bhāŋ  MC: bwâŋ  Gloss: side
พา Prapin gloss: to take along
Prapin: 363 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: assist, support
  Karlgren: 101f
  Big5: fu2 [1] [v] support; help; protect; prop up; aid; shield; shelter; harbor [2] [v] lean upon
  GB: same
  StarLing:599  OC: bha  MC: bü  Gloss: a k. of tree (fu-su)
  Pou73:236 see
  PT/PSW พา  pʰaa  "to carry; take along (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *b- (A4)  B16-20 ]  PSW: *ba  "to take along, accompany"  
      Li: [ *b- (A2) 4.3:65 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *baa  PT: *ba
พ่าย Prapin gloss: to be defeated
Prapin: 364 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 320f-g
  Big5: bai4 [1] [v] defeat; be defeated; thwart; be thwarted; go down; fail; lose [2] [v] decline; decay; wither [3] [v] spoil; be spoiled; corrupt; be corrupted
  GB: same
  StarLing:2129  OC: brāts  MC: bạ̀j  Gloss: to go to ruin; the ruin, defeat
  PT/PSW พ่าย  pʰâay  "defeated; to be conquered (as is)"  
      Li: [ *b- (B2) 4.3:65 (rule 16.5) ]  PSW: *baai  PT: *bai
พาน Prapin gloss: a tray supported on a pedestal
Prapin: 365 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 182e-f
  Big5: pan2 [a] tray; plate; dish [b] examine
  GB: same
  StarLing:3892  OC: bān  MC: bwân  Gloss: a dish, basin
  Pou73:2 see
  PT/PSW พาน  pʰaan  "plate; vase (as is)"  
      Li: [ *b- (A2) 4.3:65 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *baan  PT: *ban
พ่าน Prapin gloss: be in a turmoil or in disorder
Prapin: 366 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 181l
  Big5: pan4 ban4 [v] rebel; revolt; rebellion; rebellious
  GB: same
  StarLing:1143  OC: b(h)ān-s  MC: bwần  Gloss: to desert, revolt [LZ]
แพ Prapin gloss: raft
Prapin: 367 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 579x
  Big5: pai2 pai3 bai4 bei4 [1] [n] row; rank; line [2] arrange; put in order; fall in line [3] [n] platoon (military) [4] [v] clear out; drain away; discharge [5] [v] reject; expel; exclude [6] [v] rehearse [7] [n] raft [8] [v] push
  GB: same
  StarLing:2118  OC: brə̄j  MC: bạ̈j  Gloss: rank,order; to expel,prohibit [L.Zhou]
  Pou73:26 see Pou73:34 see
  PT/PSW แพ  pʰɛɛ  "raft (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *b- (A4)  B16-6 ]  PSW: *be  "raft"  
      Li: [ *b- (A2) 4.3:65 (rule 14.9) ]  PSW: *bɛɛ  PT: *
เพี้ยง Prapin gloss: equal to, on a par with
Prapin: 368 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: side by side
  Karlgren: 840a-c
  Big5: bing4 bang4 ya4 [1] and; also; at the same time [2] on the same level with; even; equal; side by side [3] entirely; completely
  GB: bing4 {bing1} [a] combine; annex [b] also; whats more
  StarLing:724  OC: bēŋʔ  MC: biéŋ  Gloss: side by side,next to each other, all together
พิง Prapin gloss: lean on, depend upon
Prapin: 369 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 899e
  Big5: ping2 [1] [v] lean on [2] [v] depend on; rely upon [3] [v] be based on; go by; base on; take as a basis [4] [n] basis; proof; evidence [5] no matter (what, how, etc.)
  GB: same
  StarLing:4134  OC: bəŋ  MC: biŋ  Gloss: to lean on, rely on
  Pou73:20 see
  PT/PSW พิง  pʰiŋ  "to lean on (conj.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  "to lean on (conj.)"
พี Prapin gloss: fat
Prapin: 370 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 582a
  Big5: fei2 bi3 [1] fat; plump; obese; portly; corpulent [2] fat (of meat) [3] sufficiency; affluence; plenty [4] fertile [5] [v] fertilize (land) [6] fertilizers [7] baggy
  GB: same
  StarLing:1046  OC: bəj  MC: bwɨj  Gloss: be fat
  PT/PSW พี  pʰii  "fat (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *b- (A4)  B16-3 ]  PSW: *bi  "fat"  
      Li: [ *b+i (A2) 4.3:65 ]  PSW: *bii  PT: *bi
พลัด Prapin gloss: to be separated from
Prapin: 371 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: separate
  Karlgren: 292a
  Big5: bie2 [1] [v] part [2] [v] distinguish; differentiate; separate [3] other; another; different [4] do not (in imperative expressions)
  GB: ? 522B
  StarLing:491  OC: brat  MC: bet  Gloss: to separate, branch off
เพลีย Prapin gloss: tired, exhausted
Prapin: 372 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 25d
  Big5: pi2 zhi1 feel tired; be exhausted; weary; fatigued
  GB: same
  StarLing:1750  OC: bhaj  MC: be  Gloss: weary, exhausted; emaciated [L.Zhou]
(ไม้) พลอง Prapin gloss: a club, cudgel
Prapin: 373 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: bang4 [1] [n] stick; club; truncheon [2] [v] hit with a club [3] good; strong; wonderful
  GB: same
  StarLing:2599  OC: brōŋʔ  MC: bạ́uŋ  Gloss: stick, cane, pole [Han]
พก Prapin gloss: a pouch pocket
Prapin: 374 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: square of cloth for wrapping bundles
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: fu2 used in combination for piece of cloth used to wrap bundles
  GB: same
  PT/PSW พก  pʰók  "to wrap in a bundle (nj)"  
      Brown:  "to carry on one's person; pouch or pocket formed by tuck in sarong (conj.)"  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *b- (DS4)  B16-8 ]  PSW: *bok  "to wrap in a bundle"
พ่น Prapin gloss: squirt, emit
Prapin: 375 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 437e
  Big5: (1) fen4 {pen1} (0) pen1 pen4 {fen4} (1) used in combination (0) [1] to spurt; gush [2] to spray; sprinkle; blow out; puff out
  GB: pen1 pen4 {fen4} same
  PT/PSW พ่น  pʰôn  "spray, squirt, blow (H) (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *b- (B4)  B16-26 ]  PSW: *bon  "to spray, spit"
พรัก (พร้อม) Prapin gloss: prepare, ready
Prapin: 376 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: bei4 [1] [n] sense of completeness; perfection [2] [v] be equipped with [3] [v] get ready [4] [v] prepare against [5] fully; in every possible way
  GB: same
  StarLing:2429  OC: brəʔs  MC: bì  Gloss: be ready, complete, perfect, ample
(ลูก) พรวน Prapin gloss: neck bells (for domestic animals)
Prapin: 377 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: bells on horse trapping
  Karlgren: 178f-g
  Big5: luan2 luo2 [1] [n] bells around the neck of a horse; bells hung on the imperial chariot [2] [n] imperial carriage
  GB: same
  StarLing:5289  OC: r(h)ōn  MC: lwân  Gloss: bells on horse's trapping
พ่วง Prapin gloss: pontoon, raft
Prapin: 378 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: boat
  Karlgren: 740g-h
  Big5: fang4 fang3 fang1 bang4 [1] two boats latched side by side [2] [n] boat; yacht; ship
  GB: same
พูน Prapin gloss: increase, flourishing
Prapin: 379 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 195m
  Big5: (0) fan2 pi2 {fan1} (1) fan1 {fan2} (0) [1] luxuriant; flourishing (vegetation) [2] [v] increase; multiply; propagate [3] numerous; plentiful (1) barbarians (as opposed to native Chinese); foreign; uncivilized
  GB: same
  StarLing:4268  OC: b(h)ar  MC: bwən  Gloss: be prosperous, rich
  PT/PSW พูน  pʰuun  "filled (heaping) container (conj.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  "filled (heaping) container (conj.)"  Note: no Shan cognate
เพื่อน Prapin gloss: friend, comrade
Prapin: 380 (class 3)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 181c
  Big5: ban4 pai4 pan4 [1] [n] companion; comrade; partner [2] [v] accompany
  GB: same
  StarLing:462  OC: bhānʔ  MC: bwấn  Gloss: friend, comrade [L.Zhou]
พื้น Prapin gloss: to get angry
Prapin: 381 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: anger, angry
  Karlgren: 471g
  Big5: 忿 fen4 fen3 [1] anger; fury; indignation [2] complaining; hatred; [n] grudge
  GB: 忿 same
  StarLing:880  OC: phənʔ  MC: phǘn  Gloss: anger, indignation
  PT/PSW พื้น  pʰʉ́ʉn  "ground, earth (nj)"  
      Brown:  "floor, ground (conj.)"  
      Luo:  "bottom"  
      Jonsson:  [ *b- (C4)  B16-17 ]  PSW: *bɯn  "ground, earth"
เพิก Prapin gloss: to open
Prapin: 382 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 853a-c
  Big5: (0) bi4 bai3 bei1 bo2 pi1 pi2 {pi4} (1) pi4 {bi4} (0) [1] [n] monarch [2] [v] summon; rule [3] [v] govern; take the law (to people); rule [4] [v] avoid; escape (1) same as $
  GB: same
  StarLing:3263  OC: bek  MC: bjek  Gloss: corrective measures, punishment
รัก (แร้) Prapin gloss: the arm-pits
Prapin: 383 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 800m
  Big5: ye4 yi4 the armpits; the part under the forelegs of animals
  GB: same
รัง (วัด) Prapin gloss: to measure
Prapin: 384 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 737a-c
  Big5: (1) liang4 {liang2} (0) liang2 {liang4} (1) [1] [n] quantity [2] [n] capacity [3] [v] estimate (0) [v] measure
  GB: same
  StarLing:2851  OC: raŋs  MC: làŋ  Gloss: a measure of capacity
รา Prapin gloss: we two
Prapin: 385 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: I, we
  Karlgren: 82a-e
  Big5: yu2 ye2 (S 4F59->9918) [1] remaining; remainder; rest [2] [n] surplus; excess; overplus [3] [n] balance [4] [n] complement of a number or figure; odd [5] after
  GB: same
  StarLing:481  OC: L̴a  MC: jö  Gloss: I, we
  PT/PSW รา  raa  "we two (inclusive) (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Li: [ *r- (A2) 8.3:142 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *raa  PT: *ra
(รถ) รา Prapin gloss: vehicle
Prapin: 386 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 89j
  Big5: 輿 yu2 [1] [n] carriage; vehicle; cart [2] [n] sedan chair [3] the land; the earth [4] all; general [5] [v] carry; transport
  GB: same
  StarLing:4602  OC: la  MC: jö  Gloss: beginning (in the compound .... quan-yu)
รา Prapin gloss: undecided, procrastinate
Prapin: 387 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 45|o
  Big5: chu2 chuo4 zhu4 [v] hesitate; falter; be undecided
  GB: same
  StarLing:4914  OC: dhra  MC: ḍö  Gloss: hesitate, advance and draw back [LZ]
  PT/PSW รา  raa  "we two (inclusive) (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Li: [ *r- (A2) 8.3:142 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *raa  PT: *ra
ร่า (เริง) Prapin gloss: joyful, merry
Prapin: 388 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: joy
  Karlgren: 83e
  Big5: yu4 shu1 xie4 [1] relaxed; comfortable; comfort; [v] be at ease [2] same as $ [3] [v] travel; make an excursion or trip [4] [v] cheat; lie [5] one of the nine political divisions in ancient China [6] [v] hesitate [7] short for Honan [8] happy; delighted; pleased [9] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  StarLing:4302  OC: la-s  MC: jö̀  Gloss: to be happy, rejoice, enjoy
(ปลา) ร้า Prapin gloss: preserved with salt
Prapin: 389 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: salty
  Karlgren: 71a-b
  Big5: lu3 lu2 [1] alkaline soil; saline soil [2] natural salt [3] rude; unrefined [4] [v] capture; seize [5] Kangxi radical 197
  GB: lu3 chi3 di2 (S 5364->6EF7) [1] [n] gravy; sauce; broth [2] salty; salted
  StarLing:2423  OC: rhāʔ  MC: ló  Gloss: salty (e. g. land) [LZ]
(นก) ร้า Prapin gloss: a kind of heron
Prapin: 390 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 766|v
  Big5: lu4 [n] egret (Egretta garzetta)
  GB: same
ราย Prapin gloss: set, category, list
Prapin: 391 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 593|z-a
  Big5: chai2 [1] [n] class; company [2] and adjunct to show plurality [3] [v] match (as man and wife) [4] [Hakka] people; persons [5] [Wu] all
  GB: same
  PT/PSW ราย  raay  "to exchange, alternative (yl)"  
      Luo:  "to exchange, alternative"
ร้าน Prapin gloss: booth, shed, stall, shop
Prapin: 392 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 155d
  Big5: zhan4 chen2 [1] [n] warehouse; storehouse [2] [n] tavern; inn [3] a road made along a cliff [4] [n] pen; stable [5] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  StarLing:2597  OC: ʒ́(h)rānʔ  MC: ʒ̣ạ́n  Gloss: carriage box made of lath or bamboo
  PT/PSW ร้าน  ráan  "platform, stall (nj)"  
      Brown:  "shop (conj.)"  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Luo:  "level, storey"  
      Jonsson:  [ *r- (C4)  B67-48 ]  PSW: *raan  "platform, stall"
(รุ่ง) ราง Prapin gloss: brilliant, light
Prapin: 393 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 755j
  Big5: liang4 liang2 [1] bright; lustrous; brilliant; luminous; radiant; clear [2] [v] display; show
  GB: same
  StarLing:1101  OC: raŋʔ-s  MC: làŋ  Gloss: light; (show the light:) to guide, assist
ร่วง Prapin gloss: body, shape, form
Prapin: 394 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 727s
  Big5: zhuang4 [1] [n] form; appearance; shape; look [2] condition; state; situation [3] written appeal [4] [n] certificate [5] [v] describe; narrate; description
  GB: same
  StarLing:1016  OC: ʒ́(h)raŋs  Gloss: form, shape, appearance.
