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SEAlang's Waray dictionary is based on George Dewey Tramp's Waray-English Dictionary (Dunwoody Press, 1997). It includes just under 30,000 headwords, and has nearly ten thousand etymological and dialectal references.
    Tramp is a major contribution to Waray-Waray scholarship.  The print work includes an extended discussion of both grammar, and the complex Waray-Waray morphological system.
Search for sakit and/or sakit an tango, then try the different display settings:
-- self shows the item,
-- self/parent shows the item and its root,
-- family adds other derived and compound forms as well. You can get the whole family by searching for the root as well.

Searches may:
-- include an asterisk -- * -- as a wildcard that matches any number of characters; asterisks may appear in any position. 
-- require matches for both, or either, Waray text (of the headword), or English text (in the definition).
-- be expanded to return the root form, or of all inflected forms that share the same root.
-- be limited to particular part-of-speech.
-- finally, the English search term can be expanded (default) to include inflected forms (a search for sing matches sings, singing, sang, sung as well).

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