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DJVU PDF Chamberlain, James R. 1975. "A New Look At the History and Classification of the Tai Languages." In Studies in Tai Linguistics in Honor of William J. Gedney, edited by Jimmy G. Harris and James R. Chamberlain. 49-66. Central Institute of English Language. cite.
(1) First context: ...14 4 4 4 53 17 Yala Takua Pa A B C DL DS 1 1 ...STATS (18)
DJVU PDF Thomas, David. 1979. "The Place of Alak, Tampuan, and West Bahnaric." In The Mon-Khmer Studies Journal, 8: 171-186. cite.
(2) First context: ...statistical data on Takua is not available bu...STATS (4)
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(1) First context: ...been documented for Takua Pa Jones 1965227 Br...STATS (2)
DJVU PDF Thomas, David. 1973. "A Note On the Branches of Mon-Khmer." In The Mon-Khmer Studies Journal, 4: 139-141. cite.
(1) First context: ...onom Kayong Hr Cua Takua Todrah West Bahnari...STATS (2)
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(1) First context: ... *b *b *b *b Chaiya TakuaPa [adapted Ranong ...STATS
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(1) First context: ...g =KaYoeng 11 Cua = Takua = Kor 12 Todrah 13 ...STATS