  PT/PSW ร่วง  rûaŋ  "to fall, drop (of leaves, flowers) (yl)"  
      Luo:  "to fall, drop (of leaves, flowers)"
เร่ Prapin gloss: wander about, move, changeable
Prapin: 395 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: move; change; shift
  Karlgren: 3q
  Big5: yi2 yi4 [1] [v] change; alter; influence; affect [2] [v] shift; move [3] [v] forward; transmit; transfer; transplant; convey [4] [v] give; endow
  GB: same
  StarLing:2264  OC: L̴aj  MC: je  Gloss: to transfer, move
เรี่ย (ราด) Prapin gloss: dribble, drip, strew, scattered
Prapin: 396 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 339h
  Big5: (0) xie4 {yi4} (1) yi4 {xie4} (0) [1] [v] leak out; reveal [2] [v] vent [3] [v] scatter; disperse [4] a Chinese family name (1) [1] mild and easy [2] many; crowded
  GB: same
  StarLing:989  OC: slhat  MC: sjet  Gloss: to leak out, ooze, to disperse
เรียก Prapin gloss: summon, call
Prapin: 397 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1131e-h
  Big5: zhao4 shao4 zhao1 [1] imperial decree; [v] summon; call up [2] [v] cause; invite
  GB: same
  StarLing:208  OC: d(h)rawʔs  MC: ḍèw  Gloss: to call, summon
  PT/PSW เรียก  rîak  "to call (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *r- (DL4)  B67-32 ]  PSW: *riak  "to call"  
      Li: [ *r- (D2L) 8.3:142 (rule 15.2) ]  PSW: *riək  PT: *riek
เรี่ยม Prapin gloss: beautiful
Prapin: 398 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: yan4 beautiful; sexy; voluptuous
  GB: same
  StarLing:5243  OC: l(h)ams  MC: jèm  Gloss: beautiful
เรียน Prapin gloss: to practice (in order to become proficient)
Prapin: 399 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: to train, improve by training
  Karlgren: 185i
  Big5: lian4 [1] [v] practice; drill; exercise; train [2] skilled; experienced [3] [v] soften and whiten raw silk by boiling
  GB: same
  StarLing:3925  OC: rēns  MC: lìen  Gloss: to boil (silk), to purify silk (by boiling)
  PT/PSW เรียน  rian  "to study (conj.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  "to study (conj.)"
เรียว Prapin gloss: tack for hauling a sail
Prapin: 400 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: lines for a sail
  Karlgren: 1151e
  Big5: (0) liao4 liao2 {liao3} (1) liao3 {liao4} (0) [1] [v] burn over a wider and wider area [2] set fire to [2] [v] be brilliant (1) [v] singe
  GB: same
  StarLing:4200  OC: r(h)ēw-s  MC: lìew  Gloss: burnt-offering; torch; flame, burn; brilliant
  PT/PSW เรียว  riaw  "slim (conj.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  "slim (conj.)"  
      Luo:  "charcoal; stick"
เรี่ยว Prapin gloss: vigorous, strong (as the current of a river)
Prapin: 401 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: gush forth
  Karlgren: 1114v
  Big5: (1) liu1 {liu4} (0) liu4 {liu1} (1) [1] [v] slide; glide; slip; slippery [2] [v] go secretly and quietly (0) [1] rapids [2] [n] row; column
  GB: same
ริม Prapin gloss: nearby, at the side of
Prapin: 402 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 669e-g
  Big5: lin2 lin4 [1] [v] look down from above; preside over [2] draw near; approach; descend; come to; reach; visit [3] on the point of; near; during; at; whilst; while [4] [v] copy; imitate [5] temporary; provisional [6] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  StarLing:4546  OC: rəm  MC: lim  Gloss: to approach; look down
  PT/PSW ริม  rim  "edge, border (nj)"  
      Brown:  "edge (conj.)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *r- (A4)  B67-19 ]  PSW: *rim  "edge, border"
ริน Prapin gloss: trickle (tears, water)
Prapin: 403 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 213b
  Big5: lian2 lan2 [1] ripples [2] weeping
  GB: same
รี (รอ) Prapin gloss: hesitate
Prapin: 404 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 863e
  Big5: chi2 [v] hesitate; undecided
  GB: same
  StarLing:4021  OC: d(h)re  MC: ḍe  Gloss: be pacing up and down
รก Prapin gloss: fibrous growth on branches
Prapin: 405 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: luxuriant growth
  Karlgren: 1069p
  Big5: (0) liao3 lao3 {lu4} (1) lu4 {liao3} (0) [1] smartweed [2] name of a state in today's Honan province in the Spring and Autumn period (1) luxuriant; high (vegetation)
  GB: same
  PT/PSW รก  rók  "a litter (of animals), placenta (yl)"  
      Luo:  "a litter (of animals), placenta"
  PT/PSW รก  rók  "placenta, umbilical cord (nj)"  
      Brown:  "messy (conj.)"  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Luo:  "placenta; litter (of animals)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *r- (DS4)  B67-47 ]  PSW: *rok  "placenta, umbilical cord"
ร่ม Prapin gloss: shade, shady
Prapin: 406 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: shade
  Karlgren: 651|b-c
  Big5: yin4 yin1 [1] shade; shade of trees [2] [v] shelter; protect [3] (with) the support or blessing of
  GB: same
  PT/PSW ร่ม  rôm  "shade; to shade; shadow (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *r- (B4)  B67-15 ]  PSW: *rom  "shade"  
      Li: [ *r+e (B2) 8.3:142 ]  PSW: *rom  PT: *rem
(รี) รอ Prapin gloss: walk hesitatingly, undecided
Prapin: 407 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 127n
  Big5: ? 0
  GB: chu2 same as $
  StarLing:8268  OC: d(h)ro  MC: ḍü  Gloss: walk hesitatingly, be pacing up and down
ร้อย Prapin gloss: to string (as flowers), bind together
Prapin: 408 (class 3?)  Chinese gloss: bind, strung together
  Karlgren: 577r
  Big5: (2) lei2 {lei3} {lei4} (1) lei4 {lei3} {lei2} (0) lei3 lie4 luo3 {lei4} {lei2} (2) [1] nuisance [2] [v] fasten; bind (1) [1] [v] involve; involvement; implicate [2] [v] owe; be in debt [3] tired; weary; fatigue [4] [v] strain (eyes) [5] [n] family burden (0) [1] [v] accumulate through a length of time [2] [v] pile up [3] [v] repeat; repeatedly; successively
  GB: same
  StarLing:2288  OC: rojʔs  MC: lwè  Gloss: involve, implicate; labour, hardship [L.Zhou]
  PT/PSW ร้อย  rɔ́ɔy   "hundred (cit.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate
  PT/PSW ร้อย  rɔ́ɔy  "string (of something); to string (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Li: [ *r+ɔi (C2) 8.3:142 ]  PSW: *rɔɔi  PT: *rɔi
รอม Prapin gloss: gather together
Prapin: 410 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: unite, altogether
  Karlgren: 671a-d
  Big5: xian2 han4 jian3 together; all; completely; united; fully; wholly
  GB: same
  StarLing:1149  OC: grə̄m (˜-ī-)  MC: ɣạ̈m  Gloss: to complete, finish; unite; concordant; completely, all
  Pou73:169 see Pou73:170 see
  PT/PSW รอม  rɔɔm  "to collect; gather together (as is)"  
      Li: [ *r- (A2) 8.3:142 (rule 14.11) ]  PSW: *rɔɔm  PT: *rɔm
รั่ว Prapin gloss: leak, leaky
Prapin: 411 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 120a
  Big5: lou4 lou2 [1] [v] leak; drip [2] [n] hour glass; water clock [3] [v] divulge; disclose [4] [v] slip; omit unintentionally; neglect; forget; be missing
  GB: same
  StarLing:3476  OC: rhōs  MC: lʌ̀w  Gloss: to leak
  Pou73:251 see
  PT/PSW รั่ว  rûa  "to leak; leaky (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *r- (B4)  B67-29 ]  PSW: *rua  "to leak"  
      Li: [ *r+ue (B2) 8.3:142 ]  PSW: *ruə  PT: *rue
รั้ว Prapin gloss: fence, hedge
Prapin: 412 (class 3)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 23g
  Big5: li2 [n] bamboo or wooden fence; hedge
  GB: same
  StarLing:5265  OC: raj  MC: le  Gloss: hedge
  PT/PSW รั้ว  rúa  "fence; hedge (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *r- (C4)  B67-30 ]  PSW: *rua  "fence"  
      Li: [ *r- (C2) 8.3:142 (rule 15.4) ]  PSW: *ruə  PT: *rua
รูด Prapin gloss: scrape off
Prapin: 413 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 299e
  Big5: (1) luu3 {le4} {luo1} (2) luo1 {le4} {luu3} (0) le4 lun4 {luu3} {luo1} (1) [v] stroke (one's beard, etc.); smooth out with fingers (2) [1] [v] rub one's palm along (something long) [2] [v] squeeze with hands (0) [v] pluck; gather in the fingers
  GB: same
  StarLing:5923  OC: rhōt  MC: lwât  Gloss: to gather, pluck, pick
  PT/PSW รูด  rûut  "to pull to detach or strip off grains from the stalk (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *r- (DL4)  B67-45 ]  PSW: *ruut  "to draw off"  
      Li: [ *r- (D2L) 8.3:142 (rule 14.5.4) ]  PSW: *ruut  PT: *ruot
เรือก Prapin gloss: a place for settlement
Prapin: 414 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: zhai2 zhe4 [n] residence; dwelling; house; home
  GB: same
เรือน Prapin gloss: one's dwelling
Prapin: 415 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: soil belonging to one peasant family
  Karlgren: 204a
  Big5: chan2 [1] [n] store; shop [2] living space for one family in ancient times
  GB: same
  StarLing:7167  OC: d(h)ran  MC: ḍen  Gloss: a farm, farmyard
  PT/PSW เรือน  rʉan  "house (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *r- (A4)  B67-10 ]  PSW: *rɯan  "house, home"  
      Li: [ *r+ɯa (A2) 8.3:142 ]  PSW: *rɯən  PT: *rɯan
เรือง Prapin gloss: limpid, clear
Prapin: 416 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 883m
  Big5: cheng2 deng4 zheng4 [1] clear and still water [2] [v] purify water by allowing sedimentation; purify water by letting the impurities settle down to the bottom [3] [v] pacify
  GB: same
  StarLing:3851  OC: dhrəŋ  MC: ḍiŋ  Gloss: clear, limpid [Han]
  PT/PSW เรือง  rʉaŋ  "bright, glowing, fluorescent (H) (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *mr-~ml- (A4)  B22-9 ]  PSW: *mrɯaŋ ~ mlɯaŋ  "shiny"  Note: Confirmed
เรือด Prapin gloss: bed bug
Prapin: 417 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: flea, louse
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: ? 0
  GB: shi1 [n] louse
  PT/PSW เรือด  rʉ̂at  "bug; bedbug (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *r- (DL4)  B67-23 ]  PSW: *rɯat  "bedbug"  
      Li: [ *dr+ɯe (D2L) 7.7:128 ]  PSW: *rɯət  PT: *drɯet
(จิ้ง) หรีด Prapin gloss: cricket
Prapin: 418 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: shuai4 shuo4 used in combination for cricket
  GB: same
สั่น Prapin gloss: shake, tremble
Prapin: 419 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 455s
  Big5: zhen4 shen1 zhen1 [1] [v] shake; quake; tremor; tremble, as an earthquake [2] [v] excite; shock [3] scared; terrified [4] [n] thunder; thunderclap [5] the 4th of the Eight Diagrams
  GB: same
  StarLing:4062  OC: tərs  MC: ćìn  Gloss: to shake
  PT/PSW สั่น  sàn  "to tremble (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *s- (B1)  B55-32 ]  PSW: *san  "to shake, tremble"  
      Li: [ *s- (B1) 9.1:152 (rule 14.7) ]  PSW: *san  PT: *san
สั่ง Prapin gloss: blow one's nose
Prapin: 420 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: xing3 [v] blow (the nose)
  GB: same
  PT/PSW สั่ง  sàŋ  "to bid; order (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *s- (B1)  B55-26 ]  PSW: *san  "to order, bid"  
      Li: [ *s- (B1) 9.1:152 (rule 14.7) ]  PSW: *saŋ  PT: *saŋ
  PT/PSW สั่ง  sàŋ  "to blow one's nose (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *s- (B1)  B55-25 ]  PSW: *saŋ  "to blow one's nose"  
      Li: [ *s- (B1) 9.1:152 (rule 14.7) ]  PSW: *saŋ  PT: *saŋ
สาม Prapin gloss: three
Prapin: 421 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 648a-c
  Big5: (1) san4 {san1} (0) san1 {san4} (0) three
  GB: same
  StarLing:20  OC: sə̄m  MC: sâm  Gloss: be three
  Pou73:277 see
  PT/PSW สาม  sǎam  "three (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *s- (A1)  B55-10 ]  PSW: *saam  "three"  
      Li: [ *s- (A1) 9.1:152 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *saam  PT: *sam
สาว (ด้าย) Prapin gloss: reel off a thread
Prapin: 423 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1169d
  Big5: sao1 zao3 [v] draw; unwind (silk from cocoons)
  GB: same
สว่าน Prapin gloss: a drill
Prapin: 424 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 153h-i
  Big5: (2) zuan4 {zuan1} {zuan3 zuan1} (0) zuan1 nie4 zuan3 {zuan4} {zuan3 zuan1} {zuan4} (1) zuan3 zuan1 {zuan1} {zuan4} (2) [1] [n] diamond; jewel [2] [n] gimlet; awl; auger; borer; drill (0) [1] [v] drill; bore; pierce; dig through; penetrate [2] [v] go through; make one's way into [3] [v] gain (profit, positio, etc.) through special favor, contact, relations, etc. [4] [v] study intensively; dig into; bury onself in (1) [v] bore; pierce a hole
  GB: zuan1 nie4 zuan3 {zuan4} {zuan3 zuan1} {zuan4} same
  StarLing:5288  OC: cōn  MC: cwân  Gloss: to pierce, incise [L.Zhou]
(ศัพท์) แสง Prapin gloss: sound
Prapin: 425 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 822a
  Big5: sheng1 [1] [n] sound; voice; noise; tone [2]; music [3] [v] language; tongue [4] reputation; fame [5] [v] make known
  GB: same
  StarLing:4533  OC: xeŋ  MC: śeŋ  Gloss: sound; note, fame
  Pou73:270 see
เสีย Prapin gloss: spoil, destroy
Prapin: 427 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 11e
  Big5: duo4 hui1 hui3 tuo3 [1] [v] fall; sink; let fall [2] [v] indulge in evil ways [3] lazy; idle
  GB: same
  StarLing:3752  OC: l(h)ōjʔ  MC: dwấ  Gloss: dismantle, destroy
  PT/PSW เสีย  sǐa  "to lose (also used as a particle) (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Li: [ *s- (A1) 9.1:152 (rule 15.2) ]  PSW: *siə  PT: *sie
เสียม Prapin gloss: Siam
Prapin: 428 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: xian1 [v] rise (said of the sun)
  GB: same
  PT/PSW เสียม  sǐam  "hoe; spade; a pointed instrument (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *s- (C1)  B55-40 ]  PSW: *siam  "sharp, pointed"  
      Jonsson:  [ *s- (A1)  B55-39 ]  PSW: *siam  "splinter, hoe"  Note: See also ¹.  
