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(7) First context: ...dialects juk Temiar Lanoh juk Jah Hut joA cf ...STATS (10)
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(9) First context: ... Semai Te Temiar La Lanoh Su Sabum Sa Semnam ...STATS (5)
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(1) First context: ...Temiar Semram Sabum Lanoh Jah Hut ba id a cog...STATS (4)
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(2) First context: ...teg Deq Sa Sabum LJ Lanoh Jengjeng Tm Temiar ...STATS (3)
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(4) First context: ...our major languages Lanoh which contains seve...STATS (1)
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(3) First context: ...ic languages Temiar Lanoh and Semnam all shar...STATS (1)
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(1) First context: ...ams-Hunt PDR 1953 A Lanoh negrito funeral nea...STATS
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(2) First context: ...ensiw In Temiar and Lanoh two Central Aslian ...STATS
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(2) First context: ...teg Deq Sa Sabum LJ Lanoh Jengjeng Tm Temiar ...STATS
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(1) First context: ... Jah-Hut /naha/ and Lanoh /juh / represent a...STATS
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(1) First context: Senoic + Khmer o LANOH Malaysia Peninsular...STATS