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DJVU PDF Ferlus, Michel. 1979. "Formation Des Registres Et Mutations Consonantiques Dans Les Langues Mon-Khmer." In The Mon-Khmer Studies Journal, 8: 1-76. cite.
(1) First context: ... les groupes Waique Angku et Lamet Dune part ...STATS (15)
DJVU PDF Diffloth, Gérard. 1977. "Mon-Khmer Initial Palatals and “substratumized” Austro-Thai." In The Mon-Khmer Studies Journal, 6: 39-57. cite.
(17) First context: ...tion of VU Amok and Angku Scott 1900 which ha...STATS (10)
DJVU PDF Ferlus, Michel. 1978. "Reconstruction De /TS/ Et /TŠ/ En Mon-Khmer." In The Mon-Khmer Studies Journal, 7: 1-38. cite.
(3) First context: ...ons sur les parlers angku sont dans Scott et ...STATS (7)
DJVU PDF Costello, Nancy. 1998. "Affixes in Katu of the Lao P.D.R." In The Mon-Khmer Studies Journal, 28: 31-42. cite.
(1) First context: ...9 kut `to tie knot angkut `a knot 24 mai ku...STATS (4)
DJVU PDF Ferlus, Michel. 1996. "Langues Et Peuples Viet-muong." In The Mon-Khmer Studies Journal, 26: 7-28. cite.
(1) First context: ...halok bulang samtao angku hu u lamet/khamet p...STATS (2)
DJVU PDF Adams, Karen L. 1992. "A Comparison of the Numeral Classification of Humans in Mon-Khmer." In The Mon-Khmer Studies Journal, 21: 107-129. cite.
(10) First context: ...minant pattern Only Angku in the Palaungic br...STATS (2)
DJVU PDF Diffloth, Gérard. 1979. "The Wa Languages." In Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area, 5 , no. 2: 1-182. cite.
(3) First context: ...g the same area the Angku languages spread al...STATS
DJVU PDF Diffloth, Gérard. 1987-1988. "What Happened To Austric?" In The Mon-Khmer Studies Journal, 16-17: 1-9. cite.
(1) First context: ...tores a medial *-s- Angku kisu Ming-Lwe ka hs...STATS
DJVU PDF Vovin, Alexander V. 1992. "The Origins of the Ainu Language." In The Third International Symposium on Language and Linguistics, Bangkok, Thailand, 672-686. Chulalongkorn University. cite.
(1) First context: ...Riang si head louse Angku si kwen flea Khasi ...STATS
DJVU PDF Comrie, Bernard and Ilia Peiros. 2000. "Austroasiatic and Tai-Kadai Languages in the Intercontinental Dictionary Series." In The Fifth International Symposium on Languages and Linguistics, Hochiminh City, 89-117. Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities. cite.
(1) First context: ...60 Plang 61 Bangpin Angku 62 Kuang Angku 63 U...STATS