      Li: [ *s- (A1) 9.1:152 (rule 15.2) ]  PSW: *siəm  PT: *siem
เสี้ยม Prapin gloss: sharpen to a point
Prapin: 430 (class 3)  Chinese gloss: sharp, pointed
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: jian1 sharp; pointed; acute; keen
  GB: same
  StarLing:378  OC: cem  MC: cjem  Gloss: sharp point, edge [Liang]
  PT/PSW เสี้ยม  sîam  "to sharpen to a point (as is)"  
      Li: [ *s- (C1) 9.1:152 (rule 15.2) ]  PSW: *siəm  PT: *siem
เสียง Prapin gloss: sound
Prapin: 431 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 822a
  Big5: sheng1 [1] [n] sound; voice; noise; tone [2]; music [3] [v] language; tongue [4] reputation; fame [5] [v] make known
  GB: same
  StarLing:4533  OC: xeŋ  MC: śeŋ  Gloss: sound; note, fame
  Pou73:270 see
  PT/PSW เสียง  sǐaŋ  "sound (nj)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Luo:  "sound, voice"  
      Jonsson:  [ *s- (A1)  B55-51 ]  PSW: *siaŋ  "sound"
สิน Prapin gloss: money
Prapin: 432 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 155j
  Big5: qian2 jian3 zi1 [1] [n] cash; money; currency; coins [2] a unit of weight (1/10 of a tael) [3] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  StarLing:4330  OC: ʒ́an  MC: ʒjen  Gloss: money [Zhanguo]
  Pou73:74 see Pou73:122 see
สิ้น Prapin gloss: to come to an end
Prapin: 433 (class 3)  Chinese gloss: to exhaust
  Karlgren: 381a-b
  Big5: jin4 jin3 [a] exhaust; use up [b] deplete
  GB: same
  StarLing:3520  OC: ʒinʔ  MC: ʒjín  Gloss: exhaust, entirely
  PT/PSW สิ้น  sîn  "to be finished, come to an end (yl)"  
      Luo:  "to be finished, come to an end"
สิบ Prapin gloss: ten
Prapin: 434 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 686a-d
  Big5: shi2 [1] ten; tenth [2] complete; completely; perfect; extremely; perfectly
  GB: same
  StarLing:17  OC: gip  MC: ʒ́ip  Gloss: be ten
  Pou73:117 see Pou73:243 see
  PT/PSW สิบ  sìp  "ten (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *s- (DS1)  B55-12 ]  PSW: *sip  "ten"  
      Li: [ *s+i (D1S) 9.1:152 ]  PSW: *sip  PT: *sip
สี Prapin gloss: rub, polish
Prapin: 435 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: wash
  Karlgren: 478j
  Big5: (1) xian3 {xi3} (0) xi3 {xian3} (1) a Chinese family name (0) [1] [v] wash; rinse; clean; cleanse; purify; clear [2] [v] baptize
  GB: same
  StarLing:1312  OC: sə̄rʔ  MC: síej  Gloss: to wash, wash clean
  PT/PSW สี  sǐi  "color (nj)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Luo:  "color"  
      Jonsson:  [ *s- (A1)  B55-46 ]  PSW: *si  "color"
  PT/PSW สี  sǐi  "to grind (cit.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate
  PT/PSW สี  sǐi  "to rub (nj)"  
      Luo:  "to rub"  
      Jonsson:  [ *s- (A1)  B55-45 ]  PSW: *si  "to rub"
สี่ Prapin gloss: four
Prapin: 436 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 518a-d
  Big5: si4 [1] four; fourth [2] all around
  GB: same
  StarLing:224  OC: slhijs  MC: sjì  Gloss: four
  Pou73:277 see
  PT/PSW สี่  sìi  "four (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *s- (B1)  B55-11 ]  PSW: *si  "four"  
      Li: [ *s+i (B1) 9.1:152 ]  PSW: *sii  PT: *si
สน Prapin gloss: bore through, thread (a needle)
Prapin: 438 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 232a
  Big5: 穿 chuan1 chuan4 yuan1 [1] [v] wear (clothes, shoes, etc.) [2] [v] penetrate; pierce through; bore through; thread [3] [v] cross (street, etc.) [4] [v] see through; bare (secret, etc.)
  GB: 穿 same
  StarLing:1389  OC: thon ( ˜-r)  MC: ćhwen  Gloss: to bore through
  PT/PSW สน  sǒn  "to push a piece of partly burnt wood into a fire (yl)"  
      Luo:  "to push a piece of partly burnt wood into a fire"
ส่ง Prapin gloss: send, escort
Prapin: 439 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1179a
  Big5: song4 [1] [v] send;d ispatch; deliver; convey [2] [v] present; give [3] [v] see someone off; send off; wish Godspeed to; send away in a complimetary manner
  GB: same
  StarLing:1903  OC: sōŋs  MC: sùŋ  Gloss: to escort, follow after, go along
  PT/PSW ส่ง  sòŋ  "to send; conduct (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *s- (B1)  B55-44 ]  PSW: *soŋ  "to convey"  
      Li: [ *s+o (B1) 9.1:152 ]  PSW: *soŋ  PT: *soŋ
สด Prapin gloss: bright, fresh-looking
Prapin: 440 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 411a
  Big5: se4 shi4 [1] se, a large stringed horizontal musical, about nine feet long, originally with 50 strings which was later reduced to 25 with movable bridges for tuning [2] varied and many [3] elegant and stately; majestic [4] bright and clean; pure and clean [5] same as $
  GB: same
  StarLing:3086  OC: srit  MC: ṣit  Gloss: a musical instrument with 25 strings, perhaps comparable to a zither, to distinguish it from µ^ 'lute'.
ส่อ Prapin gloss: accuse, slander
Prapin: 441 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: accuse
  Karlgren: 792j,769c
  Big5: su4 chi3 [1] [v] accuse; sue; file a complaint; charge [2] [v] inform; narrate; tell [3] [v] appeal; petition [4] [v] resort to
  GB: same
  StarLing:2806  OC: sŋ(h)āks  MC: sò  Gloss: to complain, denounce; to express, declare
  PT/PSW ส่อ  sɔ̀ɔ  "to indicate; slander; tell (as is)"  
      Li: [ *s- (B1) 9.1:152 (rule 14.11) ]  PSW: *sɔɔ  PT: *
(ติด) สอย Prapin gloss: follow closely
Prapin: 442 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: follow
  Karlgren: 11g
  Big5: sui2 [1] [v] follow; trace; come after [2] [v] listen to; submit to; comply with [3] [v] let (it go, it be, etc.) [4] [v] accompany [5] [v] resemble; look alike [6] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  StarLing:4343  OC: lhoj  MC: zjwe  Gloss: to follow, go along
สอง Prapin gloss: two
Prapin: 443 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: a pair
  Karlgren: 1200a
  Big5: shuang1 shuan1 shuang4 [1] [n] set of two; pair; brace; couple; both; persons or things that come in pairs [2] two; both; even (as distinct from odd)
  GB: same
  StarLing:4791  OC: srōŋ  MC: ṣạuŋ  Gloss: a pair
  PT/PSW สอง  sɔ̌ɔŋ  "two (nj)"  
      Brown:  "two (conj.)"  
      Luo:  "two"  
      Jonsson:  [ *s- (A1)  B55-9 ]  PSW: *sɔŋ  "two"
สวน Prapin gloss: garden
Prapin: 444 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 256b
  Big5: yuan2 [1] a piece of ground used for growing flowers, fruit, or vegetables; garden; orchard; plantation [3] [n] public garden; park; recreation ground
  GB: mo2 {mu2} same
  StarLing:2936  OC: whan  MC: wən  Gloss: garden, park
  PT/PSW สวน  sǔan   "to pass (cit.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate
  PT/PSW สวน  sǔan  "enema (cit.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate
  PT/PSW สวน  sǔan  "garden (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *s- (A1)  B55-16 ]  PSW: *suan  "garden"  
      Li: [ *s+uɯ (A1) 9.1:152 ]  PSW: *suən  PT: *suɯn
ส่วย Prapin gloss: poll-tax
Prapin: 445 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: to tax
  Karlgren: 324i
  Big5: shui4 tui4 tuan4 tuo1 [1] taxes; revenue; duties on commodities; tax [2] [v] lay; place [3] [v] present another with
  GB: shui4 tuo1 yue4 taxes
  StarLing:2706  OC: ots  MC: śwèj  Gloss: to let loose, to free; to give goods, presents [LZ]
  Pou73:281 see
  PT/PSW ส่วย  sùay  "tax (as is)"  
      Luo:  "tribute paid to the king, tax"  
      Jonsson:  [ *s- (B1)  B55-52 ]  PSW: *suay  "tribute,tax"  
      Li: [ *s+uai (B1) 9.1:152 ]  PSW: *suai  PT: *suai
สุก Prapin gloss: ripe, cooked
Prapin: 446 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1026b
  Big5: shou2 shu2 [1] well done; cooked (as opposed to raw); prepared; processed [2] ripe (fruit); [v] ripen [3] very familiar with; well versed; experienced; conversant [4] careful or painstaking survey, study, inspection, etc. [5] deep or sound (sleep)
  GB: same
  StarLing:3869  OC: d(h)uk  MC: ʒ́ük  Gloss: be ripe, fruitful, productive
  PT/PSW สุก  sùk  "ripe; cooked (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *s- (DS1)  B55-13 ]  PSW: *suk  "cooked, to ripen"  
      Li: [ *s+u (D1S) 9.1:152 ]  PSW: *suk  PT: *suk
(สุม) ทุม Prapin gloss: grove, thicket
Prapin: 447 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 664a-b
  Big5: sen1 [1] forest; luxuriant vegetation; luxuriant growth of trees [2] dark and obscure; severe [3] serene; majestic
  GB: same
สูง Prapin gloss: high
Prapin: 448 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1012a
  Big5: song1 [1] high; lofty [2] Mt. Sung, the highest and central peak of the five Sacred mountains situated in Honan
  GB: same
  PT/PSW สูง  sǔuŋ  "high (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *s- (A1)  B55-2 ]  PSW: *suŋ  "high, tall"  
      Jonsson:  [ *s- (A1)  B55-64 ]  PSW: *suŋ  "high, tall"  
      Li: [ *s- (A1) 9.1:152 (rule 14.5.3) ]  PSW: *suuŋ  PT: *suəŋ
เสือก (ไส) Prapin gloss: to expel
Prapin: 449 (class 3?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 793a-c
  Big5: chi4 [1] red [2] bare; naked [3] sincere; loyal; single-hearted
  GB: same
  StarLing:700  OC: khiak  MC: ćhek  Gloss: be red
สือ Prapin gloss: script, graph
Prapin: 450 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 45t
  Big5: shu1 [1] [n] book; writings [2] [v] write [3] [n] letter [4] [n] document; certificate [5] the style of the calligraphy script
  GB: same
  StarLing:1668  OC: ta  MC: śö  Gloss: writing, document; to write down
สื่อ Prapin gloss: a liason, a go-between
Prapin: 451 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: ambassador
  Karlgren: 975n
  Big5: 使 (0) shi3 {shi4} {(shi3)} (1) shi4 (shi3) {(shi3)} (0) [1] [v] use; employ; apply [2] [v] make; act [3] [v] indulge in [4] [v] send as diplomatic personnel; diplomatic envoys (1) [1] [v] be appointed as a diplomatic envoy; be an ambassador to [2] [v] envoy; emissary; minister
  GB: 使 same
  StarLing:736  OC: srəʔ  MC: ṣɨ́  Gloss: to send, employ, cause
สืบ Prapin gloss: inherit
Prapin: 452 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 689a
  Big5: xi2 [1] [v] put on; clothe in; wear [2] [n] suit (clothes); set of (dress) [3] repeated; double [4] hereditary; [v] inherit [5] [v] raid; attack; take by surprise; assail [6] [v] plagiarize; appropriate [7] [v] enter (town, etc.) [8] [v] unite; accord with [9] [v] confirm to [10] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  StarLing:5161  OC: lhəp  MC: zjip  Gloss: to cover; additional robe over another; repeat
  PT/PSW สืบ  sʉ̀ʉp  "to join, tie together, inherit (yl)"  
      Luo:  "to join, tie together, inherit"
ซัก Prapin gloss: inquire, ask
Prapin: 453 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 770a
  Big5: (0) suo3 sai4 su4 {suo2} (1) suo2 {suo3} (0) [1] [n] thick rope; cable [2] alone; lonely; solitary [3] rules; laws; laws and regulations [4] [v] demand; ask [5] [v] search into; inquire into [6] [v] exhaust [7] [v] tighten; squeeze; twist [8] [v] need [9] a Chinese family name (1) [v] decide to go ahead and do something without any more consideration; may as well; simply
  GB: same
  StarLing:1803  OC: sāk  MC: sâk  Gloss: rope
  PT/PSW ซัก  sák  "clothes (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *z- (DS4)  B59-2 ]  PSW: *zak  "to wash clothes (intrgt)"  
      Li: [ *z- (D2S) 9.2:161 (rule 14.7) ]  PSW: *zak  PT: *zak
ซ่า Prapin gloss: a kind of small freshwater fish
Prapin: 454 (class 3)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 16d
  Big5: sha1 sa4 the shark
  GB: same
  StarLing:4816  OC: srāj  MC: ṣạ  Gloss: a small fish living in the beach sand
ซ่าน Prapin gloss: to be scattered
Prapin: 455 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: to disperse
  Karlgren: 156a-b
  Big5: (1) san3 {san4} (0) san4 san1 {san3} (1) [1] [v] loose; loosened [2] idle; leisurely [3] powdered medicine (0) [1] [v] scatter; disperse [2] [v] end; be over; stop [3] [v] disseminate; give out
  GB: same
  StarLing:2569  OC: sānʔs  MC: sần  Gloss: to disperse
  Pou73:89 see
  PT/PSW ซ่าน  sâan  "scattered; dispersed (as is)"  
      Li: [ *s- (B2) 9.1:152 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *saan  PT: *san
โซ่ Prapin gloss: chains, fetters
Prapin: 458 (class 3)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: suo3 [1] [n] lock; padlock [2] fetters; shackles; chains [3] [v] lock [4] [v] confine [5] [v] lockstitch
  GB: same
  StarLing:4778  OC: sōjʔ  MC: swấ  Gloss: chain [Han]
  Pou73:284 see
  PT/PSW โซ่  sôo  "chain (conj.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  "chain (conj.)"  Note: no Shan cognate
ซ่อง Prapin gloss: eulogize, praise
Prapin: 460 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: eulogy
  Karlgren: 1190d-e
  Big5: rong2 song4 [1] [v] praise; acclaim; [n] accolade; [v] extol; eulogize; laud [2] [n] hymn to something; ode; eulogy; paean; composition in praise of some achievements, etc. [3] a section in the Book of Poetry
  GB: same
ซื้อ Prapin gloss: to buy
Prapin: 461 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: to deal, trade
  Karlgren: 963a
  Big5: shi4 [1] [n] market; marketplace; place for battering goods; fair [2] [n] city; town [3] [v] buy; sell; trade [4] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  StarLing:237  OC: dhəʔ  MC: ʒ́ɨ́  Gloss: market, market place
  PT/PSW ซื้อ  sʉ́ʉ  "to buy (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *z- (C4)  B59-6 ]  PSW: *  "to buy"  
      Li: [ *z+ɯ (C2) 9.2:161 ]  PSW: *zɯɯ  PT: *
