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raṃ ~ *ram ~ *rāṃ /ram/ PA2868     [Angkorian rāṃ ~ *raṃ; mod. Khmer រាំ rāṃ /roəm/ ``v. to dance'' and Khmer រ៉ាំ r̈āṃ /ram/ ``adv. frequently, often; adj. to be long, protracted, chronic, constant''].]. definitions 1 v.intr. To beat, pulsate; to repeat. 2 v.intr. To move rhythmically, dance.1 cf: *raṃ see: drāṃ, marāṃ, rapaṃ ~ rapam ~ rpam, ramaṃ references K.557/600E:3 (A.D. 611, II:21); K.138:13 (A.D. 620, V:18); K.115:7, garbled (A.D. 665, VI:10). citations ge raṃ (K.557/600E:3), `persons who dance: dancers'. vā kañci raṃ (K.138:3), ` Kañci, dancer'. notes 1 Pou, 394b (raṃ ~ rāṃ); LS, 483 (raṃ)
*raṃ /rɔm/ PA2869     †[Allomorph of raṃ; mod. *raṃ /rʊm/]. definitions 1 To beat; to repeat. see: kraṃ
*raṃ /rɔm/ A2994     [Mod. *raṃ /rʊm/, allomorph of Khmer រ៉ាំ rāṃ /roəm/]. definitions 1 v.intr. To beat, pulsate, repeat. cf: rāṃ see: vraṃ