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Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area (ltba)
The Mon-Khmer Studies Journal (mks)
Papers in Southeast Asian Linguistics (pseal)
South-east Asian Linguistic Studies (sals)
Conference Proceedings
A Conference on Tai Phonetics and Phonology (taipp72)
A Conference on Thai Studies In Honor of William J. Gedney (michigan25)
The International Conference on Austroasiatic Linguistics (austroasiatic)
The International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics (icstll)
The International Conference on Tai Studies (mahidol00)
International Conference on Thai Studies (thai84-7)
The International Symposium on Language and Linguistics (pal)
Papers from the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society Conferences (seals)
Articles & Collections
Austroasiatic Languages, Essays in honour of H. L. Shorto (soas91)
Cambodian Linguistics, Literature and History (soas93)
Essays in Tai Linguistics (chula01)
Lai Su Thai, Essays in Honour of E.H.S. Simmonds (soas87)
Linguistic Comparison in South East Asia and the Pacific (shorto1963)
Nature and Man in South East Asia (stott1978)
Papers on Tai languages, Linguistics, and Literatures (niu16)
The Ram Khamhaeng Controversy (ram91)
Selected Papers on Comparative Tai Studies (michigan29)
South-east Asian Linguisitics: Essays in Honour of Eugénie J.A. Henderson (soas89)
Southeast Asian Linguistic Studies Presented to Andre-G. Haudricourt (mahidol85)
Southeast Asian Linguistics Studies In Honor of Vichin Panupong (chula97)
Studies in Comparative Austroasiatic Linguistics (mouton66)
Studies in Tai Linguistics in Honor of William J. Gedney (tai75)
Studies in Tai and Mon-Khmer Phonetics and Phonology In Honour of Eugénie J.A. Henderson (chula79)