ใต้ Prapin gloss: under, below
Prapin: 462 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 590c
  Big5: di3 de1 de5 [1] [1] bottom; underneath; underside; base; basis [2] [n] end; last part
  GB: same
  StarLing:865  OC: tə̄jʔ  MC: tíej  Gloss: bottom, root, base
  PT/PSW ใต้  tâay  "under; below; underneath (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *t- (A2)  B31-8 ]  PSW: *taɯ  "below, under, south"  Note: check tone  
      Li: [ *t+əɯ (C1) 6.1:97 ]  PSW: *taai  PT: *təɯ
ตัก Prapin gloss: dip up, ladle
Prapin: 463 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1120d
  Big5: zhuo2 shuo4 [1] [v] drink [2] [v] pour wine; serve wine [3] [v] weigh and consider
  GB: same
  StarLing:1918  OC: tekʷ  MC: ćak  Gloss: to pour into a cup
  PT/PSW ตัก  tàk  "to dip up water (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *t- (DS2)  B31-26 ]  PSW: *tak  "to dip out"  
      Li: [ *t- (D1S) 6.1:97 (rule 14.7) ]  PSW: *tak  PT: *tak
  PT/PSW ตัก  tàk  "to hold in one's lap; lap (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *t- (DS2)  B31-25 ]  PSW: *tak  "lap (noun)"  
      Li: [ *tl- (D1S) 7.2:117 (rule 14.7) ]  PSW: *tak  PT: *tlak
ตั่ง Prapin gloss: stool
Prapin: 465 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: deng4 [n] bench; stool
  GB: same
  Pou73:79 see
  PT/PSW ตั่ง  tàŋ  "stool (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *t- (B2)  B31-35 ]  PSW: *taŋ  "stool, bench, chair"  
      Li: [ *t- (B1) 6.1:97 (rule 14.7) ]  PSW: *taŋ  PT: *taŋ
ตัด Prapin gloss: sever, decide
Prapin: 466 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: decide, break
  Karlgren: 287a-b
  Big5: (2) zhe1 {zhe2} {she2} (0) zhe2 ti2 {she2} {zhe1} (1) she2 {zhe2} {zhe1} (2) [1] [v] turn upside down; fall head over heels; somersault; [2] [v] pour all out (0) [1] [v] break; snap [2] [v] bend; humble; bow [3] [v] decide a course; judge [4] [v] sell; barter; exchange [5] [n] discount in price [6] [v] fold [7] [v] tear into halves; destroy (1) [1] [v] lose money; fail in business [2] [v] break; snap
  GB: same
  StarLing:609  OC: tat  MC: ćet  Gloss: to cut off, break off; decide
  PT/PSW ตัด  tàt  "to cut off; trim (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *t- (DS2)  B31-39 ]  PSW: *tat  "to cut"  
      Li: [ *t- (D1S) 6.1:97 (rule 14.7) ]  PSW: *tat  PT: *tat
ตัด Prapin gloss: to cut
Prapin: 467 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 725q
  Big5: (0) dang1 dang4 dang2 {dang4} {dang3} (1) dang4 {dang1} {dang3} (2) dang3 {dang1} {dang4} (0) [1] [v] undertake; assume (responsibilities, etc.) [2] [v] face [3] equal; well-matched [4] in the very same (place, year, day, etc.) [5] ought to; should; must [6] just at (at time or place) [7] [v] work as; serve as (1) [1] proper; appropriate [2] [v] pawn; mortgage; pledge [3] [v] take as; regard as; consider as (2) [v] mistake something for another
  GB: dang1 dang4 dang2 {dang4} {dang3} same
  StarLing:3093  OC: tāŋ  MC: tâŋ  Gloss: to rest on, be on; should, ought
  PT/PSW ตัด  tàt  "to cut off; trim (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *t- (DS2)  B31-39 ]  PSW: *tat  "to cut"  
      Li: [ *t- (D1S) 6.1:97 (rule 14.7) ]  PSW: *tat  PT: *tat
เตา Prapin gloss: kiln, stove
Prapin: 468 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1047d
  Big5: (0) tao2 dao4 {yao2} (1) yao2 {tao2} (S 9676->)
  GB: same
  StarLing:2410  OC: L̴hū  MC: dâw  Gloss: pottery, mould; to mould
  PT/PSW เตา  taw  "stove, furnace (nj)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Luo:  "earthern stove"  
      Jonsson:  [ *t- (A2)  B31-50 ]  PSW: *taw  "stove, furnace"
เต้า Prapin gloss: to go
Prapin: 469 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: to arrive
  Karlgren: 1132a-b
  Big5: dao4 [1] [v] reach; arrive; go to; been to [2] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  StarLing:764  OC: tāwʔs  MC: tầw  Gloss: to go to, arrive
  PT/PSW เต้า  tâw  "gourd (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *t- (C2)  B31-44 ]  PSW: *taw  "gourd"  
      Li: [ *tl- (C1) 7.2:117 (rule 16.10) ]  PSW: *tau  PT: *tlau
  PT/PSW เต้า  tâw  "to come (as is)"  
      Luo:  "to come"  
      Jonsson:  [ *t- (C2)  B31-43 ]  PSW: *taw  "to return, come"  
      Li: [ *t- (C1) 6.1:97 (rule 16.10) ]  PSW: *tau  PT: *tau
ตา Prapin gloss: eye
Prapin: 470 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: to see
  Karlgren: 45|c-d
  Big5: du3 [v] witness; see; look at; observe; gaze at
  GB: same
  StarLing:3108  OC: tāʔ  MC: tó  Gloss: to see [LZ]
  PT/PSW ตา  taa  "eye (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *t- (A2)  B31-4 ]  PSW: *ta  "eye"  
      Li: [ *tr+a (A1) 7.3:118 ]  PSW: *taa  PT: *tra
  PT/PSW ตา  taa  "grandfather (maternal) (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *t- (A2)  B31-3 ]  PSW: *ta  "grandfather (FaMo)"  
      Li: [ *t- ((A1)) 6.1:97 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *taa  PT: *ta
ต่าง Prapin gloss: load (a boat), pack-saddle
Prapin: 472 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: to load, pack
  Karlgren: 727|i
  Big5: zhuang1 zhuan1 zhuang4 [1] [v] fill in; fill up; pack; load [2] [v] pretend; feign [3] [v] adorn; dress; make up; ornamental dressing; decorate (room, etc.) [4] [v] disguise [5] [v] store up; keep [6] [v] install (machines; equipment, etc.) [7] clothes and personal effects; outfit
  GB: same
  StarLing:3212  OC: ćraŋ  MC: c̣aŋ  Gloss: to wear, put on; to feign, pretend [Han]
  PT/PSW ต่าง  tàaŋ  "different; other; each by itself (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *t- (B2)  B31-34 ]  PSW: *taaŋ  "adverse, different"  
      Li: [ *t- (B1) 6.1:97 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *taaŋ  PT: *taŋ
  PT/PSW ต่าง  tàaŋ  "window (as is)"  
      Li: [ *t- (B1) 6.1:97 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *taaŋ  PT: *taŋ
ตาว Prapin gloss: knife
Prapin: 473 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1131a-b
  Big5: dao1 diao1 [1] [n] knife; blade; sword [2] knife-shaped coin
  GB: same
  StarLing:13  OC: tāw  MC: tâw  Gloss: knife
  Pou73:14 see Pou73:115 see
แต่ Prapin gloss: but, only
Prapin: 474 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 867i
  Big5: (0) qi2 {zhi3 zhi1} (1) zhi3 zhi1 {qi2} (0) [1] god of the earth [2] peace; serenity; [v] be at rest (1) only; merely
  GB: qi2 zhi1 ti3 (S 53EA->8879) only; merely; but
  PT/PSW แต่  tɛ̀ɛ  "to begin, since (yl)"  
      Luo:  "to begin, since"
แต่ง Prapin gloss: to dress, adorn oneself
Prapin: 476 (class 3)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 727o-p
  Big5: zhuang1 zhuan1 [1] [v] doll up; adorn oneself; dress up; apply makeup [2] jewels, etc. for adornment [3] [v] disguise; pretend
  GB: same
  PT/PSW แต่ง  tɛ̀ŋ  "to create, decorate (nj)"  
      Brown:  "to decorate?, wed? (conj.)"  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *t- (B2)  B31-30 ]  PSW: *tɛŋ  "to create, decorate"
เต็ม Prapin gloss: filled up, full
Prapin: 477 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: fill up
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: tian1 tian4 [1] [v] append; add to; increase; replenish (stock, etc.) [2] [v] have a baby
  GB: same
  StarLing:2183  OC: thēm  MC: thiem  Gloss: to add, increase [Han]
  PT/PSW เต็ม  tem  "full (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *t- (A2)  B31-28 ]  PSW: *tem  "full, filled"  
      Li: [ *tl+i̥e (A1) 7.2:117 ]  PSW: *tem  PT: *tli̥em
ติ่ง Prapin gloss: excresence
Prapin: 478 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: a boil, bubo
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: ? 0
  GB: ding1 [n] carbuncle; boil
ติด Prapin gloss: sew, connect, continue
Prapin: 479 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 295b
  Big5: zhui4 chuo4 dui4 zhuo2 [1] [v] put together; patch together; combine; compose [2] [v] mend clothes; patch up; sew; stitch [3] [v] decorate; stud
  GB: same
  StarLing:3561  OC: trot-s  MC: ṭwèj  Gloss: sew, stitch; tie, connect; adjunct; token, badge
  PT/PSW ติด  tìt  "to attach (conj.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  "to attach (conj.)"
ตก Prapin gloss: fall down
Prapin: 481 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1132c
  Big5: (0) dao3 cheng2 {dao4} (1) dao4 {dao3} (0) [v] fall down; lie down (1) [1] [v] inverse; place upside down; in reverse order or the wrong direction [2] [v] pour out; empty [3] on the contrary [4] after all [5] but; and yet
  GB: same
  StarLing:1509  OC: tāwʔ  MC: tấw  Gloss: to turn over, turn upside down
  PT/PSW ตก  tòk  "to fall (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *t- ()  B31-13 ]  PSW: *tɔk ds2  "to drop, fall"  
      Li: [ *t+o (D1S) 6.1:97 ]  PSW: *tok  PT: *tok
ตก (ปลา) Prapin gloss: to angle, fish with a hook
Prapin: 482 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1120k
  Big5: diao4 [1] [v] fish (with a hook and a line); angle [2] [v] lure; tempt [3] [n] fishhook
  GB: same
  StarLing:2400  OC: tēkʷs  MC: tièw  Gloss: to angle
ตก Prapin gloss: arrive at (a season)
Prapin: 483 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: arrive
  Karlgren: 1132a-b
  Big5: dao4 [1] [v] reach; arrive; go to; been to [2] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  StarLing:764  OC: tāwʔs  MC: tầw  Gloss: to go to, arrive
  PT/PSW ตก  tòk  "to fall (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *t- ()  B31-13 ]  PSW: *tɔk ds2  "to drop, fall"  
      Li: [ *t+o (D1S) 6.1:97 ]  PSW: *tok  PT: *tok
(สี) ตก Prapin gloss: become faded (of color)
Prapin: 484 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: to fade
  Karlgren: 1083o
  Big5: diao1 [1] withered; faded [2] exhausted; emaciated
  GB: same
โต่ง Prapin gloss: the end, finally
Prapin: 485 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: zhong1 [1] [n] end; conclusion; [v] come to the end [2] [n] death; [v] die; pass away [3] finally; at last; in the end; after all; in the long run [4] whole; all; entire
  GB: same
  StarLing:2289  OC: tuŋ  MC: ćüŋ  Gloss: to end, terminate; complete, persist; end
ตอ Prapin gloss: stump (of a tree)
Prapin: 486 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 128f
  Big5: zhu1 [1] [n] numerical classifier for trees [2] [n] roots that grow above the ground
  GB: same
  StarLing:1692  OC: tro  MC: ṭü  Gloss: tree root, tree trunk
  PT/PSW ตอ  tɔɔ  "stump (nj)"  
      Brown:  "stump of a tree (conj.)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *t- (A2)  B31-21 ]  PSW: *  "stump"
ต่อ (สู้) Prapin gloss: fight, wrangle
Prapin: 487 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1234a-b
  Big5: dou4 dou3 [1] same as $ [2] Kangxi radical 190
  GB: same
  StarLing:1938  OC: tōks  MC: tʌ̀w  Gloss: to struggle, to fight
ตอก Prapin gloss: to pound, hammer down
Prapin: 488 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1019d-e
  Big5: zhu2 zhu4 [1] [b] build (out of earth, rock, etc.); erect [2] building; house; room
  GB: same
  PT/PSW ตอก  tɔ̀ɔk  "bamboo strips (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *t- (DL2)  B31-11 ]  PSW: *tɔk  "bamboo strip"  
      Li: [ *pr+uɔ (D1L) 5.3:86 ]  PSW: *tɔɔk  PT: *pruɔk
  PT/PSW ตอก  tɔ̀ɔk  "to hammer in; to insert (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *t- (DL2)  B31-12 ]  PSW: *tɔk  "to hammer, pound"  
      Li: [ *t- (D1L) 6.1:97 (rule 14.11) ]  PSW: *tɔɔk  PT: *tɔk
ตอก Prapin gloss: bamboo strips
Prapin: 489 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: bamboo
  Karlgren: 1019a-b
  Big5: zhu2 [1] [n] bamboo [2] slips of bamboo for writing [3] a Chinese family name [4] Kangxi radical 118
  GB: same
  StarLing:425  OC: truk  MC: ṭük  Gloss: bamboo
  PT/PSW ตอก  tɔ̀ɔk  "bamboo strips (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *t- (DL2)  B31-11 ]  PSW: *tɔk  "bamboo strip"  
      Li: [ *pr+uɔ (D1L) 5.3:86 ]  PSW: *tɔɔk  PT: *pruɔk
  PT/PSW ตอก  tɔ̀ɔk  "to hammer in; to insert (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *t- (DL2)  B31-12 ]  PSW: *tɔk  "to hammer, pound"  
      Li: [ *t- (D1L) 6.1:97 (rule 14.11) ]  PSW: *tɔɔk  PT: *tɔk
ตอบ Prapin gloss: reply, answer
Prapin: 490 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 676a
  Big5: (1) da1 {da2} (0) da2 {da1} (1) a variant sound used only in some phrases (0) [1] [v] answer; reply [2] [v] reciprocate; return
  GB: same
  StarLing:2718  OC: tə̄p  MC: tp  Gloss: respond to, answer
  Pou73:104 see
  PT/PSW ตอบ  tɔ̀ɔp  "to answer; recompense (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Li: [ *t- (D1L) 6.1:97 (rule 14.11) ]  PSW: *tɔɔp  PT: *tɔp
ตอด Prapin gloss: to sting (bee), nibble (fish)
Prapin: 491 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: to sting
  Karlgren: 287g
  Big5: zhe2 zhe1 [1] used in combination for jellyfish [2] [v] sting
  GB: same
  StarLing:3198  OC: trat  MC: ṭet  Gloss: to sting [LZ]
  PT/PSW ตอด  tɔ̀ɔt  "to nibble; peck (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *t- (DL2)  B31-15 ]  PSW: *tɔt  "to nibble, bite"  
      Li: [ *t- (D1L) 6.1:97 (rule 14.11) ]  PSW: *tɔɔt  PT: *tɔt
(ซื่อ) ตรง Prapin gloss: loyal, faithful
Prapin: 492 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1007k
  Big5: zhong1 [1] faithful; loyalty; patriotic; constant; sincerity [2] devoted; honest (advice, etc.)
