SEAlang Library Mon Dictionary

About the SEAlang Library Mon Dictionary Resources 
These resources are based on the Dictionary of Modern Spoken Mon by H.L. Shorto (1962, Oxford University Press).
Shorto's original text is a deceptively rich resource, and a considerable amount of effort has gone into redeveloping it in digital form.  Special thanks go to Sarai Mon (see also; to Mehm Yazar Tun, and of course to CRCL's Lwin Moe for extensive work in establishing consistent Mon orthography for all entries and examples.  Rikker Dockum retyped the entire manuscript, and Patrick McCormack and Mathias Jenny provided additional assistance. 
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Etymological references
Of particular value are Shorto's transliterated references to literary Mon (which we used as the initial base for generating Mon orthography), and Middle and Old Mon (which appear here as Old Mon etymological references).  These Old Mon references will, in time, be linked to Shorto's Dictionary of the Mon Inscriptions.
Copyright notices
Source material is copyrighted 1962 H.L. Shorto, and is used by permission of the Shorto family.