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DJVU PDF Thomas, David D. 1966. "Mon-Khmer Subgroupings in Vietnam." In Studies in Comparative Austroasiatic Linguistics, edited by Norman H. Zide. 194-202. Mouton & Co.. cite.
(3) First context: ...r 32 34 31 27 34 34 Monom 36 34 33 29 34 34 J...STATS (10)
DJVU PDF Gregerson, Kenneth and Kenneth Smith. 1973. "The Development of T∆°drah Register." In The Mon-Khmer Studies Journal, 4: 143-184. cite.
(1) First context: ...SEDANG DakTo 9* 8 * MONAM Kontum Dak Bla Rive...STATS (5)
DJVU PDF Thomas, David. 1973. "A Note On the Branches of Mon-Khmer." In The Mon-Khmer Studies Journal, 4: 139-141. cite.
(1) First context: ...o Sedang HalAng Jeh Monom Kayong HrÍ Cua Taku...STATS (2)
DJVU PDF Sidwell, Paul. 2002. "Genetic Classification of the Bahnaric Languages: A Comprehensive Review." In The Mon-Khmer Studies Journal, 32: 1-24. cite.
(2) First context: ...c Bahnar Jeh Halang Monom Rengao Sedang Didra...STATS (2)
DJVU PDF Gogoi, Puspadhar. 1998. "An Evaluation of Original Tai Cultural Heritage Among the Tai Ahom of Assam in the Light of Their Ethno-cultural Contacts and Exchanges with Other Ethnic Groups in Northeast India." In The International Conference on Tai Studies, edited by Somsonge Burusphat. Bangkok, Thailand, 299-312. Institute of Language and Culture for Rural Development, Mahidol University. cite.
(1) First context: ...r Irrawaddy-Sindwin-Menam-Mekong-Lanchang-Rui...STATS
DJVU PDF Vickery, Michael. 1989-1990. "Loan Words and Devoicing in Khmer." In The Mon-Khmer Studies Journal, 18-19: 240-250. cite.
(1) First context: ...ions that the lower Menam Chao Phraya Basin w...STATS
DJVU PDF Benedict, Paul K. 1996. "Interphyla Flow in Southeast Asia." In The Fourth International Symposium on Language and Linguistics, Thailand, 1579-1590. Institute of Language and Culture for Rural Development, Mahidol University. cite.
(1) First context: ...ingdom in the lower Menam basin visited by Ch...STATS
DJVU PDF Brown, Ian G. 1987. "The Siamese Administrative Elite in the Early Twentieth Century and the Historical Origins of Underdevelopment in Siam." In Lai Su Thai, Essays in Honour of E.H.S. Simmonds, edited by Jeremy H.C.S. Davidson. 151-190. School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. cite.
(1) First context: ...f the valley of the Menam Chao Bhraya as may ...STATS
DJVU PDF Blust, Robert. 1994. "The Austronesian Settlement of Mainland Southeast Asia." In Papers from the Second Annual Meeting of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society, edited by Karen L. Adams and Thomas John Hudak. 25-83. Arizona State University, Program for Southeast Asian Studies. cite.
(2) First context: ...tion of the Salween Menam and Mekong basins o...STATS
DJVU PDF Penth, Hans. 1991. "Difficulties with Inscription No. 1." In The Ram Khamhaeng Controversy, edited by James R. Chamberlain. 523-552. The Siam Society. cite.
(2) First context: ...e been on the upper Menam 66# 699nvvsvein and...STATS