  GB: same
  StarLing:877  OC: truŋ  MC: ṭüŋ  Gloss: faithful, loyal [L.Zhou]
ตรง Prapin gloss: hit the point
Prapin: 493 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1007a-e
  Big5: (0) zhong1 {zhong4} (1) zhong4 {zhong1} (0) [1] [n] middle; central; center; in the midst of; among; within; between [2] China; Chinese; Sino- (1) [1] hit (target); attain (a goal) [2] [v] be hit by; to be affected by
  GB: same
  StarLing:70  OC: truŋ  MC: ṭüŋ  Gloss: be in the middle; just, correct; make a legal decision
  PT/PSW ตรง  troŋ  "to be straight (conj.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  "to be straight (conj.)"  Note: no Shan cognate
ตรู่ Prapin gloss: early morning
Prapin: 494 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 847a-d,1075a
  Big5: zhou4 [1] day; daytime; daylight [2] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  StarLing:2142  OC: triws  MC: ṭə̀w  Gloss: time of daylight, morning, day
ตัว Prapin gloss: classifier for animals
Prapin: 495 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: head
  Karlgren: 118e
  Big5: (0) tou2 {tou5} (1) tou5 {tou2} (0) [1] the head [2] [n] top; first; the first; begiining [3] [n] chief; boss; leader; head (of a group) [4] the two ends (of anything); [n] side; aspect [5] [n] head (of cattle, etc.) [6] an auxiliary, as a suffix (1) [1] a suffix indicating positions or directions [2] as a suffix to certains verbs to indicate the worthiness
  GB: tou2 {tou5} same
  StarLing:4360  OC: dhō  MC: dʌw  Gloss: head; beginning, end [L.Zhou]
  Pou73:24 see Pou73:86 see Pou73:87 see Pou73:100 see Pou73:109 see Pou73:161 see
  PT/PSW ตัว  tua  "classifier of animal (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *t- (A2)  B31-41 ]  PSW: *tua  "body, animal"  
      Li: [ *t+ue (A1) 6.1:97 ]  PSW: *tuə  PT: *tue
ต่วน Prapin gloss: satin
Prapin: 496 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: duan4 satin
  GB: same
  Pou73:97 see
  PT/PSW ต่วน  tuan  "satin? (conj.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  "satin? (conj.)"  Note: no Shan cognate
ตูก Prapin gloss: boat
Prapin: 498 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1084a-e
  Big5: zhou1 [1] [n] boat; ship [2] Kangxi radical 137
  GB: same
  StarLing:446  OC: tu  MC: ćəw  Gloss: boat
(หู) ตูบ Prapin gloss: drooping (ear)
Prapin: 499 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: ears hanging down
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: da1 [1] big ears [2] the given name of a famous Ching artist, Chu Ta
  GB: same
ตื้น Prapin gloss: shallow
Prapin: 500 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 155k
  Big5: qian3 jian1 can2 jian4 zan4 [1] shallow; not deep; superficial [2] easy; simple [3] light (color) [4] narrow and small (land)
  GB: same
  StarLing:2184  OC: ćhenʔ (˜-a-)  MC: chjén  Gloss: be shallow, thin
  PT/PSW ตื้น  tʉ̂ʉn  "shallow (nj)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Luo:  "shallow (water)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *t- (C2)  B31-38 ]  PSW: *tɯn  "shallow"
ไถ Prapin gloss: plough, to plough
Prapin: 501 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 519g
  Big5: li2 liu2 [1] [v] plow; till [2] [n] plough
  GB: same
  PT/PSW ไถ  tʰǎy  "plough; to plough (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *th- (A1)  B35-1 ]  PSW: *thay  "to plow"  
      Li: [ *thl+əi (A1) 7.4:119 ]  PSW: *thai/aɯ  PT: *thləi
ไถ Prapin gloss: to push (cart)
Prapin: 502 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: to push
  Karlgren: 575|a
  Big5: tui1 chui1 [1] [v] push; shove [2] [v] look into; find out; ponder; infer; deduce [3] [v] shirk; shift (responsibility, etc.); refuse [4] [v] elect; recommend; praise; esteem [5] [v] move along; change in succession (as seasons) [6] [v] to extend; enlarge
  GB: same
  StarLing:2112  OC: thūj  MC: thoj  Gloss: push, push away
  PT/PSW ไถ  tʰǎy  "plough; to plough (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *th- (A1)  B35-1 ]  PSW: *thay  "to plow"  
      Li: [ *thl+əi (A1) 7.4:119 ]  PSW: *thai/aɯ  PT: *thləi
ไถ้ Prapin gloss: sack, bag
Prapin: 503 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: dai4 [n] pocket; bag; sack; pouch
  GB: same
  StarLing:2350  OC: L̴(h)ə̄ks  MC: dʌ̀j  Gloss: bag, sack [Han]
  Pou73:93 see
ถัก Prapin gloss: to weave (a basket)
Prapin: 504 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: to weave
  Karlgren: 920f
  Big5: zhi1 chi4 zhi2 zhi4 [v] weave; knit
  GB: same
  StarLing:4725  OC: tək  MC: ćik  Gloss: to weave
  PT/PSW ถัก  tʰàk  "plait (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Li: [ *th- (D1S) 6.2:102 (rule 14.7) ]  PSW: *thak  PT: *thak
แถลง Prapin gloss: verify, declare
Prapin: 505 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: verify
  Karlgren: 834k
  Big5: zhen1 [1] [v] detect; spy; scout [2] [n] scout; spy; detective
  GB: same
  StarLing:1953  OC: threŋ  MC: ṭheŋ  Gloss: to watch, be on the watch [L.Zhou]
ถลก Prapin gloss: pull up
Prapin: 506 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1079f
  Big5: chou1 chou2 [1] [v] draw out; pull out or open [2] [v] sprout; put forth shoots; bud [3] [v] rid; take way [4] [v] whip; lash [5] [v] smoke (cigarettes, etc.) [6] [v] shrink
  GB: same
  Pou73:200 see
ถลึง Prapin gloss: fierce stare, to stare hard at
Prapin: 507 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: deng4 cheng2 [v] stare at; open (one's eyes) wide; glare at
  GB: same
  StarLing:4486  OC: dhrəŋ  MC: ḍiŋ  Gloss: to look at, watch [Han]
ถัง Prapin gloss: bucket, a capacity measure (for rice, etc.)
Prapin: 508 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: a measure of capacity, bushel
  Karlgren: 1185p
  Big5: tong3 dong4 yong3 [n] pail; bucket; tub; cask; keg; barrel
  GB: same
  StarLing:2156  OC: sl(h)ōŋʔ  MC: thúŋ  Gloss: cask, barrel, pail [Han]
  Pou73:108 see Pou73:112 see
  PT/PSW ถัง  tʰǎŋ  "pail, bucket, barrel (nj)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Luo:  "bucket"  
      Jonsson:  [ *th- (A1)  B35-14 ]  PSW: *thaŋ  "pail, bucket, barrel"
เถา Prapin gloss: set of articles that fit into each other
Prapin: 509 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: tao4 tao3 [1] [n] case; cover; wrapper; envelope; sheath [2] [n] trap; snare; noose [3] [v] wear; slip on (a sweater, etc.) [4] [v] trap or trick a person (into telling the truth) [5] [v] harness [6] [v] pattern or model after; a set pattern [7] [n] convention; formula [8] classifier for clothes, tableware, etc.
  GB: same
ฐาน Prapin gloss: altar, base
Prapin: 510 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: altar
  Karlgren: 148d
  Big5: tan2 dan4 shan4 [1] a platform for sacrificial rites; altar [2] a hall for important meetings and ceremonies in ancient China; examination hall
  GB: same
  StarLing:4125  OC: dān  MC: dân  Gloss: altar
ถ่าน Prapin gloss: charcoal
Prapin: 511 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 151a
  Big5: tan4 [1] [n] charcoal [2] [n] coal [3] carbon (chemistry)
  GB: same
  StarLing:1332  OC: thārs (˜-ns)  MC: thần  Gloss: coal, charcoal [L.Zhou]
  Pou73:105 see
  PT/PSW ถ่าน  tʰàan  "charcoal (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *th- (B1)  B35-11 ]  PSW: *thaan  "charcoal"  
      Li: [ *th- (B1) 6.2:102 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *thaan  PT: *than
ถ่าว Prapin gloss: young, not yet having reached adolesence
Prapin: 512 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: young, junior
  Karlgren: 1149e-f
  Big5: (0) shao3 {shao4} (1) shao4 {shao3} (0) [1] small; little; few; less (in number, quantity, duration) [2] missing; absent; inadequate; wanting; lost [3] cannot do without [4] [v] stop; quit (1) young; youthful; junior; juvenile
  GB: same
  StarLing:120  OC: tewʔ  MC: śéw  Gloss: be few, little
แถม Prapin gloss: add, increase
Prapin: 514 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: tian1 tian4 [1] [v] append; add to; increase; replenish (stock, etc.) [2] [v] have a baby
  GB: same
  StarLing:2183  OC: thēm  MC: thiem  Gloss: to add, increase [Han]
  PT/PSW แถม  tʰɛ̌ɛm  "to add on; in addition (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Luo:  "to add"  
      Li: [ *th- (A1) 6.2:102 (rule 14.9) ]  PSW: *thɛɛm  PT: *thɛm
แถน Prapin gloss: supernatural beings
Prapin: 515 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: sky, heaven
  Karlgren: 361a-c
  Big5: tian1 [1] [n] sky; heavens; heaven; vault of heavens; firmament [2] nature; god; heaven; celestial [3] nature; natural; not artificial [4] [n] a day [5] seasons; climates; weather [6] father; husband [7] something indispensable; necessities
  GB: same
  StarLing:115  OC: thīn  MC: thien  Gloss: sky, Heaven
แถบ Prapin gloss: classifier for long, flat, narrow objects
Prapin: 516 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: tablet
  Karlgren: 618q
  Big5: (2) tie4 {tie1} {tie3} (1) tie3 {tie1} {tie4} (0) tie1 {tie3} {tie4} (2) [1] [v] write on silk [2] [v] engrave characters of famous calligraphers on stone (1) [1] submissive; obedient [2] proper (0) [1] [n] invitation card [2] [n] label; placard; document [3] [n] copybook (of calligraphy) [4] [n] medical prescription
  GB: same
  StarLing:857  OC: thēp  MC: thiep  Gloss: card, tablet [Tang]
เถียง Prapin gloss: to remonstrate, debate, dispute
Prapin: 517 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 833u
  Big5: zheng4 zheng1 [n] certificate; evidence; proof; [v] certify
  GB: zheng4 (S 8BC1->8B49) [1] [v] give evidence; prove; testify; verify; confirm; bear testimony; bear witness; corroborate; attest; certify [2] evidence; proof; testimony [3] [n] certificate; proof; testimony [4] [n] symptom; indication
  StarLing:2800  OC: teŋ-s  MC: ćèŋ  Gloss: remonstrate
  PT/PSW เถียง  tʰǐaŋ  "to argue with (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *th- (A1)  B35-22 ]  PSW: *thiaŋ  "to argue"
ถก Prapin gloss: denude, strip off
Prapin: 518 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: denuded
  Karlgren: 1077x
  Big5: di2 diao4 [1] [v] wash; cleanse [2] [v] sweep
  GB: same
  StarLing:3495  OC: l(h)īkʷ  MC: diek  Gloss: to clean, clean out
ถม Prapin gloss: numerous
Prapin: 519 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 645a
  Big5: tan1 tan4 [1] [v] desire for more than one's rightful share; greedy; covet; covetous [2] [v] hope for; wish for; probe for; search for
  GB: same
  StarLing:2368  OC: srhə̄m  MC: thʌm  Gloss: be covetous, greedy
  PT/PSW ถม  tʰǒm  "to fill, cover, bury (nj)"  
      Brown:  "to cover a hole in the ground (conj.)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *th- (A1)  B35-20 ]  PSW: *thom  "to fill, cover, bury"
ถด Prapin gloss: retreat
Prapin: 520 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 512a
  Big5: 退 tui4 tun4 [1] [v] step back; retreat; withdraw; recede; regress; retrogress [2] [v] recoil; shrink [3] [v] bow out; retire [4] [v] send back; give back; return
  GB: 退 same
  StarLing:1906  OC: slūts (-)  MC: thòj  Gloss: to withdraw, retire
  Pou73:114 see
โถ Prapin gloss: hall
Prapin: 521 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 725s
  Big5: tang2 [n] hall; government office; office; reception
  GB: same
  StarLing:2007  OC: dāŋ  MC: dâŋ  Gloss: hall; foundation of house; place name
ถอย Prapin gloss: retreat
Prapin: 522 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 512a
  Big5: 退 tui4 tun4 [1] [v] step back; retreat; withdraw; recede; regress; retrogress [2] [v] recoil; shrink [3] [v] bow out; retire [4] [v] send back; give back; return
  GB: 退 same
  StarLing:1906  OC: slūts (-)  MC: thòj  Gloss: to withdraw, retire
  Pou73:114 see
  PT/PSW ถอย  tʰɔ̌y  "to retreat (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Li: [ *th+ɔi (A1) 6.2:102 ]  PSW: *thɔɔi  PT: *thɔi
ถ่อม Prapin gloss: to humble (oneself)
Prapin: 523 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: to disgrace (used in depreciatory phrases of oneself)
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: tian3 [1] ashamed; [v] disgrace [2] a depreciatory expression referring to oneself [3] [v] be unworthy of the honor
  GB: same
  PT/PSW ถ่อม  tʰɔ̀ɔm  "to listen, humble oneself (yl)"  
      Luo:  "to listen, humble oneself"
ถอน (ใจ) Prapin gloss: to sigh
Prapin: 524 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 152a
  Big5: tan4 tan1 sigh; admire
  GB: same
  StarLing:3360  OC: snār-s  MC: thần  Gloss: to sigh, lament
ถอด Prapin gloss: undress, take off (clothes)
Prapin: 526 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 324m
  Big5: tuo1 duo2 tui4 tuo3 [1] [v] take off; peel off; strip; undress; take off [2] [v] abandon; renounce; cast off [3] [v] leave; escape from; get out of [4] [v] omit; omission; miss out [5] [v] slip off [6] if; in case; perhaps
  GB: tuo1 dui4 yue4 take off
  StarLing:2304  OC: ōt  MC: thwât  Gloss: to take off, let loose
  PT/PSW ถอด  tʰɔ̀ɔt  "to remove; to take off (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *th- (DL1)  B35-23 ]  PSW: *thɔt  "to remove, take off"  
      Li: [ *th- (D1L) 6.2:102 (rule 14.11) ]  PSW: *thɔɔt  PT: *thɔt
ถั่ว Prapin gloss: beans
Prapin: 527 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 118a-c
  Big5: dou4 dou3 xiu1 [1] beans; peas; bean-shaped; beans and peas collectively [2] a vessel of wood for containing flesh, sauces, etc. at sacrifices and feasts [3] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  StarLing:697  OC: d(h)ōs  MC: dʌ̀w  Gloss: a dou vessel
  Pou73:88 see Pou73:89 see Pou73:90 see Pou73:111 see Pou73:253 see Pou73:299 see
  PT/PSW ถั่ว  tʰùa  "bean; pea (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *th- (B1)  B35-4 ]  PSW: *thua  "bean, pea"  
      Li: [ *th+ue (B1) 6.2:102 ]  PSW: *thuə  PT: *thue
ถุน Prapin gloss: to drink (a solution of a drug)
Prapin: 529 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: to swallow
  Karlgren: 361d
  Big5: ? 0
  GB: tun1 [v] swallow; absorb; annex; engulf; gulp
  StarLing:505  OC: thə̄n  MC: thʌn  Gloss: to swallow [L.Zhou]
ถูก Prapin gloss: touch, knock against
Prapin: 530 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: knock against, butt
  Karlgren: 1224g
  Big5: chu4 [1] [v] touch; contact [2] [v] ram with the horn (animal); fram; butt [3] [v] move or touch emotionally [4] [v] offend; infuriate
  GB: same
  StarLing:5025  OC: thok  MC: ćhöuk  Gloss: to butt
  PT/PSW ถูก  tʰùuk  "cheap; to hit the mark (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *th- (DL1)  B35-12 ]  PSW: *thuuk ~ thuk  "to hit, exact, cheap"  
      Li: [ *th+ɯ̥u (D1L) 6.2:102 ]  PSW: *thuuk  PT: *thɯ̥uk
เถือก Prapin gloss: red
Prapin: 531 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 793a-c
  Big5: chi4 [1] red [2] bare; naked [3] sincere; loyal; single-hearted
  GB: same
  StarLing:700  OC: khiak  MC: ćhek  Gloss: be red
ถึก Prapin gloss: young male animal
Prapin: 532 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: male animal
  Karlgren: 961|h
  Big5: te4 [1] special; unique; distinguished; peculiar; particular; outstanding; unusual; extraordinary; exclusive [2] just; merely; only [3] [n] bull
  GB: same
  StarLing:1731  OC: dhə̄k  MC: dʌk  Gloss: male animal, bull
  PT/PSW ถึก  tʰʉ̀k  "young male (animal) (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *th- ()  B35-5 ]  PSW: *thɯk  "young male cattle"  Note: maybe ds1  
      Li: [ *th+ɯ (D1S) 6.2:102 ]  PSW: *thɯk  PT: *thɯk
ถึง Prapin gloss: reach to, attain
Prapin: 533 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1185r-s
  Big5: tong1 tong4 [1] [v] go; move; flow unobstructed [2] [v] interchange; communicate [3] [v] lead to; reach [4] [v] understand thoroughly; be versed in [5] [v] let through; through [6] smoot; fluent [7] open; passable [8] all; general; overal; throughout [9] thorough [10] common; popular [11] well-constructed; containing no fallacy (sentence)
  GB: same
  PT/PSW ถึง  tʰʉ̌ŋ  "to arrive; reach (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *th- (A1)  B35-7 ]  PSW: *thɯŋ  "to reach, arrive"  
      Li: [ *th+ɯ (A1) 6.2:102 ]  PSW: *thɯŋ  PT: *thɯŋ
ไท Prapin gloss: great
Prapin: 534 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 317a
  Big5: (0) da4 duo4 tai3 tai4 {dai4} (1) dai4 {da4} (0) [1] big; vast; large [2] great [3] much [4] very; highly; extremely; really [5] your (politely) [6] the eldest; senior [7] full-grown; [n] adult [8] before; after (referring to dates only) [9] [v] make large; make great [10] a Chinese family name (1) used in combination
  GB: same
  StarLing:42  OC: dhāt-s  MC: dầj  Gloss: be great, big
  Pou73:77 see Pou73:78 see Pou73:103 see
ทัง Prapin gloss: together, assemble
Prapin: 536 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1176a-c
  Big5: tong2 tong4 [1] same; similar; equal; identical; common [2] [v] share; agree [3] together
  GB: same
  StarLing:335  OC: L̴ōŋ  MC: duŋ  Gloss: to be the same, join, unite
(ต้น) ทัง Prapin gloss: a kind of tree
Prapin: 537 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1176e-f
  Big5: tong2 dong4 [1] a paulownia [2] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  StarLing:1688  OC: L̴hōŋ  MC: duŋ  Gloss: empress tree (Paulownia tomentosa)
ทับ Prapin gloss: to pile up, lay one article on top of another (as boards into a pile)
Prapin: 538 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: die2 [1] [v] repeat; duplicate; repetitious [2] [v] fold up [3] [v] pile up [4] a stack of (bank notes)
  GB: same
  StarLing:5152  OC: dhīp (˜lh-)  MC: diep  Gloss: to fear
  PT/PSW ทับ  tʰáp  "to lay over; place one on another (as is)"  
      Li: [ *d- (D2S) 6.3:104 (rule 14.7) ]  PSW: *dap  PT: *dap
เทา Prapin gloss: shaking, shivering
Prapin: 540 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: shake
  Karlgren: 1144g
  Big5: yao2 yao4 [1] [v] wag; swing; wave; shake; rock [2] [v] sway (said of one's confidence, determination); wobble; shake [3] [v] scull; row (a boat, etc.) [4] [v] agitate; incite; annoy
  GB: yao2 [a] wag; swing; wave [b] shake [c] scull
  PT/PSW เทา  tʰaw  "aquatic moss (as is)"  
      Li: [ *d- (A2) 6.3:104 (rule 16.10) ]  PSW: *dau  PT: *dau
เท้า Prapin gloss: a prop, support
Prapin: 541 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 129h
  Big5: zhu4 zhu3 [1] [n] pillar; post [2] support; lean on [3] [n] cylinder [4] [v] stab; pierce
  GB: same
  StarLing:1274  OC: dhroʔ  MC: ḍǘ  Gloss: post, pillar [L.Zhou]
  PT/PSW เท้า  tʰáaw  "cane; stick (to lean on) (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *th- (B1)  B35-25 ]  PSW: *thu  "wood stick (to push)"  
      Li: [ *d- (C2) 6.3:104 (rule 16.14) ]  PSW: *daau  PT: *dau
เท่า Prapin gloss: old, aged
Prapin: 542 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1090g-j
  Big5: shou4 [1] the life span [2] old age; a long life; longevity [3] birthday [4] to die of old age [5] to present another with gold, silk, etc. [6] to toast an elder [7] a Chinese family name
  GB: 寿 same
  StarLing:3379  OC: d(h)uʔ  MC: ʒ́ə́w  Gloss: long life, old age; an aged one, old one; be long-lived, aged
  PT/PSW เท่า  tʰâw  "equal (cit.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate
  PT/PSW เท่า  tʰâw  "times (cit.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate
ทา Prapin gloss: to plaster, smear
Prapin: 543 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 82|d
  Big5: tu2 cha2 du1 du4 [1] [v] smear; apply; spread (ointment on a wound); paint [2] [v] scribble; scrawl [3] [v] erase; blot out; efface; obliterate; cross out [4] mud; wire [5] [n] way; road
  GB: same
  StarLing:2941  OC: L̴hā  MC: do  Gloss: mire; to plaster
  PT/PSW ทา  tʰaa  "to paint; smear (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *d- (A4)  B37-6 ]  PSW: *da  "to smear, paint"
ท่า Prapin gloss: wharf, ford
Prapin: 544 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: ford
  Karlgren: 801b
  Big5: du4 [1] [v] cross (river, ocean); ferry over [2] [n] ferry
  GB: same
  StarLing:2623  OC: d(h)ā(k)s  MC: dò  Gloss: to cross (a river), ford [Han]
  Pou73:116 see
  PT/PSW ท่า  tʰâa  "to wait (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *th- (C1)  B35-15 ]  PSW: *tha  "to wait"  
      Li: [ *thl- (C1) 7.4:119 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *thaa  PT: *thla
  PT/PSW ท่า  tʰâa  "wharf (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *d- (B4)  B37-8 ]  PSW: *da  "wharf, ford"  
      Li: [ *d- (B2) 6.3:104 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *daa  PT: *da
ท่า (ที) Prapin gloss: posture, bearing
Prapin: 545 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 801a
  Big5: (1) duo4 {du4} (0) du4 duo2 {duo4} (1) [v] consider; measure; infer (0) [1] degree [2] [n] kilowatt-hour [3] an instrument form measuring length [4] (number of) times [5] [n] system [6] [n] manner; bearing [7] [v] pass [8] consideration; careful thought
  GB: same
  StarLing:1211  OC: d(h)āk  MC: dâk  Gloss: to measure, calculate, consider, plan
ท้า Prapin gloss: to challenge
Prapin: 546 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: to bet, gamble
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: du3 [1] [v] bet; gamble; wager [2] v[] compete [3] [v] swear
  GB: same
  Pou73:95 see
  PT/PSW ท้า  tʰáa  "to dare; challenge (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *d- (C4)  B37-9 ]  PSW: *da  "to challenge"  
      Li: [ *d- (C2) 6.3:104 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *daa  PT: *da
ทาย Prapin gloss: guess
Prapin: 547 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: cai1 [1] [v] guess; suspect; suppose; doubt [2] cruel and suspicious
  GB: same
  PT/PSW ทาย  tʰaay  "to guess (conj.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  "to guess (conj.)"
ทาย Prapin gloss: to carry
Prapin: 548 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: carry on the back
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: (1) duo4 {tuo2} (0) tuo2 {duo4} (1) a load carried by a pack animal (0) [v] carry )a load) on the back
  GB: tuo2 {duo4} same
  PT/PSW ทาย  tʰaay  "to guess (conj.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  "to guess (conj.)"
(นาย) ท้าย Prapin gloss: sternpost, the stern
Prapin: 549 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: rudder
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: duo4 [n] rudder; helm
  GB: same
  StarLing:2309  OC: lhājʔ  MC: dấ  Gloss: rudder, steering-wheel [Tang]
  Pou73:91 see
(ทาบ) ทาม Prapin gloss: to approach, sound
Prapin: 550 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: to converse, chat
  Karlgren: 617l
  Big5: tan2 [1] [v] talk; converse; chat [2] what is said or talked about; talk; gossip [3] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  StarLing:3984  OC: lhām  MC: dâm  Gloss: to speak
ทาง Prapin gloss: path
Prapin: 551 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: path in the temple
  Karlgren: 700a-b
  Big5: tang2 [1] the Tang dynasty; Chinese [2] a Chinese family name [3] abrupt; rude; preposterous; impertinent [4] Chinese; of China (Hakka)
  GB: same
  StarLing:1546  OC: lhāŋ  MC: dâŋ  Gloss: path in the temple
  PT/PSW ทาง  tʰaaŋ  "road; way (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *d- (A4)  B37-7 ]  PSW: *daaŋ  "path, way"  
      Li: [ *d- (A2) 6.3:104 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *daaŋ  PT: *daŋ
แท่ง Prapin gloss: ingot, bar, classifier
Prapin: 552 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: ding4 dian4 [1] a kind of ancient utensil [2] ingots of gold or silver [3] [n] spindle [4] [n] medical tablet
  GB: same
  PT/PSW แท่ง  tʰɛ̂ŋ  "(cit.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate
เท Prapin gloss: to throw
Prapin: 553 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 866n
  Big5: (0) ti2 chi2 di3 shi2 {di1} (1) di1 {ti2} (0) [1] [v] lift by hand; pull up; arouse; raise; carry [2] [v] cause to rise or happen [3] [v] mention; bring forward; suggest; propose (a motion, etc.) [4] [v] obtain; make delivery; draw out [5] [v] mange; control [6] a rising stroke in Chinese writing [7] surname (1) [v] hold or take in the hand
  GB: same
  StarLing:2555  OC: dhē  MC: diej  Gloss: lift, grasp
เทียง Prapin gloss: walls
Prapin: 555 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: city wall
  Karlgren: 818e-g
  Big5: cheng2 [1] [n] city; town; municipality [2] [n] castle; the walls of a city; to surround a city with walls
  GB: same
  StarLing:1172  OC: d(h)eŋ  MC: ʒ́eŋ  Gloss: city wall, fortified wall
เที่ยง Prapin gloss: correct, true, impartial, straight
Prapin: 556 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 833j-n
  Big5: (0) zheng4 zheng3 {zheng1} (1) zheng1 {zheng4} (0) [1] right; proper; correct; appropriate [2] the obverse side; right side [3] formal [4] [v] rectify; correct [5] pure; not contaminated [6] straightforward and unbending; honestand virtuous [7] [n] person in charge; person in command; principal [8] to mete out punishment for a criminal [9] original (texts, etc.) [10] positively [11] main; principal [12] exactly; just; right [13] sharp; punctually [14] just; unbiased [15] a Chinese family name (1) the first in the lunar calendar
  GB: same
  StarLing:257  OC: teŋs  MC: ćèŋ  Gloss: to be straight, correct; govern; determine
  Pou73:106 see
  PT/PSW เที่ยง  tʰîaŋ  "mid (-day/-night) (nj)"  
      Brown:  "noon?, be certain? (conj.)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *d- (B4)  B37-20 ]  PSW: *diaŋ  "mid (-day/-night)"
เที่ยงแท้ Prapin gloss: certain
Prapin: 557 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 833|z-a
  Big5: ding4 [1] [v] decide; settle; fix [2] definite; sure [3] stable [4] [v] remain
  GB: same
  StarLing:838  OC: dēŋs  MC: dìeŋ  Gloss: to sit down, settle down; settle, determine
เทียว Prapin gloss: walk back and forth, going and coming
Prapin: 558 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: go and come
  Karlgren: 1145n
  Big5: tiao1 tiao2 diao4 tiao3 yao2 [1] frivolous; imprudent [2] [v] steal; stealthily; act on a furtive manner [3] [v] delay; dilatory; slow [4] [v] provoke
  GB: same
ทิว Prapin gloss: row, long line
Prapin: 559 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1077f
  Big5: tiao2 di2 [1] [n] article, clause, section of an agreement, pact, treaty, law, etc. [2] [n] stripe [3] in good order; (present) one by one [4] numerical classifier for narrow and long things (roads, fish, ropes, dogs, snakes, etc.)
  GB: same
  StarLing:2166  OC: līw  MC: diew  Gloss: be extending branches, extend, long; branch
  Pou73:192 see
  PT/PSW ทิว  tʰiw  "long, slender objects (yl)"  
      Luo:  "long, slender objects"
ที Prapin gloss: time, a favorable or fit occasion
Prapin: 560 (class 3)  Chinese gloss: time, season
  Karlgren: 961|z-c
  Big5: shi2 [1] time; fixed time [2] [n] season [3] [n] era; age; period; epoch [4] hours [5] often; frequently [6] fashionable [7] proper and adequate [8] opportune (moments); opportunity [9] timely; seasonable [10] now ... now ...; sometimes ... sometimes ... [11] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  StarLing:1661  OC: d(h)ə  MC: ʒ́ɨ  Gloss: season, time
ที่ Prapin gloss: order, sequel
Prapin: 561 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 591e
  Big5: di4 [a] sequence; number [b] grade; degree
  GB: same
  StarLing:2270  OC: L̴hə̄jʔ  MC: dièj  Gloss: order, rank [L.Zhou]
  Pou73:67 see
  PT/PSW ที่  tʰîi   "relative pronoun (cit.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate
  PT/PSW ที่  tʰîi  "ground; spot (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *d- (B4)  B37-12 ]  PSW: *di  "place"  
      Li: [ *d- (B2) 6.3:104 (rule 14.3.3) ]  PSW: *dii  PT: *du̥i?
  PT/PSW ที่  tʰîi  "ordinal (cit.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Luo:  "prefix for ordinals"
ที่ Prapin gloss: place, land, ground
Prapin: 562 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: earth, ground
  Karlgren: 4|b
  Big5: di4 de5 de1 [1] [n] earth [2] land; soil; ground [3] [n] region; territory; belt; place; locality [4] [n] position; place; situation [5] an adjunct after a word (usually adjective) to form an adverbial phrase
  GB: same
  StarLing:352  OC: L̴hajs  MC: dì  Gloss: earth
  Pou73:66 see
  PT/PSW ที่  tʰîi   "relative pronoun (cit.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate
  PT/PSW ที่  tʰîi  "ground; spot (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *d- (B4)  B37-12 ]  PSW: *di  "place"  
      Li: [ *d- (B2) 6.3:104 (rule 14.3.3) ]  PSW: *dii  PT: *du̥i?
  PT/PSW ที่  tʰîi  "ordinal (cit.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Luo:  "prefix for ordinals"
ทบ Prapin gloss: united, joined
Prapin: 563 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: join, unite
  Karlgren: 677a
  Big5: ta4 [China] da2 da4 [1] reiterated; repeated [2] crowded together; joined or connected; piled up
  GB: same
  StarLing:5614  OC: l(h)ə̄p  MC: dp  Gloss: join, unite
  PT/PSW ทบ  tʰóp  "to fold (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *d- (DS4)  B37-21 ]  PSW: *dop  "to fold double"  
      Li: [ *d+e (D2S) 6.3:104 ]  PSW: *dop  PT: *dep
โทน Prapin gloss: single, alone
Prapin: 564 (class 3?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 147a-d
  Big5: (2) chan2 {dan1} {shan4} (1) shan4 {dan1} {chan2} (0) dan1 chan1 tan2 yue4 zhan4 {shan4} {chan2} (2) the Chief of the Huns (a common term during the Han dynasty) (1) a Chinese family name (0) [1] single; individual [2] only; alone; lone [3] of an odd number [4] a slip of paper [5] simple [6] [n] list
  GB: dan1 chan1 tan2 yue4 zhan4 {shan4} {chan2} same
  StarLing:2461  OC: tār  MC: tân  Gloss: single, unit
  Pou73:96 see
ท่อ Prapin gloss: a drain, pipe
Prapin: 565 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: a drain
  Karlgren: 1023s
  Big5: dou4 du2 [1] [n] hole; cavity; burrow [2] corrupt; corrupt practice [3] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  PT/PSW ท่อ  tʰɔ̂ɔ  "duct; pipe (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Luo:  "tube, pipe, forest"  
      Jonsson:  [ *d- (A4)  B37-18 ]  PSW: *  "tube, pipe"
ท่อน Prapin gloss: piece, portion
Prapin: 566 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 172a-b
  Big5: duan4 [1] [n] section; piece; division; part; paragraph [2] [n] stage [3] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  StarLing:1299  OC: dōnʔs  MC: dwần  Gloss: section, part, portion [Han]
ทอง Prapin gloss: orange-red
Prapin: 567 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: red
  Karlgren: 1008e-f
  Big5: tong2 [1] red; vermilion [2] name of an ancient state
  GB: same
  StarLing:581  OC: d(h)ūŋ (˜l(h)-,L̴(h)-)  MC: doŋ  Gloss: be red
  PT/PSW ทอง  tʰɔɔŋ  "copper (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *d- (A4)  B37-10 ]  PSW: *dɔŋ  "copper, brass"  
      Li: [ *d- (A2) 6.3:104 (rule 14.11) ]  PSW: *dɔɔŋ  PT: *dɔŋ
ทอง Prapin gloss: gold
Prapin: 568 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: copper
  Karlgren: 1176d
  Big5: tong2 copper; brass; bronze
  GB: same
  StarLing:3675  OC: L̴ōŋ  MC: duŋ  Gloss: copper, brass, bronze [Han]
  Pou73:99 see
  PT/PSW ทอง  tʰɔɔŋ  "copper (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *d- (A4)  B37-10 ]  PSW: *dɔŋ  "copper, brass"  
      Li: [ *d- (A2) 6.3:104 (rule 14.11) ]  PSW: *dɔɔŋ  PT: *dɔŋ
ท่อง Prapin gloss: to recite
Prapin: 569 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1185o
  Big5: song4 [1] [v] recite; chant; intone [2] poetry; poem; songs
  GB: same
  StarLing:3629  OC: lhoŋs  MC: zjö̀uŋ  Gloss: recitation, chant; admonition; oracular phrase
ทอด (เสียง) Prapin gloss: slow, long
Prapin: 570 (class 3?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: (0) chi2 {zhi4} (1) zhi4 {chi2} (0) [1] late [2] tardy; slow; dilatory [3] [v] delay [4] dull; stupid (person) [5] a Chinese family name (1) [v] wait
  GB: chi2 {zhi4} same
  StarLing:4321  OC: L̴həj  MC: ḍi  Gloss: to tarry, delay
ทอด (ทิ้ง) Prapin gloss: to discard, neglect
Prapin: 571 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: discard
  Karlgren: 315b
  Big5: zhi4 chi4 at a standstill; blocked; obstructed; stagnant; impeded; stationary
  GB: same
  StarLing:3480  OC: d(h)rat-s  MC: ḍèj  Gloss: discard, left over
เทือก Prapin gloss: ploughed fields
Prapin: 572 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1090l
  Big5: chou2 [1] [n] agricultural field; farmland; arable land [2] who [3] [n] category; class; rank
  GB: same
  PT/PSW เทือก  tʰʉ̂ak  "region; site (as is)"  
      Li: [ *d- (D2L) 6.3:104 (rule 15.3) ]  PSW: *dɯək  PT: *dɯak
เทือก Prapin gloss: mud, mire
Prapin: 573 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: clay
  Karlgren: 919c
  Big5: zhi2 soil with large clay content
  GB: same
  StarLing:6110  OC: dhək  MC: ʒ́ik  Gloss: clay, clayey
  PT/PSW เทือก  tʰʉ̂ak  "region; site (as is)"  
      Li: [ *d- (D2L) 6.3:104 (rule 15.3) ]  PSW: *dɯək  PT: *dɯak
เทือก (เถา) Prapin gloss: lineage
Prapin: 574 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: descendant
  Karlgren: 1079i-l
  Big5: zhou4 helmet
  GB: [1] [n] descendant; posterity; offspring [2] the eldest son
ทิ้ง Prapin gloss: pull or pluck out forcibly
Prapin: 575 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 835i
  Big5: ting3 ting2 zheng4 [1] [v] stand straight for; stand upright; straighten; square; rigid [2] [v] pull up [3] unyielding; unbending; tough [4] outstanding; remarkable; eminent; prominent [5] [v] sustain; endure; pull through; stand; hold out [6] thrust forward (as one's breast) [7] very; pretty [8] noun classifier for machine guns
  GB: same
  PT/PSW ทิ้ง  tʰíŋ  "to expel, chase (yl)"  
      Luo:  "to expel, chase"
(กระ) ทืบ Prapin gloss: trample
Prapin: 576 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: trample, kick
  Karlgren: 628b
  Big5: ta4 da1 [v] step on; tread on
  GB: same
  StarLing:4595  OC: d(h)āp  MC: dâp  Gloss: to trample, stamp on [Han]
เทิก Prapin gloss: hold, grasp
Prapin: 577 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 961p
  Big5: chi2 [1] [v] maintain; sustain; support; keep; uphold [2] [v] hold; grasp
  GB: same
  StarLing:1245  OC: dhrə  MC: ḍɨ  Gloss: to grasp, hold
เทิน Prapin gloss: knoll, hillock
Prapin: 578 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: hill
  Karlgren: 427a-c
  Big5: tun2 zhun1 [1] [n] camp; station (army) [2] [v] stockpile
  GB: same
  StarLing:123  OC: trun  MC: ṭwin  Gloss: difficult
ว่า Prapin gloss: say, speak
Prapin: 579 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 302o
  Big5: hua4 [1] speech (n); talk (n); conversation; words; sayings [2] speak (v); talk (v); converse (v); say (v) [3] language; dialect [4] [Hakka] [v] advise; counsel [5] [Wu] say; tell
  GB: same
  StarLing:3229  OC: ghʷrāts  MC: ɣwạ̀i  Gloss: speech, lecture
  PT/PSW ว่า  wâa  "to say (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *w- (B4)  B25-11 ]  PSW: *wa  "to say"  
      Li: [ *w- (B2) 4.9:81 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *waa  PT: *wa
วาง Prapin gloss: die, perish
Prapin: 580 (class 1?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 742a-f
  Big5: wang2 wu2 [1] [v] perish [2] [v] flee [3] lost; death [4] the late (applicable only to deceased blood relatives or friends)
  GB: same
  StarLing:32  OC: maŋ  MC: mwaŋ  Gloss: to lose, have no; disappear, perish, flee
  PT/PSW วาง  waaŋ  "to place down, put down (nj)"  
      Brown:  "to place upon (conj.)"  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *w- (A4)  B25-3 ]  PSW: *waaŋ  "to place down, put down"
แวม Prapin gloss: brilliant, flowing (of fire)
Prapin: 581 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 617a-b
  Big5: yan2 tan2 yan4 [1] burning; hot; sultry [2] [v] blaze; flame; flare up [3] inflammation
  GB: same
แวบ Prapin gloss: glittering, flashing
Prapin: 582 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: shine, gleam
  Karlgren: 682a-b
  Big5: ye4 yi4 blazing; glorious; splendid
  GB: same
เวียน Prapin gloss: revolve, encircle; circle
Prapin: 583 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 227c
  Big5: yuan2 yun4 [1] round; circular; spherical [2] complete; [v] complete; make plausible; justify [3] satisfactory; tactful [4] [n] monetary unit [5] [n] circle
  GB: same
  PT/PSW เวียน  wian  "to go around, dodge (yl)"  
      Luo:  "to go around, dodge"
วก Prapin gloss: to bend, deflected
Prapin: 584 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 97p
  Big5: yu1 yu2 yu3 [1] impractical; unrealistic; old-fashioned; trite; hackneyed; stale; pedantic [2] roundabout; indirect; circuitous; winding [3] [v] make a detour [4] absurd; preposterous
  GB: same
  StarLing:707  OC: ʔʷa  MC: ʔü  Gloss: bend, deflect
วุ่น Prapin gloss: ravelled, perplexing, in confusion
Prapin: 585 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 458c
  Big5: (0) yun1 yin4 {yun4} (1) yun4 {yun1} (0) [1] dizzy; giddy [2] [v] faint; swoon [3] [v] do things without a purpose (sarcastically) (1) [1] halo in sky; vapors; mist [2] dazzled; [v] feel faint or dizzy
  GB: yun1 yin4 {yun4} same
หวี Prapin gloss: comb
Prapin: 586 (class 3)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: bi4 bi1 pi2 [n] fine-toothed comb
  GB: same
  Pou73:4 see
  PT/PSW หวี  wǐi  "comb; to comb (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Luo:  "to winnow"  
      Jonsson:  [ *hw- (A1)  B30-6 ]  PSW: *hwi  "comb, to comb"  
      Jonsson:  [ *hw- (A1)  B30-7 ]  PSW: *hwi  "banana, a hand of"  
      Li: [ *hw+ei (A1) 4.10:82 ]  PSW: *hwii  PT: *hwei
ยำ Prapin gloss: show respect for
Prapin: 587 (class 3?)  Chinese gloss: respect
  Karlgren: 607h-j
  Big5: yan2 yan3 yan4 [1] stern; strict; severe; grim; inclement; inexorable; relentless; rigorous; rigorous; rigid; grave
  GB: same
  StarLing:4973  OC: ŋam  MC: ŋəm  Gloss: be strict, majestic; reverent
  PT/PSW ยำ  yam  "to make salad, mix (conj.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  "to make salad, mix (conj.)"
ยัง Prapin gloss: still, yet
Prapin: 588 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: reng2 yet; still; as ever; keeping; continuing
  GB: same
  StarLing:86  OC: nhəŋ  MC: ńɨŋ  Gloss: be done repeatedly
  PT/PSW ยัง  yaŋ  "still; yet (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Luo:  "still, yet"  
      Jonsson:  [ *ñ- (A4)  B50-2 ]  PSW: *ñaŋ  "to remain, have, still"  
      Li: [ *ñ- (A2) 9.6:171 (rule 14.7) ]  PSW: *ñaŋ  PT: *ñaŋ
เยา Prapin gloss: young, little
Prapin: 589 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1115f
  Big5: you4 yao4 [1] young; delicate; tender; immature [2] [v] take care of the young
  GB: same
  StarLing:240  OC: ʔi(k)ws  MC: ʔjí̀w  Gloss: be young
เยี่ยง Prapin gloss: pattern
Prapin: 590 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: yang4 xiang4 [1] [n] appearances; looks; shape; form [2] [n] pattern; style; mode; form [3] [n] sort; kind; variety [4] [n] sample
  GB: same
  StarLing:3829  OC: laŋs  MC: jàŋ  Gloss: form, shape
  Pou73:240 see
เยี่ยว Prapin gloss: urine, urinate
Prapin: 591 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: 尿 niao4 sui1 [n] urine; [v] urinate
  GB: 尿 same
  StarLing:567  OC: nēws (˜-ī-,-kʷs)  MC: nìew  Gloss: to urinate, urine [Tang]
  PT/PSW เยี่ยว  yîaw  "urine; to urinate (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *ñ- (B4)  B50-12 ]  PSW: *ñiaw  "urine, to urinate"  
      Li: [ *ñ- (B2) 9.6:171 (rule 17.1) ]  PSW: *ñiau  PT: *ñiau
ยี่ Prapin gloss: two
Prapin: 592 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 564a-f
  Big5: er4 two; second; twice
  GB: same
  StarLing:8  OC: nijs  MC: ńì  Gloss: two
  PT/PSW ยี่  yîi  "two (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *ñ- (B4)  B50-9 ]  PSW: *ñi  "two, second"  
      Li: [ *ñ- (B2) 9.6:171 (rule 14.3.3) ]  PSW: *ñii  PT: *ñu̥i?
ยง Prapin gloss: brave
Prapin: 593 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1185k,f-g
  Big5: yong3 [1] brave; courageous; fierce; bold; valiant; intrepid; fearless [2] [n] soldier; conscript [3] bravery; courage
  GB: same
  StarLing:1135  OC: loŋʔ  MC: jö́uŋ  Gloss: courage, valor
ย้อม Prapin gloss: to dye
Prapin: 594 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 623a
  Big5: ran3 ran4 [1] [v] dye [2] [v] be contagious; infect; get infected; catch a disease; infectious [3] [v] soil; pollute [4] [v] have an affair with [5] [v] make strokes
  GB: same
  StarLing:1272  OC: namʔ (˜-emʔ)  MC: ńém  Gloss: be soft
  PT/PSW ย้อม  yɔ́ɔm  "to dye (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *ñ- (C4)  B50-4 ]  PSW: *ñɔm  "to dye"  
      Li: [ *ñ+uɔ (C2) 9.6:171 ]  PSW: *ñɔɔm  PT: *ñuɔm
ยุง Prapin gloss: mosquito
Prapin: 596 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: a fly
  Karlgren: 892a
  Big5: ying2 [n] fly
  GB: same
  StarLing:4894  OC: ləŋ  MC: jiŋ  Gloss: a fly
  PT/PSW ยุง  yuŋ  "mosquito (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *ñ- (A4)  B50-10 ]  PSW: *ñuŋ  "mosquito"  
      Li: [ *ñ+u (A2) 9.6:171 ]  PSW: *ñuŋ  PT: *ñuŋ
อยาก Prapin gloss: to desire
Prapin: 597 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1202d
  Big5: yu4 [1] desire; want; long for; intend; wish; expectation; longing
  GB: same
  StarLing:2171  OC: lhok  MC: jöuk  Gloss: to want, wish, desire
  PT/PSW อยาก  yàak  "hungry (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *?j- (DL3)  B53-4 ]  PSW: *?jaak  "to desire"  
      Li: [ *?j+ɯ̥a (D1L) 9.9:181 ]  PSW: *?jaak  PT: *?jɯ̥ak
เหยียบ Prapin gloss: trample
Prapin: 598 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 638b
  Big5: nie4 [1] [v] tread; step over [2] [v] follow; pursue [3] [v] walk lightly; tiptoe
  GB: same
  StarLing:5269  OC: nhrep  MC: ṇep  Gloss: to tread, step; follow stealthily [Han]
  PT/PSW เหยียบ  yìap  "to step on (nj)"  
      Brown:  "to step on (conj.)"  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *?j- (DL3)  B53-6 ]  PSW: *?jiap  "to step on"
หยอก Prapin gloss: jest, make fun of
Prapin: 599 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: jest, ridicule
  Karlgren: 1118d
  Big5: nuue4 xue4 [1] [v] jest; joke; banter; tease [2] [v] ridicule; satirize
  GB: same
  StarLing:7536  OC: sŋakʷ  MC: xak  Gloss: to ridicule, jest
  PT/PSW หยอก  yɔ̀ɔk  "to tease (nj)"  
      Brown:  "to tease (conj.)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *?j- (DL3)  B53-15 ]  PSW: *?jɔk  "to tease"
อยู่ Prapin gloss: be at, stay
Prapin: 600 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: at, in
  Karlgren: 61e-f
  Big5: yu2 wu1 yu1 [1] in; at; on [2] than; then; to; with reference to [3] compared with [4] a Chinese family name
  GB: same
  StarLing:930  OC: ʔā  MC: ʔo  Gloss: oh!
  PT/PSW อยู่  yùu  "to stay; be at (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *?j- (A3)  B53-2 ]  PSW: *?ju  "to be, alive"  
      Li: [ *?j+u (B1) 9.9:181 ]  PSW: *?juu  PT: *?ju
หยูก Prapin gloss: medicine
Prapin: 601 (class 2?)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1125p
  Big5: yao4 yue4 lun4 shuo4 [1] drugs; pharmaceuticals; medicine; remedy [2] [v] kill with poison; poison
  GB: same
  StarLing:4891  OC: lakʷ  MC: jak  Gloss: to give medicine, cure
  Pou73:182 see
เหยื่อ Prapin gloss: bait
Prapin: 602 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: er3 er4 [1] [vn] bait; [v] entice [2] cakes [3] food [4] [v] eat
  GB: same
  StarLing:3703  OC: nhəʔs  MC: ńɨ̀  Gloss: a k. of cake; fish bait; sinew [L.Zhou]
  PT/PSW เหยื่อ  yʉ̀a  "bait (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *hñ- ()  B51-5 ]  PSW: *hñɯa  "bait"  
      Li: [ *hñ- (B2) 9.7:176 (rule 15.3) ]  PSW: *hñɯə  PT: *hñɯa
(ผี) อำ Prapin gloss: the spirit causing nightmares
Prapin: 603 (class 3)  Chinese gloss: nightmare
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: yan4 ya1 [n] nightmare; bad dreams
  GB: same
อ่ำ Prapin gloss: dark, cloudy
Prapin: 604 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 653h
  Big5: an4 an3 [1] dark; dim; obscure [2] in secret; clandestine; stealthy [3] stupid; ignorant [4] hidden (meanings, drainage systems, rocks, etc.)
  GB: same
  StarLing:3009  OC: ʔə̄ms  MC: ʔʌ̀m  Gloss: dark [Han]
อัด Prapin gloss: compress, crush
Prapin: 605 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: crush
  Karlgren: 280a
  Big5: (1) ga2 {ya4} (0) ya4 {ga2} (1) [1] [Wu] [v] crowd [2] [Wu] [v] make friends [3] [Wu] [v] check (0) [v] crush; grind
  GB: ya4 {ga2} same
  StarLing:1077  OC: ʔrə̄t  MC: ʔạ̈t  Gloss: to creak, grate; to crush joints (as punishment) [L. Zhou]
เอา Prapin gloss: to want
Prapin: 606 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1142a
  Big5: (1) yao1 {yao4} (0) yao4 yao3 {yao1} (1) [1] [v] invite; request the presence of [2] [v] engage; date; make an agreement [3] [v] ask for; demand; claim; make a claim; request; requests [4] [v] coerce; force; blackmail; threaten [5] [v] stop [6] [v[ censure; investigate; examine [7] waist; midriff [8] a Chinese family name (0) [1] necessary; essential; necessity; important [2] must; should; ought to [3] [v] want; demand; need; require; desire; take [4] [v] summarize; [n] summary; generalization; synopsis [5] will; shall (future tense) [6] brief [7] if; in case
  GB: same
  StarLing:1452  OC: ʔew  MC: ʔjew  Gloss: waist, waist-band
  PT/PSW เอา  aw  "to take (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *?- (A3)  B101-3 ]  PSW: *?aw  "to take"  
      Li: [ *?+əu (A1) 13.1:243 ]  PSW: *?au  PT: *?əu
อาน Prapin gloss: saddle
Prapin: 607 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: an1 [n] saddle; any saddle-shaped object or terrain
  GB: same
  StarLing:4065  OC: ʔān  MC: ʔân  Gloss: saddle [Han]
  Pou73:224 see
  PT/PSW อาน  aan  "saddle (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *?- (A3)  B101-9 ]  PSW: *?aan  "saddle"  
      Li: [ *?- (A1) 13.1:243 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *?aan  PT: *?an
อ่าน Prapin gloss: to read, count
Prapin: 608 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: to examine
  Karlgren: 146d
  Big5: an4 e4 [1] [v] put the hand on; place the hand on; press, control, etc. with one's hand [2] [v] examine [3] [v] stop; halt; repress; leave aside [4] [v] impeach; censure [5] according to; in (good order); as [6] [v] follow (a map, river, etc.) [7] [n] note; comment
  GB: same
  StarLing:1242  OC: ʔān-s  MC: ʔần  Gloss: to repress, stop
  PT/PSW อ่าน  àan  "to count; read (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *?- (B3)  B101-10 ]  PSW: *?aan  "to read, count"  
      Li: [ *?- (B1) 13.1:243 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *?aan  PT: *?an
อ่าง Prapin gloss: basin, bowl
Prapin: 609 (class 2)  Chinese gloss: basin, dish
  Karlgren: 718i
  Big5: ang4 ang3 [1] [n] basin; cup; pot; bowl [2] abundant; plentiful; rich
  GB: same
  StarLing:1760  OC: ʔāŋʔ-s  MC: ʔầŋ  Gloss: tray, plate
  Pou73:231 see
  PT/PSW อ่าง  àaŋ  "basin; bowl (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Jonsson:  [ *?- (B3)  B101-12 ]  PSW: *?aaŋ  "basin, bowl"  
      Li: [ *?- (B1) 13.1:243 (rule 14.10) ]  PSW: *?aaŋ  PT: *?aŋ
อ่าว Prapin gloss: bay
Prapin: 610 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1045b
  Big5: ao4 yu4 [1] deep waters, where sea-going vessels cannot moor [2] the name of various places
  GB: same
แอก Prapin gloss: yoke
Prapin: 611 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 844d-e
  Big5: e4 [n] yoke
  GB: same
  StarLing:2374  OC: ʔrēk  MC: ʔạik  Gloss: yoke [L. Zhou]
  PT/PSW แอก  ɛ̀ɛk  "yoke (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *?- (DL3)  B101-27 ]  PSW: *?ɛk  "yoke"  
      Li: [ *?+ɛ (D1L) 13.1:243 ]  PSW: *?ɛɛk  PT: *?ɛk
แอ่น Prapin gloss: a swallow
Prapin: 612 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 243a-b
  Big5: (0) yan4 yan3 {yan1} (1) yan1 {yan4} (0) [1] the swallow (bird) [2] comfort; ease [3] [v] feast; enjoy (1) a state in what is Hopeh today during the Warring States period
  GB: same
  StarLing:4198  OC: ʔēns  MC: ʔìen  Gloss: swallow
  PT/PSW แอ่น  ɛ̀n  "swallow (bird) (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Luo:  "to thrust out, stick out (the chest)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *?- (B3)  B101-23 ]  PSW: *?ɛn  "swallow (bird)"  
      Li: [ *?- (B1) 13.1:243 (rule 14.9) ]  PSW: *?ɛɛn  PT: *?ɛn
เอ็ด Prapin gloss: one
Prapin: 613 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 394a-d
  Big5: yi1 [1] union; uniformity; uniform [2] one; unit [3] single; alone [4] whole; all; throughout [5] a; an; the [6] [v] unify; unite [7] once; as soon as [8] each; per; every time
  GB: same
  StarLing:1  OC: ʔit  MC: ʔjit  Gloss: be one, single, whole
  PT/PSW เอ็ด  èt  "one (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *?- (DS3)  B101-25 ]  PSW: *?et  "one (in eleven, 21, etc.)"  
      Li: [ *?+i̥e (D1S) 13.1:243 ]  PSW: *?et  PT: *?i̥et
  PT/PSW เอ็ด  èt  "scold; noisy, loud (H_2) (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *?- (DS3)  B101-26 ]  PSW: *?et  "to rap, reprimand"
เอว Prapin gloss: waist
Prapin: 614 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 1142b
  Big5: yao1 yao4 [1] the waist; midriff [2] the kidneys [3] the middle of something; the waist portion of a region
  GB: same
  StarLing:3163  OC: ʔew  MC: ʔjew  Gloss: waist, waist-band
  PT/PSW เอว  ew  "waist (nj)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Luo:  "waist"  
      Jonsson:  [ *?- (A3)  B101-40 ]  PSW: *?ew ~ ?ɛw  "waist"
เอี่ยม Prapin gloss: glossy, new
Prapin: 615 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: brilliant
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: yan4 beautiful; sexy; voluptuous
  GB: same
  StarLing:5243  OC: l(h)ams  MC: jèm  Gloss: beautiful
อิ่ม Prapin gloss: satiated, full
Prapin: 616 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 616c
  Big5: yan4 yan1 yan3 ye4 [v] dislike; detest; hate; reject [2] [v] get tired of [3] satiated; surfeited
  GB: same
  StarLing:3353  OC: ʔem  MC: ʔjem  Gloss: be content, satisfied, tranquil
  PT/PSW อิ่ม  ìm  "full; satiated (as is)"  
      Brown:  cited.  
      Jonsson:  [ *?- (B3)  B101-36 ]  PSW: *?im  "full, satiated"  
      Li: [ *?+i (B1) 13.1:243 ]  PSW: *?im  PT: *?im
อีก Prapin gloss: more
Prapin: 617 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: more, increase
  Karlgren: 849a-b
  Big5: yi2 yi4 [1] [v] increase; add to; augment [2] in a higher degree; to a greater extent; more [3] [v] profit; benefit; advantage
  GB: same
  StarLing:1758  OC: ʔek  MC: ʔjek  Gloss: to add, increase
  PT/PSW อีก  ìik  "more, in addition, again; another, the other (H) (as is)"  
      Jonsson:  [ *?- (DL3)  B101-39 ]  PSW: *?iik  "again, also, together"
อก (ไก่) Prapin gloss: (house)
Prapin: 618 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: house, roof
  Karlgren: 1204a
  Big5: wu1 [n] house; room; building; shelter
  GB: same
  StarLing:1202  OC: ʔōk  MC: ʔuk  Gloss: roof, house
โอ่ง Prapin gloss: large-size water jar
Prapin: 619 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: water jar
  Karlgren: 1173g
  Big5: weng4 earthen jar
  GB: same
  Pou73:225 see Pou73:233 see
  PT/PSW โอ่ง  òoŋ  "water container (conj.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  "water container (conj.)"  Note: no Shan cognate
อ้อม Prapin gloss: cover, encircle with the arms
Prapin: 620 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: none
  Big5: ? 0
  GB: an3 cover
  PT/PSW อ้อม  ɔ̂ɔm  "go by a roundabout way, detour (conj.) (mb)"  
      Brown:  "go by a roundabout way, detour (conj.)"  Note: no Shan cognate  
      Luo:  "to surround, enclose"
อุด Prapin gloss: to block up
Prapin: 621 (class 1)  Chinese gloss: idem
  Karlgren: 495b
  Big5: yu4 [1] the tulip [2] the plum [3] held in ceck; pent-up; stagnant [4] luxuriant; dense; thick; lush
  GB: same
  StarLing:5298  OC: ʔut  MC: ʔüt  Gloss: heart oppressed, depressed; anxious
  PT/PSW อุด  ùt  "to plug up; cork (as is)"  
      Luo:  "to stop, be without"  
      Jonsson:  [ *?- (DS3)  B101-16 ]  PSW: *?it  "to plug, cork, stopper"  Note: ut in Thai  
      Li: [ *?- (D1S) 13.1:243 (rule 14.5.1) ]  PSW: *?ut  PT: *?ut